Hello 2010!

Thursday December 31, 2009 comments   

2010 BE KIND!

I hope everyone can look back fondly on 2009 but be hopeful for 2010! This past year wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst for me either. It was full of amazing surprises like having my friend from Japan visit!!

I already wrote my real resolution out earlier. About only buying the clothes I truly want instead of buy things I sorta like on sale. I hope to end 2010 with a smaller, but better closet of clothes! But I would also like to pick up studying Japanese more. I tend to go through studying spurts. I think I might study while in the tub, haahaaa! It would be a good 20 minutes to an hour’s time and I usually just use that time to flip through magazines :D

Tonight I’ll be spending it mostly with my family but plan to stop by a party too. I just wanna set off fireworks! It’s a big reason why I always loved New Year’s & a huuuge reason I visit my family on New Year’s ;P


At the fireworks stand earlier today!~

Our fireworks ready to go!

Cabbage & black eyed peas! For luck and money in the new year!
Always gotta eat them on New Year’s Eve! It’s tradition!

Yesterday at my Grandparent’s I saw this really adorable owl plush under her Christmas tree. So she gave it too me!! She went to hand it to me and said “it’s even better!” and she squeezed him & he let out a cute little hoooooooot! He’s older than me too since he was made in 1981 in Japan :D







Disney World

Tuesday December 29, 2009 comments   

Hello from the road!
I’ve been really busy with Christmas of course~
Currently leaving Florida & driving to my family’s now. Only 5 more hours to go! Haahaaa

I was hoping I’d be blogging more but I didn’t really have much quiet time till now (in the car!) And even now Mike wants my full attention, haha. My parents’ tend to be less hustle & busle so maybe I’ll be twittering & blogging more while there~ Though I know people are as busy as me and have better things to do than surf blogs! Ha! :P

So how was everyone’s Christmas?! I hope good! Mine was quite nice! A big part of it was Mike & my trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!!

Enjoying lunch at the Character Buffet~

Most my photos are on my camera but I managed to get a few with my phone too.

Mmmm powdered sugar waffle!

In the shape of Mickey’s face oooo course!! :P

Afterwards we went to a nearby outlet mall that was open really late. I wanted to see if I could find some Dickies overalls after seeing a pair in Popteen. Well no luck really. They were all too big. But there was a Victoria’s Secret Outlet! it was total insanity o_o! I managed to grab a Maryland 3/4 sleeved thermal and some lip glosses in a nice gold shimmer~

yes. I DID just take this photo in the car!

Oh! This is the tee I bought at Disney! It was my favorite! Vintage Magic Kingdom version :D

They had lots of shirts of course but I liked this design and color! Plus it’s more specific being Magic Kingdom!