CUTiE + Popteen = Shibuhara Lovers

Wednesday October 28, 2009   

If you refresh you’ll see I added a fun, and dark, Halloween themed background. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ね!

I just felt like blogging some randomness. The other day I downloaded some CUTiE (the bookstore I go to doesn’t sell it anymore or else someone beats me to it :ng: ) and I was a bit surprised how transformed it had been by the Shibuhara style [渋原系.] I know a few months ago they featured Tsubasa and they have again in this November issue (maybe more but I haven’t been keeping up with CUTiE.) I remember in the last issue I bought (feb) they had started adding in 1 or 2 key “Gal” style items into the coordinates but not much. But I guess Pop Sister & the whole Shibuhara-kei really struck a chord.

Can’t be too surprised though, they put the “hara” in “Shibuhara.” In other words I need to get my hands on some CUTiE perhaps!? To go along with my Popteen. The differences between CUTiE & Popteen can be sometimes subtle. Mostly in the hair, make and shoes. For example. Below are both images from the November issues of the 2 magazines.

WANT that salopette by the way~ :getit:
Popteen is on the left & CUTiE on the right. It’s kind of interesting to see these individual magazines adopting each others’ culture (if you will.) Or at least brands. Haahaa, Titty&Co. & Valentine’s High in CUTiE?? I’m a bit surprised :!: . Of course Pop Sister is really the combination of both these magazines (and others mixed in.)

I know some girls really don’t like Shibuhara style. It’s either lacking in high maintenance girlishness or it’s too commercial casual for true harajuku style. And that’s OK. I can see that. I don’t feel that way though, but only because I’ve always admired both styles but never really found myself falling into one category more than the other. For me, Shibuhara best describes what I already was wearing and what I want to wear more of! :ureshii:

Here’s a translation of the infamous Shibuhara page from Pop Sister if anyone’s curious about the style.

Enough rambling! How about some more CUTiE??!! :bow: :twinklepink:

I LOVE this outfit!! :kyaaface:

Tsu-chan. They could have gotten away with her looking more her gyaru self than this sorta mori-gal thing :P




33 Responses to “CUTiE + Popteen = Shibuhara Lovers”

  1. toritori says:

    I love this style~ It’s very ..feminine yet casual? Can’t quite explain it in words haha :P
    But I think it’s super smart to make lookbookthings because I always see outfits I admire, but then forget about them later ):

  2. monicalee says:

    Hi, seems like I accidentally become the 1st one here..
    I just see the latest “JJ” and they have the 2010 calandar of Rinka and a whole bunch of stuff about her. So I immidietly think abt here coz I know u r her big fan:)

  3. Veronica says:

    WOA! You’re right! I actually stopped reading CUTiE recently, particularly because I just wasn’t into the models – but they have kind of amped it up, eh??

    Oh and tried on some granny/nerd glasses in light blue at a thrift store – sadly, I look unforgivably lame in them *SADNESS*

    I don’t mind dressing to a specific style like “Shibuhara” or whathave you – since I’m not the kind of person that needs to come up with my own personal style, you know? Like if my JOB was a designer or a stylist I would do that – but I’m content to look to other people’s ideas and be part of that :)

  4. Cecilia says:

    Love the Halloween design on your layout :) Definitely feeling the outfits you picked!

  5. Alyssa says:

    I love CUTiE (especially the more recent issues)! :)
    I need to get my hands on a Mickey Mouse sweat shirt/sweater… I see them everywhere in fashion mags.

    Oh, just to let you know, I’m a new reader! I just recently stumbled upon your blog yesterday. I really like your style. lol.

  6. emm says:

    i prefer CUTiE, the main difference that i notice i that haircolor is darker in CUTiE i dont like popteen’s style as much but i like it in CUTiE

    CUTiE is more colorful i think, ahh i dont actually know what the hell im sayin
    either way cute outfits

  7. Caitlin says:

    I love the Shibuhara style. I feel that it sort of defines what my aesthetic is too.

    Sorry to be a bother but I emailed you about the password thing and didn’t hear back.

  8. Moo-Shu says:

    I love Cutie too! I think I like the Shibuhara style because it is very close to the way I dress and I love all the clothing pieces!

    This is a cool Halloween background too!

  9. Lyss says:

    I love CUTiE! Actually It’s one of my favorites! I also like everyone of those clipping you have! They look great and I would love to have them clothes. The mickey sweater looks familiar. ^^

  10. Suzu says:

    its not just cutie–ive been noticing this spreading of gyaru fashion in practically every magazine ! o_o magazines like nicola and seventeen which used to feature more kiddish clothing brands like mezzo piano and rose fan fan and such now have valentines high and gilfy such ! hahah the models from these magazines are basically wearing the same outfits as popteen models, just with different hair and make xD interesting ~ lol gyaru fashion is just getting really popular to people of all different styles lately ne~ =]

    • jenny says:

      Totally agree! I knew it was spreading when I saw Non-no use lashes in a make how-to and I was like “whoaaaaaa gyaru ways are leaking into everything!” :DDD

  11. Leanne says:

    I loveeeeeeee the background it’s adorable! I don’t know too much about Japanese fashion to be honest but all those pictures look so young and fresh! I dress so boring compared to this, it’s too cute :D

  12. Erin says:

    Ah, I love the outfit Tsubasa (?) is in, though! The one on the left, with the slouchy boots.

    If I had money I would be buying those kinds of clothes for this winter. Lots of warm layers :}

  13. Elyse says:

    Shibuhara is my favorite style too! It works perfectly for me in the sense that it’s both commercial enough to be accessable, but also unique enough to really show what kind of girl you are! So, even though I’m sure some girls are disappointed that other mags are turning more towards some Shibuhara elements, I’m thrilled! :D I think I might have to buy this issue!

    • Elyse says:

      I forgot to mention, but not only is it spreading into other magazines in Japan, but I’m seeing soooo many gyaru type clothing on sale in America now! Usually I’d have to improvise a little, but it’s becoming easier and easier to get the clothes I love! :D

      • jenny says:

        Yes, yes! It IS getting easier to find key items! Sure, they’re not always used in the same way but they’re there! Especially at fast fashion stores like h&m & forever21 since they’re open in Japan now and we usually get the same clothing lines :D

  14. Yi Lin says:

    oooh so cute! i love your new layout! :)

  15. Ys says:

    As always I love your fashion posts :) I have nothing to add I just wanted to post to say that I read it and enjoyed it hehe :)

  16. Tori says:

    Honestly I don’t see how anyone CAN’T like shibuhara style!!
    I think it’s the perfect mix of ‘younger’ gyaru fashion & ‘older’ key pieces!
    I’m totally amazed that that’s CUTIE though~~ DO WANT now, haha!

  17. Syd Syd says:

    CUTiE’s one of my favorite magazines!
    Although I haven’t really looked through Pop Sister, I like CUTiE’s hair and makeup more. Pop Sister girls look over done whereas CUTiE makeup is more casual/normal, but that’s just me. p:

    I’ll look at Pop Sister since I like Shibuhara style!

  18. Rachelle says:

    I don’t mind Cutie a lot, but I don’t know what it is about them, but I normally get kind of bored going through the fashions, I prefer Non-no and Zipper most of the time. I do love Popsister a lot though, now if only my bookstore stocked the bloody magazine!

  19. mishi says:

    Love the background! It’s too cute ;D Halloween forever!

    Lovely styles there as usual =)

  20. Thao says:

    Haha, I’ve been eyeing their leather boots this whole time. I seriously need to get some before the stormy season starts.

    Happy halloween to you too! The background looks adorable. =]

  21. Madeleine says:

    I totally agree with you on this:
    >I’ve always admired both styles but never really found myself falling into one category

    It’s the same for me and that’s why I love shibuhara style so much. ;D

    seeing those scans you uploaded it’s really only hair and make-up which makes the difference between harajuku inspired 109-style and gal-inspired harajuku-style. A friend of mine who is really into harajuku-fashion doesn’t like this new mix at all, but I don’t think that the ‘original’ styles will just disappear because of it. after all fashion is about mixing things to create something new, right? :D

    btw. this is my first comment, but I’ve been checking your blog from time to time and I really like to read the things you write about I just never knew what to comment. *__*;;

    • jenny says:

      Well hello there then! Yay I agree. Core harajuku styles aren’t going to be lost because of this trend, if anything it’s at the very least good for their store brands b/c more buyers :p

  22. Charl says:

    Boo! I see those Varsity-style hoodies in all my Japanese magazines and I can’t find it anywhere =( Boo!

  23. kikay814 says:

    this issue of cutie has an outfit using a shirt i have! nice fashion entry :)

  24. Marisa says:


  25. Zoraida says:

    I actually love CUTiE! The styles are just how I tend to dress, i.e. not too girly. But I do like how gyaru is spreading out into more magazines. More people are coordinating with gyaru and the looks are just fabuloussss.

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