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Tuesday March 15, 2011   

In an effort to return to some sort of resemblance of normalcy I’m back on my PC. Editing photos and making time to blog. I have a sponsor post to share. Started it on Wednesday (to post Friday) but haven’t gotten back to it. So I’ll probably post that soon. I welcome the distraction at times. Much like work. Works been very busy too. Though I listen to NHK for much of the day. When things happen I want to be able to email my friend immediately so she doesn’t feel so alone. Like during the 6+ quake today at Fujinomiya.

I’ve read a comment earlier that said anyone who would donate to relief has already, so asking is moot. But just today my friend donated citing I “guilt’ed” (she said jokingly w/a grain of truth) her into it. Her Global Giving donation was then posted to her Facebook where her aunt then saw it and it encouraged her donation to them as well. Everybody donates for different reasons. Sympathy or guilt. Does it really matter? I suppose I do it in part out of fear. I worry not enough people care, so few donations are being made which will lead to more of a financial burden on the country plunging them into deeper debt. I want there to be so much financial support that Japan can provide mental health counseling along side the rebuilding because I worry that their already high suicide rate will climb even higher. I saw a man interviewed saying he’s not sure having survived was a good thing. People lost so much. Their families, their homes and sense if home, their businesses that dated back decades. History was washed away. A sense of “home” was washed away. So I don’t care WHY people give, as long as they just do. Whatever they can give no matter how small.

I’ve been adding a few new ways to donate to my sidebar as I have time. This is both for others and myself as people ask me where they can donate.

Thank you for putting up with my sometimes outraged tweets. So much anger, frustration, and sadness festering. As days go by the tragic news has a few tears of joy mixed in…


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