The Internet is Distracting!

Monday March 29, 2010 comments   

Been trying to blog but the internet has been heavily distracting me tonight, LOOOOOOOL :?:

Sorta new layout! More like just new graphics, sorta, haahaa! :kyaaface: I wanted to do something for spring & the cherry blossoms blooming here~~ :rose2: Next weekend is supposed to be gorgeous! :ureshii: And warm! AND blossom peak bloom time! YAAY! The perfect storm of awesome! :celebrate: So I’m already planning to be down by the Tidal Basin early Saturday :gigglewakuface:

Did quite a bit of shopping this weekend. :iiface: Finally got to try on majority of The Garden Collection at H&M! Still have 2 dresses I want to try on but haven’t seen them out yet. :facepalmcry: I ended up only buying 1 top from the collection. :doubleheartbeat: I also bought a red stripe tee and a jean dress.

Stopped at the Shiseido store. They carry a lot of random non-Shiseido stuff :toto: Not sure if they’re like that elsewhere in the country? Probably? LOL I picked up 2 sets of lashes only $3 each~ They have a lot to choose from style-wise all $3 :ureshii:

I also finally broke down and bought L’Oreal Paris Lash Boosting Serum. I really like the nourishing primer in the Beauty Tubes mascara and I swear it keeps my lashes healthier! :lovelymake: They don’t fall out as much now so they’re able to grow longer than before. :biglove: Well, that was just with the nourishing primer! So I figured no harm in trying a product fully meant to “boost” lash growth! :rainbowtwinkle:

Only been using it since Saturday so nothing to report just yet. Hopefully later! hehe

Also picked up these back of heel shoe pads. Apparently they help keep heels from slipping off. ORLY!? I’ll pop them in tomorrow and see if they really do work. :twinklepink: I’m already a firm believer in padded insoles and half my shoes have them already. If these really work well then they’re a god-send! I didn’t even know they existed til I saw them at Target. :lol:

OK, OK lastly!!! :bow:
Sephora freebies!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
I got both my 500-point perk and free birthday gift this weekend. :good:

Beauty Insider Birthday Gift:
Sephora Collection Beautiful Eyes Kit

Tarte The Insider Collection with Tarte bestsellers:
Vitamin-Infused Lipgloss in Apple-a-Day,
Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol,
Clean Slate Primer,
Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara.
Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara,
Lash Hugger Mascara
EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil.

Geezus, I get it, Tarte makes mascara like no one’s business! LOOOOOOL :smallcry: Why do I need 3 in 1 set, haahaa!

Trying out bigger pics in the entries to see if I like it. Too big? Too much load time? :doubledquestion:

OK, that’s it! Yea, I basically just went shopping. I had that mind-frame “it’s my birthday soon, I deserve this,” LOOOOOOOOL :happylove:


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Yasete Cawaii!

Sunday March 28, 2010 comments   

Yasete Cawaii! 2008

DOWNLOAD? I put together a zip of all scans. This is just an afterthought so if the link is not working, just download the old fashion way ;3
download zip file
click to read the rest

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