Christmas Still Lingers~

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day~ :cutesy:
I have to admit I had low expectations this year. Things have been so hard and not feeling very “Christmasy” but Christmas Eve & Day turned out so wonderful! Honestly one of the top 3 Christmases ever! And gift-wise the best ever!! We had a big dinner on both Christmas Eve and Day. Mike’s a wonderful cook. Christmas Day we decided to stroll around the city and finally check out the National Tree, State Xmas Trees, and National Yule Log! :glitz::cameratime:

Have I mentioned DC squirrels are crazy friendly??? Don’t get rabies!!! :gigglewakuface:

OK, so I’ll do a big gift round-up!! I only asked for 2 things this Christmas because there wasn’t much I wanted. I asked for the Victoria’s Secret Slippers and a Sephora Fragrance sampler where you get samples of like 10 perfumes and a voucher to get 1 full bottle of any of the ones you like. So most my gifts from Mike were a surprise :happylove:


Christmas gift from my friend in Japan!



She got me a super cute onepiece outfit!!!

OH MY GOSSSSSSSSH I WAS BLOWN AWAY!! :sketchheart: :biglove: :bigheart: :ufu:

BIGGEST surprise gift from Mike

There was this coat from Free People I REALLY wanted. I tried buying it 2 months ago but they were sold out!!! Even online, SOLD OUT! I was bummed because I really wanted it. Anyway, I gave up despite checking online for the chance of restocking and checking the store whenever possible too. But nope, they never restock stuff :F

Mike called EVERY FREE PEOPLE STORE IN AMERICA to track one down for me for Christmas!!!!!!! I had no idea!!!! He said the staff were all amazing and super helpful and emailed him updates and such. Finally they tracked ONE down & shipped it~~ He wrapped it in a Victoria’s Secret box so I’d think it was my slippers but when I opened it it was the coat I had been pining for for MONTHSSSSSSSS~~!! I even posted about it in this entry from AUGUST!

And also it was featured in the Rinka write up when she was shopping in LA!! I didn’t even realize till yesterday!

Hands down BEST GIFT EVER! HAHAHAHAHA :noki4: :sparkleup:

Victoria’s Secret

Sephora stuff!

The Fragrance Sampler Box has mini bottles of great perfumes!
You then choose 1 perfume to redeem a large bottle for.

Cute mini makeup case filled with like 20 samples of fragrances and makeup!!

Japanese bath salts! My favorite brand!

I got Mike an espresso machine so when he got me these I thought he knew!!!!
But he didn’t~ it was just a coincidence! :D

Wedding gift from my Aunt & Uncle

Special thank you’s to Meru, Jayne, and Reena~~!!


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My Christmas Eve wish is that I hope everyone has a happy Christmas… and if not, there’s always next year!



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