Makeup Request Photos

Wednesday February 23, 2011   

Sachie asked for a total makeup picture of all my current makeup including the unopened stuff I talked about last week, so here it is! Sorta, :deco13: and more, haahaa! :!?: I realized I hadn’t done a total makeup roundup since June and a bit has changed. :ok: I went ahead and separated everything by makeup type. :P And it goes without saying, no, I don’t wear all of this every day, haahaa~ :dizzy: I wear maybe 1/4 of it a day if not 1/8th. :deco7: Obviously different items are for different & various looks. :ok: Though some things are repeating, like having 3 pink blushes open & in use at one time. :ng: Multiple mascaras I use depending on the look I want that day. :make: And I have a few opened black liquid eyeliners because I was trying out a few new ones and ended up not being exactly what I needed :deco13: so opening/buying another type ensued! :deco9:

BB Cream, Foundation, Concealers, Powder, Setting Spray
I use these the most daily. Typical day includes BB Cream + concealer (both liquid and under eye type) + powder

I don’t use the foundation much since I like my my BB Cream more but I at least always use my powder every day. :deco10:

Blushes, Highlights, Bronzer
Currently my daily makeup includes the Highbeam and a different blush from my Shu Uemura palette below. But these I tend to switch up the most! I wear the other powder highlighters a lot, every other day, the bronzer too, and the Cosmagic Deco Blush I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

The orange blushes I tend to wear more often in summer so I haven’t worn them much lately, maybe once or twice a month. Same with Stila Shimmer Highlight, it’s so golden I wear it for summer more.

The Tarte cheek stain I used to wear constantly when I only wore only face powder and not BB Cream so often.

Nars and Anna Sui blush I switch out a lot but haven’t used them much this month.

I think blush is easily my favorite thing to buy~ :deco2: For a long long time I was too scared to wear blush because growing up I thought only harlots wore it and it looked “too fake” for a girl “like me.” At least that’s the lesson I got from my Mom concerning makeup “how to’s.” But a few years ago I abandoned the blush fear and embraced overtly pink’end and orange’d cheeks! ^_^ :deco5: NEVER LOOKING BACK! Now if I have to rush makeup I at least wear tinted powder AND blush if I can’t wear anything else!

Eyeshadow Primer, Eyebrow, Mascara
Use a shadow primer, eyebrow pencil + powder, and mascara daily. I just switch up which ones for different looks~~

The tiny UD eyeshadow primers were a collection gift at xmas each with different colors/effects. :deco9: I never wear shadow/liner without applying a primer first or else it’ll crease/smudge.

All waterproof mascara since it’s the only type I can use. I have 2 of the Maybelline Falsies mascara in different black shades. I love these mascara a lot for drama. L’Oreal Double Extend fiber mascara is fantastic for all day wear and length plus it’s the only mascara I can wear on my lower lashes with smudging or transfer turning me into a raccoon! The other is Fairy Drops Curling mascara~ best curling mascara I’ve EVER tried.
Oh that eye-rever upper is for dark circles, it’s like a shimmer vitamin cream but I don’t feel like it really works very well :drops:

OK I has so manyyyyyyy
The first is Blinc’s super lasting eyeliner. It goes on really thick and stays all day. I haven’t used it much lately because I like thin liner more right now.

Next two are pencil liners, Anna Sui black & Dolly Wink brown. Both I use when I’m in a hurry. Been using the brown one a lot lately!

Next 3 are black liquid liners. My favorite is Wink Up Maxigrade’s because it has a nice, not too thin, tip. The next two KATE and K-Palette REAL LASTING EYELINER I like for filling in gaps or using first as a base under pencil liner or if I want REALLY REALLY thin eyeliner line. The tips are very thin and take a bit longer to apply so I don’t use these if I’m in a hurry.

The rest are either colored liners or glitter liners :deco12:

I like KATE brand best :deco10: Others are Urban Decay, Hard Candy, Victoria’s Secret, etc… The pink KATE palette is unopened right now. I don’t wear as colorful of eyeshadow as I used to, it’s just not appealing to me in recent months aside from metallics. :lol:

Lip glosses and lipsticks! OK this changes nearly every day too ^_^ Some Candy Doll, some Mac, some Canmake, some Stila, and a few unopened Melliesh :deco10: Actually half of these are unopened~~

Lash glue~~
Still can’t decide between Lash Grip or DUO. I like both for different reasons but I feel Lash Grip lasts longer on my oily eyes. Haven’t used Dolly Wink’s yet and waiting. My Lash Grip is nearly empty anyway so I’ll be opening it soon.

Makeup Tools~~

Shu Uemura Palettes!

I use these the most right now. I bring both to work with me. I use these eyeshadows and cheek colors nearly every day lately :ok: I could honestly just lose the rest of my shadows and cheek colors and wouldn’t panic too much if I still had these. These are AMAZING. :deco3: I’m thinking maybe switching to just buying these in the future as my other makeup runs out… I dunno, it’s very convenient and very high quality. Plus these collection palettes almost always have an assortment. These both have 3 shadows, a gel liner, a cream highlighter, and a cheek color. :deco12:

Figured I’d include these :deco4: :up:

Makeup bags
The hanging one holds most my makeup and I switch it out makeup with the heart pouch which I take to work every day~
The Shu Uemura pouch is only for carrying my Shu Uemura palettes and a glitter liner or something small! Haahaa~~ and of course unopened and replacement makeup goes in the little hanging pockets I posted last week~~ :ok:

This was kinda fun to focus on for a bit. :) Lately all I have on my mind is the chance for a government shutdown. :;_;: If that happens I’ll be out of work, no pay, for possibly weeks. :mad: Thankfully, I guess, I’ll know by March 4th. Till then I need distractions, haahaaa! :ok: Thank god for spending freeze though. Saved money might be a serious necessity soon, lulz+fail.

I keep browsing websites like :ng: :ng:. I need to hold off for just a bit longer :P :?:



84 Responses to “Makeup Request Photos”

  1. priincess says:

    your makeup collection is SO PRETTY! I especially jealous of all your lashes! haha! you have everything that I want! LOL! :3

  2. Love your make-up collection!
    In love with the lashes and blushes! :3


  3. Sachie says:

    Haha when I saw the name Sachie, I thought you were talking about me! XD I didn’t recall asking you for photos, haha!

    Anyway, you have a makeup collection that every girl dreams of! So jealous at all the Melliesh products you have, since they’re my favourite! And the lashes! You lucky duck! :3

  4. mishi says:


    You’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a more perfect collection. Dose lashes~

  5. Tasja says:

    Great make-up collection!
    Love this kind of posts ^^

    I definitely want to try out Shu Uemura’s makeup pallets in the future. But you can’t find them easily here in the Netherlands.. :(

    Also any recommendations for BB cream? Thinking about ordering some.. and what I have seen is that most have a red undertone or are kinda grey-ish, but have a yellow undertone in my skin.

    • jenny says:

      I really love my Missha M bb cream pictured above. Doesn’t break me out and matches my sorta yellow pink undertones well! Also non drying! There’s a type called “Shiny” that’s transparent. I haven’t tried it but other ppl say it’s good!

  6. Melissy ♥ says:

    I love your determination on that self-imposed spending freeze~ ^_^
    Wow, what a collection!!!~ Love looking at all the makeup you’ve got! And the lashes collection too, so much love! ♥♥♥
    Aww, best of luck for work~

  7. junko says:

    so muuuuch items))) I want to have so much good items too))

  8. Aoko says:

    Your make-up collection is awesome!!
    OMG! You’ve got so many lashes ♥!!!
    Blushes are really addictive =3!
    I mostly use Clinique because my skin is so sensitive.
    This post makes me wanna buy Shu Uemura’s makeup pallets =P!


  9. Nami says:

    Your make up collection is so impressive!
    I almost never wear make up, except on special occasions and when I feel like “dressing up” XD hahaha. Unlike most girls, I don’t wear make up to school at all.. When I was very young I used to do a lot of things with make up and I was “quite good” (for that age lol), but somehow I lost interest. But I was always fascinated by make up especially when people use it as “art” and put really fancy colours *u*.

    Ah, I’ve ordered a Winkup Maxigrade SP eyeliner, I’m glad to hear you think it’s good *u* I really can’t wait to get it in so I can experiment with it (I’ve never used these kind of eyeliners) :)
    Also, UGH YESSTYLE STOCKED SOME OF THE DOLLY WINK LASHES. But I already ordered something from them so I can’t really make ANOTHER order so soon (I’m also running out of money hahaha).. I pray that they will stock the Eyemazing Harajuku line you posted about one day, but I know it’s a loooong shot haha.

    • jenny says:

      Whaaaaaaaaa I didn’t know yesstyle got Dolly Wink in! Yaay!! Ah yea, Eyemazing Harajuku is a total long shot but maybe, just maybe x_x

      Yea the Naris eyeliner is my absolute favorite liquid liner. I tried KATE and the 24hr Tattoo one and just didn’t like them as much as my original Winkup one! I hope you like it too :D

  10. Sara Mari says:

    Super collection haha! I only have one of each type of item XD

  11. Huynh says:

    I want your lashes :P You have a great collection.
    By the way I was wondering how you put those cute little icons/pictures into your text?

  12. Ash says:

    What a great collection! I’m especially jealous of all the eyelashes. I love how fake lashes look on but I get too lazy to use them much besides on special occasions.

  13. Linda says:

    oh ma gahhhh! your make up collection is like a make up store! LOL :D

  14. Cindii says:

    Which kind of BB cream is that? OMG, I’m so jealous of your Mellish collection. WANT!!

  15. bloomzy says:

    I adored this post!
    I am such a minimalist when it comes to make-up (minus eyelashes). I have one Betsey Johnson pouch stuffed full of it and everytime I look at it I want to get rid of even more – I am so OCD when it comes to organising haha. I also have a few eyeshadow palettes, which I want to renew…but I never know what to go with D:

  16. Stacey says:

    I have ONE EYE LINER, hahaha! I feel like I should have so much more now after seeing all that you have!! I have one make-up bag with most of my stuff in that I keep in my purse and take around with me everywhere. Now you’re motivating me to buy more make-up and try out new things… Hmm…

    Government shutdown?? Really?? Up here if there is one thing that won’t shut down is the government! That’s where I work too… But Canada is different I guess? I hope for the best for you!

  17. Sidney says:

    ok fellow person with troubled skin, you have to give me the deets on your face makeupssss
    what bb cream is that? what powder do you like the best?? do you use creams just under your eyes or all over?? HELP MEEEEE T T

    • jenny says:

      OK here’s the complete lowdowwwwwn!!

      Every day I wake up I wash my face with Clinique’s Foaming Acne Face Wash! Then I apply Clinique’s Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer and if I have a zit I dab Clinique’s Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion on it. Followed by Aveeno’s ULTRA-CALMING Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. Then I usually go with Missha M BB Cream. Just a light 1 coat. Then I’ll use Victoria’s Secret’s fluid concealer on splotchy areas and if I have an actual pimple I’ll instead use a tiny tiny bit of Clinique’s Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer on it. I then use a separate type of eye concealer from Benefit called BOING. It’s awesome! But do NOT use it anywhere but under your eyes. It conceals & blends great on skin but gave me cyst acne when I tried to use it to cover redness on my chin! Then I top it off with Benefit’s Get Even face powder in “Light.” Took me forever to find a powder that didn’t break me out.

      I never found blush or anything else to cause me acne so I am lucky there.

      Then at around 2:00 pm I try to remember to use a blotting sheet to soak up oil. I have that annoying combination skin. It’s oily but also drying, ugh.

      Then at around 5:00 and I come home from work I’ll wash my face again. Usually with Clinique’s regular Facial Soap but lately I’ve been using Neutrogena’s
      One Step Gentle Cleanser because it removes waterproof mascara as well and so far it doesn’t seem to cause me any breakouts!

      When I’m done I apple my night cream (I apply it again later too.) I use CVS’s Anti-wrinkle Night Cream. It’s the knock off version of Aveeno’s night cream. If I have a zit I reapply the Clinique Blemish Control Gel-Lotion on the zit.

      Now it’s this step that can get tricky. Because I stay clear if I wash my face after work but sometimes I know I’m going back out. If I’m clear skinned I’ll skip washing off my makeup until bedtime. But if I do that too many times in a row I WILL start getting pimples!!! If I have a breakout I’ll still wash my face at 5:00 and then reapply makeup AGAIN. It’s a pain in the ass but prevents breakouts for me.

      Then every night before bed I’ll wash my face again, usually with the Clinique soap or Neutrogena wash. Then I’ll reapply the acne creams again and then end with the CVS anti-wrinkle night cream.

      I also use the Clinique Acne Control Toner during breakouts to help speed up healing. I don’t use it every day though because it’s very drying. AND this winter I finally found a scrub that doesn’t seem to break me out! Murad’s Gaga for Glow is really gentle and can be used multiple times a week. I’ll use a little in the morning every other day if my winter skin is cracking too much. Keeps my skin smooth and less dry skin to cause acne. Yea dry skin causes me acne too!!! It’s like impossible. If I skip any one of those steps I’ll most likely end up with a zit. But if I’m really good and follow them strictly I can be clear for weeks.

      • Sidney says:

        you are simply amazing, you fantastic woman. THANK YOU FOR WRITING ALL THIS! your skin really seems as sensitive as mine! do ANYTHING wrong and suddenly you get a break out. do you think your skin has gotten better with age?? my bf had troubled skin when he was younger but now he is pretty much clear except for the occasional small thing…and he’s just like “i grew out of it~ 8DDDD” -_-;;;

        ok luckily i can easily get clinique stuff here in korea…and i am TOTALLY going to go look for that bb cream and see if they have benefit stuff here!! my old bb cream was fantastic at covering up EVERYTHING on my face but idk if that was just making my skin worse or what so i stopped using it. it was like stage makeup or something ahahh.

        i’m also just going to have to put your “no make-up on at home” rule into practice. i just hate having to make my bf wait for me to reapply makeup or whatever because he’s usually like “you don’t need it come on hurry~” -_-

        • jenny says:

          I’m just glad it wasn’t too much to read, I pressed enter and was like “holy moses I wrote SO much!!”

          My acne changed with age. I had really bad teen acne then at around 18 it cleared up, like AMAZINGLY!!! I never had to even wash my face, seriously. (want to punch me yet? I do just reliving it!) All through college. But then after college suddenly it became bad again, if not WORSE! It was definitely “adult acne.” Shit people never tell you about happening! It reacts differently than my teen acne too. Everything that worked as a teen failed as an adult. I really had about 3 or more years of trial & error and just frustration. :(

          I really hope something works for you. I think I found real solace, and still do, in the fact I learned better concealer techniques with adult acne. But it can backfire like the Cover Girl Concealer I bought on vacation this Thanksgiving that made my zits worse!!

          The no make at home thing is tiresome, but works for me. I hate having to go through all the motions of cleaning before being able to relax at home. And yes, the guys! Ugggggh. especially if I have a breakout I HAVE to reapply concealer. A lot of times I’ll just re-do the face stuff (concealer, powder, blush) and sweep like a gold eyeshadow on and head out the door. Really it comes down to me trying to time stuff right. It’s why I hate not knowing we’re going out. It’s worse in summer because he’ll randomly want to go out and I’m just like =___=;; no make. But… I know it’s worth it. It’s worth having clearer skin for more makeup looks during the day.

          If you need a shopper I’d be happy to send stuff your way \:D/ No extra charge or anything like that and I live close to 3 Sephora’s :D

  18. Chisa says:

    I love your make-up collection!
    I’m jealous of all the eyelashes. I love fake lashes especially Dolly Wink collection, but I don t have any u_u

  19. Amy says:

    SO MANY LASHES. (♥) And that Shu Uemura bag is so fucking adorable!

    How are those falsies mascaras anyways? I’ve been looking into them for awhile now. :C And there’s a lot of debate online about their pros and cons. Still unsure…

    • jenny says:

      Yea I know mascara is gonna be different for everybody. Like Lash Stiletto. So many people LOVE it but I hate the formula, even the waterproof version of Lash Stiletto smudges after a few hours on me. OK, but the Falsies I LOVE! My natural lashes are dark, sorta long, sorta thick already. The formula does lengthen and thicken but even better it feels lightweight and doesn’t smudge on my oily eyes :) I’ve re-purchased Falsies about 4 times already. Though I like blackest black better than Drama Black.

  20. Thanh Truc says:

    Heaven….? Everything you have so damn cute! How is it even possible wtf?!

    Absolutely love the candy doll highlighter in cream beige ♥

  21. Tori says:

    omg you’ve discovered the draining factor of my bank account, Nasty Gal!! XD I lovelovelove that webshop~ they update weekly too so it’s always fresh & full of inspiration. I’ve been eyeing a couple of items on there that I might get this paycheck *fail*
    I’m so jelly of your makeup collection though! & THOSE LASHES, I DIE XD
    I really hope everything goes ok with your job though~ why is it always around this time of year that things seem to get shaky? ;o; Hopefully it all sorts out soon~ *hugsss*

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa omg I could stare at the site all damn day!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the shoes XOOOOOOO

      Ugh I’m so pissy about work. As a contractor if the gov’t shuts down I can’t work & I don’t get compensated for lost time. Basically it’s forced layoff for an unknown amount of time. Could be 4 days, could be 4 weeks!! All because the feds have yet to agree on a 2011 budget :( I just hate the idea of using my own savings because the gov’t can’t meet deadlines ya know X(

      • Tori says:

        YES!! I will confess that’s where I’ve gotten all of my JC shoes ;3
        That sucks so much though… How do they expect people to survive like that?? At least you’ve still got your hubby & his income, but I imagine it would still be a strain on you both :( I’m hoping for only the best for you bb~!

  22. lissy says:

    soo much make up *__*
    and everything’s so cute ^^

  23. Tori says:

    btw I saw this the other day & just thought Dazzlin much? sooo freaking cute, haha~

  24. alualuwaves says:

    i don’t know why i always like posts of this sort. does that mean i’m nosey? HAHA in any case, thanks for sharing & i’m sorry to hear about the potential bad news. i hope things work out well for you.

  25. Lili says:

    Wow, this is an amazing collection! You really have all the makeup I could ever want~ * o *

    I still feel a little weird wearing blush, even though it always looks so natural on other girls and gives that nice healthy glow. Hopefully I’ll be able to abandon this blush fear too~

  26. Vermillion says:

    Awesome collection~ I love all your fake eyelashes and lip glosses :3

  27. Ada says:

    !!! i’m the biggest blush whore. i love ur blushes!!!

  28. Amanda says:

    OMG I’m totally in love with your blushes! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ just wondering, what’s your face powder brand? c:

  29. Rubi says:

    Wow! this was a wonderful post! You have such a good collection ;D
    & I hope you dont lose your job :( This economy SUCKS!!

  30. ada says:

    Aaaw interesting post

  31. ada says:

    You are my make up queen, should post more often some tutorials which help lot of girlies here look beautiful :)
    Can’t help how pretty eyelashes packages look :D
    Anyway keep going!

    • jenny says:

      Aw yeah, people ask for tutorials a lot. But I feel everybody has a different face and so different makeup and techniques are better for them, I dunno, LOL I don’t feel I’m in any position to give makeup advice really unless it’s a specific question :X

  32. Veronica says:

    Great stuff!

    One of my fav Canmake things is their brow brush pen – it’s so light and precise you can basically draw individual lines to make your brows ultra realistic!

    Is that clinique pore minimizer! I freaking love that stuff. best invention evar

    • jenny says:

      ORLY!? I like my KATE brow pens but I’m still not happy, I think I’ll always hate my Italian brows LOL, always so difficult!

      Ah no, it’s just Clinique Acne concealer! I never used their pore minimizer, I assume it’s really good?! What’s it do exactly? :P

  33. Alyse says:

    Wow, that shut down sounds scary =// I hope you job will be safe..!!♥
    I’ve been browsing Nasty Gal too..! I love their stuff, it’s like a more trendy grunge LOL I really wanna buy stuff, but i’ve just resorted to making wishlists on all the clothing sites i like. then it kind of feels like i’m shopping LOL
    have a good one!♪

  34. Laura P. says:

    Oooo, I always love these kinds of posts! I’ve used BB creams over the past year and they are sooo great! I’ve used Missha about a year ago and it was wonderful but then my skin started to suck since I entered university so I had to change my bb cream to Skin79. But now I used foundation or bb cream mixed with moisturizer because the winter here in Canada is intense and always changing!

    I am always searching for peachy and pink blushes and I love the variety you have!
    I can’t wear very much eyeliner cause I end up looking like a prostitute LOL, so my eye makeup is very minimal. I’m not much of a lipstick/lipgloss girl because my lips are constantly drying out midday so lip balm is my best friend!

    The whole government shutdown sounds like pretty scary shit! Hope it won’t turn out bad for you!

    • jenny says:

      Ah the moisturizer thing is so true! The days I wear foundation instead of bb cream I always mix it in with my daily moisturizer or else it goes on too thick and dries my skin worse too! Winter skin is a beast on its own!

  35. Courtney says:

    Damn!! I hope everything works out with your job! Geez –; Anyway, I love all your finds! You’re such an expert to know how to use all of that makeup in terms of knowing what look to achieve and what looks best with what…
    I would be so intimidated! lol

  36. Mako-tan says:

    Bah, I just get so jealous when looking at these photos… :D I lovelovelove everything here, especially the blushes and lashes! Couldn’t you name the lashes, either? I know most of the brands, but still. xD

    I hope you’ll find a job quickly if that government shutdown actually happens… And also, keep up the blogging, I’m so happy for these many entries! ^^

  37. jayjayne says:


    Mine pales in comparison –

    1. Base
    2. BB Cream
    3. Blush
    4. Mascara
    5. Lip balm
    6. Lip gloss

    Pretty much all that I use/own.
    On a good day!

    Also, government shut-down? D: That sounds extremely, well, extreme! What’s that all about? I’m not really in-tune with American politics!

  38. Sarah says:

    Extremely helpful. I’m a noob at makeup stuff in general. Are there any products you’d recommend for an 18 year old who has acne prone and oily type skin? (>3>)
    And any simple natural makeup tutorials that I could manage to do?

  39. Ella says:

    I love your collection! You have just the right amount of products to create a wide variety of looks! I am not a big fan of gigantic make up collections. It can be quite overwhelming and I would feel bad for ‘neglecting’ products. :P

  40. cin says:

    *_* what an awesome collection!!
    the shu uemura palettes are the best~ i love mine so much too~~

  41. Sachie says:

    such a nice collection you have there ! :o
    thankyou so much for the pictures!
    i’m glad i asked for it xD

  42. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget to get rid of old makeup after 3 months~
    You dont want to put bacteria on ur eyes~!

    besides that,
    Love your blushes
    I cant live without blush either.☆

    ヾ(・c_,・。) ノ
    Good luck on your job!

  43. shanjae says:

    I enjoy reading this post!! Simply love all your items~~~ (♥‿♥)
    Great to know what are some of the better products to look out for cos I’m still learning about makeup.
    btw, the Dolly Wink lash glue is awesome! I’m a newbie at wearing lashes but with it things became easier. Hope it works well for you too!

  44. Ys says:

    You have so many pretty pretty items :) Have you always worn make-up? Or did you start at a certain age? I find I wore more make-up when I was younger than I ever do now. Although I am told that’ll change once I get passed the 30 mark ;)

    • jenny says:

      I wore translucent powder (to make my face not look so oily) and that’s about it until later years of high school. Then I started wearing shimmery creme eye shadows and brightly colored eyeliners (they were really popular at the time.) And that’s mostly it. I would experiment with a few things, went through a glittery eyeliner phase but didn’t start wearing heavier face stuff, blush, black eyeliner, concealer, lipstick until about 5 years ago when I started working in an office with older coworkers. It’s mainly fueled by my bad acne at the time. People already treated me SO young that having visible acne only reinforced that age, so I started wearing concealer and a tinted powder. Then BB Cream about 2 years ago. I’ve always LIKED makeup but my parents were strict about it so growing up I didn’t get to experiment too much or else my Dad would tell me to wash it off :( So I’m still in the “learning phase.” I think makeup has a lot to do with an individual’s daily life to be honest. A lot of people can’t wear crazy colors at the office or maybe they HAVE TO have full makeup for work (a la working at the makeup store Sephora!) Working there gave me the motivation to get over my fear of “screwing up” makeup and pushing me to practice harder to find out “why yes, I really CAN learn to apply black eyeliner!!!” Never thought I could and would always feel down about it and give up easily after 1 try before :P

  45. Miya says:

    WOW your collection is HUGE!

    I have a question about your brushes:
    What kind of brushes are those small flat brushes to the right of the eyelash curler? They look like the perfect travel size! I’m all about makeup I can fit in my purse ;)

    And I am just curious…that pink puff ball…what is that for? LOL so cute…

    • jenny says:

      They’re actually travel brushes ;D. Ones a travel size concealer brush the other is a sharp angled eyeliner brush. Thy both come with caps. The top large powder brush is travel too with a cap. all 3 from Sephora. All 3 I put into my heart makeup bag & bring to work every day.

      The pink puff came with Cosmagic blush. It’s for the powder highlighter in the compact.

  46. Barbs says:

    Everything is sooo pretty :3
    Oh how I wish I had so much make up too~

  47. I really liked the photo of all the blushes~! They’re just so pink and pretty. ^__^ ♥ And omg, I love Lash Grip!! I think it’s the best glue out there. xD

  48. Bijou says:

    WOAH. sdfhgjsd I’ve been reading/stalking your blog for so long. LOL, just wanted to actually comment for once and say wow, your collection is so amaziiiing. …my make-up NEVER stays that clean and beautiful. I’m such an amateur and always get eyeliner or foundation on my hands and jdfghjsdh GAH it gets on everything. You have skills, my lady.

  49. Ariechan says:

    All that is really so cute!

  50. Cherubyx says:

    I LOVE your makeup collection!! It’s really really cute!

  51. Anonymous says:

    I hope you don’t mind me asking. In your opinion, what matters more– the quality of the fake lashes or the quality of the glue?

    • jenny says:

      For me, at least, the quality of the lash glue. Because no matter how stiff or frustrating cheap lashes are, if they don’t stick on due to cheap glue then they’re just useless. It’s embarrassing and frustrating when lashes start to peel off and it’s not an easy fix on the go, so yeah, I think finding a good glue is most important to me!

  52. Moon says:

    love your post. and you have like the most awesome yet consistent collection of make up i’ve ever seen. superrrr thumbs up!
    if you are to choose just one favourite lashes, which one would you go for. sorta struggling over lashes here, there are just tooooooooooo many choices in the market @.@

    btw, new follower here yo. :))

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