Happy Memorial Day

Monday May 31, 2010 comments   

It’s already 5:00 on Memorial Day holiday :( :kanjicry:
Back to the same ole grind tomorrow. At least it’ll be a short week now! :grin:

I got out to the nature trails today. *_* I think I want to start visiting them more this summer. :twinkle: Despite my paranoia of contracting Lyme disease :dizzy: haahaa~ I just love to walk. :biglove: Usually I just go to a mall or a shopping area but that always has shopping temptation. I really enjoy walking for hours downtown on the National Mall but I only have time to get out & do that on weekends and I don’t really do it spur of the moment. :( So the nearby trails might be a good option. Plus I love the quiet & nature :D

I got the July issue of PopSister last week. :ureshii: It really is a lot better than June’s. :ohyeslovely: Especially the 90’s LA Casual and street snaps! :updiamond:
Here are some of my favorite looks from the July issue of PopSister. The street snap section is also fantastic! Hopefully I can sit down and scan in some more later this week. :good: I need to sit & scan in a bunch of looks for my lookbook for summer clothes too.

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EOS Candy Green Contacts

Saturday May 29, 2010 comments   

It’s the weekend!! A 3-day weekend for me too actually

I made sure to sleep in today. I felt sooooooo good when I woke up. Seriously. Actual happiness singing in the shower good! I’ve been so fatigued lately from pms. As if you’re not already tired of hearing about that.

Thursday the EOS Candy Green contacts I ordered from Pinky Paradise came in! I was surprised they came in only 9 days. My previous order took 2 weeks~ HECK YES! So I was quite delighted.

I think the EOS Candy colors are so, so pretty. Very glassy, doll-like or even jewel colored looking. Yui Kanno wears the Candy Brown version a lot. I’ve seen the pink & gray versions worn too.

Venus Eye’s Listing

Every time I saw them in spreads I’d want them so badly! Then suddenly Pinky Paradise got them in… AND IN MY PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH! whoooooooot! They’re 14.5 diameter lenses. I sorta wish they were 14 because all but 1 pair of my lenses are 14.5, but oh well, I mostly loved them for the bold circle and vivid but blended color.

If you really want to see an up close of the enlargement you can see it here. I just sorta hate posting my goofy up close pics in my entry, LOL. I actually already got a compliment on them today. Sephora staffer exclaimed “I love your eyes!” haahaaa~ I prefer hearing that compared to when I wear my King Blues and had a Sephora Staffer say “OMG I love your contacts you look like a cartoon character!” Gaaaaaahahahahaaa!But hey, that’s OK, I wear my King Blues on days I WANT to stand out like crazy sauce

Pinky Paradise always sends these cute animal shaped contact lens cases. I think they’re adorable but I used a regular flat one instead. I don’t really like the animal ones because they don’t stack well As you can see…. I need to save space in my bathroom cabinet…

I’ve worn the Candy Green lenses the past couple of days actually


I actually need to order a new year supply of my daily wear clear contacts (Acuvue 2), hahahahaa! I’ve been meaning to for the past month since I’m on my last pair. But I’m just so lazy… though I managed to order THESE colored lenses just fine! Haahaa~ I use 1-800-CONTACTS. I just wish they’d use Paypal for checkout. I haven’t bought them yet b/c I’m too lazy to get up from computer & grab my wallet! Ha! it’s true. But I just think “well when I run out I can just wear my circle lenses till they arrive!” Haahaa MY GOD I’m so lazy sometimes!!!!

Ugh~ I’ll go order them now…

….. AND DONE! It’s good to have gotten that out of the way

Mmmm I’m sleepy now~~ more later~~