Kichijoji Kitties

Sunday November 14, 2010   

Kichijoji~ SO MUCH LOVE

Going back to finishing up posting my Japan pics. I know it’s being so spread out & at this point sorta pathetic, but I really want them here on my blog! My entries go back to 2004 and I often like to read my old archives. It sounds stupid, maybe selfish, but I like it! I see where I was a year, 2 years, 3 years or more with a click! It’s a diary~ and I like to see my life’s progression.

Ok, that was rambling!

So this was a day I spent with my friend. She spent many of her past years in Kichijoji and wanted to take me there. She took me to a few of her “old home towns/haunts” and I loved it. We hope some day I can show her the town I grew up in too~ ;_; Though it’s changed so much due to Katrina~~ *sigh* Anywho~~~~~~

The main attraction was Cafe Calico! She hadn’t been to a cat cafe before & neither had I! And she had coupons WHOOP WHOOP! Haahaaa~it was much as I expected ;) Bright sunny room, reminded me of an Ikea showroom filled with indifferent (lol, is there any other kind?) Kittehs. This place has cafe style foods so we ordered drinks & split a snowcone :D.

This is the entrance where you pay for the amount of time you want to stay, you get a tag & locker too to put your things in.

Yes, I dropped the play stick and gave the kitten some attention since the other kitty seemed less interested in me, hahaaa! KITTY DEMANDED ATTENTION!

This cat was so jealous of the attention other cats were getting so he got in the bowl and kept looking around for people to come ooh & aaaww!

I could NOT get the ugliest kitty to pay me attention! I love uggers cats! The uglier the better XDv

The other people there were really chill too. About 5 of them. It was so quiet & relaxing. Most were having drinks and just trying to take photos of the aloof cats or the spastic kittens. Some guy was just reading from their manga collection for the whole hour I was there. I love that. I need a peaceful place like this, FILLED WITH CATS, near my house!

They had photo albums of their kitties and toys too of course. Little cards introducing the two new kittens too! :) Plus souvenir items like calendars or buttons you could buy.

We also visited Inokashira Park while there. There’s the most picturesque walk leading up to it! Surprisingly many of the local eateries had cats in them! Must be a Kichijoji “thing.”

A used clothing shop. There are quite a few here! :)

There is this very old yakitori place by the park entrance that we grabbed some snacks from. It’s called Iseya and has been in business since 1928. Mike looooves chicken livers & other somewhat “old style” foods so he was ecstatic. I got the yakitori style corn on the cob! It was freakin delicious! We walked to the park and enjoyed everything in the hot summer sun.

There was a concession stand nearby too where I got a peach ice cream and kanipan! I love this style of place! :biglove: It reminds me of my childhood growing up on the coast :) . We had places like this all over especially near docks & piers.
You could get a bottle root beer & ice cream~ anywhooo (//end old time’y talk!)

I think Kichijoji ended up being one of my favorite places to visit~


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103 Responses to “Kichijoji Kitties”

  1. zoraida says:


    Kichijoji looks so laid back and relaxed! Great pictures, too, especially with the fountain and all the greeeen surrounding it.

  2. Jessica Ann says:

    The U.S. should have dog & kitty cafes too! It would be such a lovely system. They would receive love and attention and won’t be cooped up in a depressing shelter! T-T I’m such a sucker for animals. I often visit pet stores and play with the animals xD
    I usually scroll down an entry before I read the entire thing, and I must say I couldn’t scroll back up because the corn looked so delicious even covered by a piece of plastic :’D~

    • jenny says:

      I visit petsmart a lot just to play with them. I’m allergic so I can’t give one a home. But funnily enough this cat cafe was SO clean my allergies didn’t act up for the entire hour I was there!

      The corn was SO good cooked! It was all oily and blackened by the fire nomnomnom

  3. Janet says:

    Ugger kitty makes for interesting photos! Hah. What a fun idea even though I’m allergic to cats :P Swan boats, why don’t we have anything that cute in DC?!

  4. haha

    i love the cat in the bowl and the grey cat too :D

    i just love cats


  5. Honeydew says:

    Oh that looks like such a quiet and relaxing place to be! Do people just pay to go there and play with cats? lol. I’m not much of a cat lover but it seems kind of cool~

    • jenny says:

      Yup! That’s exactly what they do! You pay for 15 minutes to an hour or more to play with cats, take photos, whatever. A lot of places (including this one) have manga to read or video games set up to play plus food & drinks you can order :D

  6. Jennifer says:

    Lmao that ugly cat has to be the most adorable cat I have seen yet!

  7. Jeannine says:

    KITTIESSSSSSSS~~~ the looks so nice ;o;
    lol @ the cat in the bowl XD I love how its face is like “whatever bitches, i gotz mah bowl”
    and the grey cat, kglidjgtg so cute! It looks like it saw the other cat in the bowl and is like “that was mah bowl D: ” lol anyway~~~ I’m actually allergic to cats :(
    The swan boat~ I’ve always wanted to ride one of those :D

  8. I’ve seen so many photos of places like this! I’ve always wanted to go in and pet cats (and rid my fear of them). I had a bad experience with a friend’s cat and ever since then I got afraid of cats T_T

    These photos makes me feel a little more confident in petting cats again! I can’t wait to visit Japan again! ^^

    • jenny says:

      Awe that’s too bad, but I understand feeling that way. I heard they have a few “bunny cafes” too that might be better suited? :D Most of these cats couldn’t care less if you’re there so they’ll ignore you if you ever visit, you sorta have to seek their attention so no fears they’ll pounce all over you & rip your face off \:3/

      It’s like $2 for 15 minutes, you could do little therapy sessions for cheap, hahaa

  9. I’ve heard of these cat cafes and am intrigued! XP Wonder if they’ll ever have any with other animals…tee hee. *^_^*

    • jenny says:

      I heard there are a few “bunny cafes” too now. Not sure bout doggies since they probably have doggy parks like the US :P Also some cafe has a goat outside of it that you can pet in feed, that count? Ha!

  10. aw i cant believe they’ve a cat cafe haha…sounds like an awesome idea~~
    lol those pix makes me wanna visit Kichijoji too~~

    • jenny says:

      When I tell people about it they’re always like “OHHH! That’s a good idea for the US!” But I doubt one would ever open… maybe because of mixing of animals + food? I dunno~~

  11. Thao says:

    Parts of it reminds me of Central Park, but less crowded and more friendly.

    A kitty cafe!! LOVEE! Especially fat ugly cats! Haha they’re the best ones. However I don’t think it’ll ever work here in the U.S. with the health regulations.

  12. Sara Mari says:

    I don’t mind if it takes a long or short time for you to write the Japan posts, I really enjoy reading them! Wow this Calico cat cafe looks so much more friendly and nice than the one in Shinjuku, like more intimate I mean and the cats are so sweet! I love how they wanted your attention X3

    That’s cool Mike likes the chicken livers, if everyone was like me all the innards and offal would go to waste. The most unique meat I’ve eaten was just cow tongue…and canned horse meat DX (I was tricked into)

    • jenny says:

      AW TY sweetie XDD
      Yes, yes! I saw the same sign in Shinjuku!! I was wondering if it was a lot like the Kichijoji one since it’s the same cafe. I bet they get more customer turnover at the Shinjuku one maybe? Busier so the pace is different?

      I tried chicken livers once… no me gusta DX the texture, blaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

      I think I’d feel a bit sad if I ate horsemeat, I wouldn’t ever want to know O_O. I’m not vegetarian or anything but ignorance is bliss!

  13. Huynh says:

    I wish there’s a cat cafe here. I love cats but sadly I’m allergic. And i would love to go to Kichijoji.

  14. Miya says:

    absolutely lovely!! I think I may have gone there on my whirlwind tour of japan…but I cant be sure without checking my journal. Loved the Cat Cafe! What a brilliant idea! Sounds so peaceful and relaxing and the cat in the bowl just slays me!!! I honestly like that you spread out your japan trip posts. You go into so much detail, it would have been overwhelming to clump them all together. I totally understand about keeping your blog like a diary too. I think that your blog should be for you first and foremost.

    • jenny says:

      I know what you mean. I have these photos from the same day from Kichijoji but I know we took a train elsewhere so I forget where they’re frooooooooooom =_=;;;;;

      The kitties all kept getting in these big bowls!! Like udon kitteh or something :D They LOVED it!

      I really appreciate you saying that about my posts. I do like to put some details in because I find myself going “What restaurant was that? I know I blogged it” and it becomes my actual trip reference for myself!

  15. Deso says:

    WAH! The cat in the bowl is super adorable! :D I want!
    It looks so very peaceful in Kichijoji, I would like to visit it too. Swan paddle boats love! :)

  16. susy says:

    ommgg jenny i wish they had cafes like this in australia! i’d spend hours and hours and hours there just playing with the cats!

  17. sukipooki says:

    wow this place looks amazing! I’ve heard of the cat cafes but im still on the fence about there, my time is so precious in tokyo that there’s not enough time for me to hit up my “must go to” places already =( ( this is due to a lack of funds obvioiusly lol) is this in tokyo? i always love to visit places that are more “local” than touristy =P

    • jenny says:

      There’s a couple of cat cafes. This one is in Kichijoji, it’s a suburb of Tokyo, but there’s another Cafe Calico in Shinjuku and another popular Cat Cafe at Ikebukuro near the station.

  18. megan says:

    Awww, I like the cat in the bowl! They’re all cute…I wish we had a cat here, but not yet! I miss the one at my parent’s house though.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures; Kichijoji looks like a nice place, and I’ll have to visit it next time I go to Japan.

    • jenny says:

      Luckily I get to visit some cats at my family’s house on Thanksgiving. Besides that I can only visit cats at friends’ or pet stores ;_;

  19. fuyume says:

    aww i wanna go there. seeing these pix makes me wish i was in japan already (im going nxt summer) xxx

  20. Mai says:

    That cat cafe looks adorable! I definitely wanna go at least once if I ever visit Japan. Did you get bored of the cats at all since I hear you’re not allowed to pick them up or wake them up if their sleeping o_o? That ugly cat is really funny lookingggg :3! Too bad you couldn’t get it to pay attention to you.

    • jenny says:

      You’re not allowed to do those things it’s true BUT there are more than enough awake kitties who want to play with the cat toys with you and on the cat furniture that it’s not boring. I actually forgot about my snowcone and it started to melt!

  21. Mai says:

    I’m not sure if my comment worked or not because I don’t see it but I’ll post again x;! Sorry if it’s a repost D:

    The cat cafe looks really cool! I would definitely want to go to one if I ever go to Japan since its one of those things that you should do at least once before you die :P. Did you get bored quickly though? Cause I heard that you’re not allowed to pick them up or wake up them if they’re sleeping. The ugly cat is pretty lolzy, but its too bad you didn’t get it to pay attention to you ;x

  22. Rachel says:

    That’s a nice place! Can’t wait until my Japan trip~ That park also looks very relaxing…I wish we had some sort of park atmosphere here in Southern California. Definitely love the cat cafe!

  23. Exuvalia says:

    The cat in the bowl is so cute!
    But may I ask, why do you like ugly cats? xD

  24. winn says:

    Jen my new cat grew up really dumb LOL

    I wish they had cat cafes here, I’ve only played with random mixed cats and British short hairs ;x are ugly cats meant to have a bad attitude / personality because they’re a different breed? :O

    and that area looks so relaxing! could use a place like that and just chilllll!

    • jenny says:

      LOL Winn, that’s like calling your child dumb, you can’t say those things outloud! Hahahah jkjkjkjk
      I don’t think “ugly” breeds are meant to have bad or grumpy personalities but Persians with the pug-like faces are often a bit temperamental as a breed in general :D

  25. Amelia says:

    I still find those kitty cafes amazing. Kitty in the bowl is just crazy cute. :D

  26. Hana says:

    Made you my Blog of the Week on my weekly wrapup :) I just love your posts and I felt it was about time. This Kichijoji cat-post just sealed the deal, so to speak! You always have great things to say and show, I really do enjoy all your posts even if I don`t comment as much as I should.

    • jenny says:

      Awe really! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO TY TY sweetie \:D/
      No worries about commenting, I’m a total RSS reading machine so I don’t get to commenting as much as I should too ;_;

  27. Monda says:

    The cats’ faces! XD I nearly died when I saw them. Saving forever!

  28. sidney says:

    you seriously plan the best things EVER for your trips! i’m SOOO bad at deciding what to do whenever i travel i usually just ‘wing it’ and…hm ok that’s not exactly the best way to do things, you know?

    anyway! aw those kiiittiiiies~ i’m going to have to live vicariously through you about these! (cat allergy over here T T)

    also, keep giving us these japan-posts! doesn’t matter if it takes you forever to do it, it’s still so much fun to read \o/

    • jenny says:

      Aw thank you ;_; it’s a blessing & a curse all in one b/c when smtg goes wrong (like, um, puking for an entire day) I get really anxious about not meeting plans. But anyhow~~~

      Will do! I have some more day trip photos & then just random stuffs left~ You know I’ll be posting huge batches :X

  29. Bommiie says:

    that kittie in the bowl is adorable! XDD
    I can’t wait to visit Japan, it’s such a beautiful placee *-*

  30. Tori says:

    This looks like such an amazing place to go & spend a gorgeous day~ just like it looks like you guys did! ♥
    & omggg, there is just something SO CUTE about that ugly grey cat, haahaa! XD

  31. Thanh Thao says:

    Cat Cafe!!! The next thing for me to do on my to do list!! XDDD No, I have to find a job first, hahaha! But since I’m in Tokyo anyways now I can go to a cat cafe anytime I want! #Hahaha#

    I’d love to visit Kichijouji, too!! It must be more peaceful and calm there than in busy Tokyo!! :-) My sister’s dormitory (she is doing a one year exchange at Meiji Daigaku) is near Kichijouji, so I shall pay it a visit soon! XDDD

    I love your posts, more, please!

    • jenny says:

      Lucky lucky! Only 200yen for 15 minutes \:D/
      Awe you should if you can! I heard it’s a HUGE cherry blossom destination too because of the park :)

  32. Linda says:

    SO CUUUUTE! i love this place alreadyyy! :D

  33. Sachie says:

    UGH SO CUTE!! I’d be so happy in a place like that – the calico cafe! It just seems so relaxing and nice! HAHA I get so much joy out of petting cats, I have a feeling that I’m going to be a crazy cat lady when I’m older… orz

    Lovely photos!!

    • jenny says:

      I thought I would be too, but then I developed bad allergies so now I’m just a creepy lady who wants to pet strange cats :X

  34. Cat Café? No way! I have a new place added to my have-to-do-before-dying list

  35. Ys says:

    I love the idea of the cat cafe! It must have been such a great place to visit. I adored the grey cat – his squishy face reminded me of Sweepie ;)

    Does this mean this is the last of your Japan posts? But I want more! :D

  36. jayjayne says:

    I wish I had a local guide to take me around to fantastic places like these!
    Lucky lucky! – Looks like so much fun!

  37. Genevieve says:

    lmao omg i love that ugly cat! his face made me laugh for several minutes XD
    that café sounds freakin’ awesome! :D

    such nice pictures! can’t wait for more! :D

  38. Sami says:

    I think its very understandable to want your Japan photos here :D :D

    I really wish Id tried a snow cone when I was there, I got addicted to gari gari ice pops instead XD they were so nice!

    ROFL at the bowl cat, oh my days, its so hilarious!! XD

  39. Veronica says:


    I have a flyer from that place, haha too cute

    I don’t think it’s selfish at all – I love looking at my wedding pics on my blog, haha And this is for you anyway, not other people.

    Kichijoji is definitely on my list of places to go after seeing how much you and Hello Sandwich love it. And the Ghibli museum is there!

    • jenny says:

      The museum sure is! I saw you have to buy tickets ahead of time for a certain day at a Family Mart kiosk… so since I was unsure how I would feel each day we skipped it *cries*

  40. Juvy says:

    oh my!!! i love it! i know what you mean about looking at old archives and treating your blog like your diary! SAME HERE! i blog about random things sometimes but i love the fact that with a simple click of the button you can read old entries.

    How long were you in Japan? I’ll be going there for study abroad (i’ll be there for a year) so im quite excited! I lived there for about 7 years but I’m pretty sure going back will be just as much of a culture shock.

    I guess i’ll look up your old Japan posts.

    LOVE the ugly cat!!!! it’s so ugly it’s cute! hahahaha

  41. cin says:

    hahaha the ugly cat is adorableee!!
    how do you get to kichijoji? i must check it out next time im in tokyo :D

  42. Kayano says:

    lol when you said that you love ugly cats, the uglier the better you really remind me of me. i think that ugly cat is so adorable.

  43. Jane says:

    awww! the kitty in the bowl! cuteness overdose!
    i went to a cat cafe last year too- but it wasn’t a very good one because there were 3 cats in total, two of which were scared and mean to people.
    i really want to visit Kichijoji now! hahaha…

  44. Cindy says:

    I love it when you post about your Japan trip, more please! :D

    Kitties!! I wish we had something like this in the US. Ever sense my allergies went nuts and I haven’t had kitties anymore I sure do miss them at times. Bowl kitty is lulz!! I’d want to cuddle with the spotty bengel looking one, reminds me of my ole kitty.

    Swan boats! :O

  45. Amanda says:

    I really love your blog, it’s very cute and I’ve learned alot of stuff here , like wich places to visit in tokyo in my trip next year xD Although I have never commented D:

    So.. I’ve finally decided to shop on yesstyle, but doing some research in the web, I found another site,, that has the same clothes that I wish to buy on yesstyle, only cheaper :D Do you know if this site is any reliable?

    I’m completely clueless abut online shopping :(


  46. Courtney says:

    Sounds like you had a really nice experience with childhood memories and a relaxing atmosphere here. :) I’d like to go sometime, too. Especially to a kitty cafe!

  47. bloomzy says:

    I love these pictures so much but I HAD to comment just because of the ugly kitty haha XD
    I love ugly cats/dogs, so I totally would have tried to play with that one – my boyf (he’s a cat person) said it wasn’t ugly and felt bad for it lol

    I want to go to a cat cafe but 1. I’m allergic and 2. I’m not a cat person.
    Maybe I will search for a dog cafe XD

  48. Bianca says:

    oh i wish i wish that we had something like that in the US, it would be perfect. Id love a kitty but I cant give him the attention he needs. and human society makes u feel….guilt

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