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Tuesday August 30, 2011   

Since I blogged about it some yesterday, I thought I’d share some clippings from 古着MIXガールズ (Furugi Mix Girls) Vintage Mix Girls. I contacted Fujisan.com asking if they thought they might start carrying it and a few hours later they replied saying they’ve added the subscription HERE! :celebrate::up: I was so excited! :deco8: It’s an incredibly difficult magazine to get.

I already have a subscription to PopSister, Used Mix, and Sweet through Fujisan.com. Now I have 古着MIXガールズ! :deco3:

It’s a bi-monthly magazine like Used Mix. It’s got a similar flavor as used mix but it tends to mix in more toward girly style while I’d say Used Mix mixes in more casual street. But that isn’t true issue to issue. :deco13: Since both magazines are bi-monthly (they both used to be quarterly too) I really wanted both to sorta fill the void between issues. :deco3:

Anyway some stuff I scanned in tonight from vol. 6 released this July I think *forgets now* :deco8:


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56 Responses to “古着MIXガールズ Subscription”

  1. Mommo says:

    Hya! I must diet, I must diet, I must diet!
    those clothes make me wanna wear them, they’re calling me XD! I love dresssssssss! (even I don’t wear ’em lol)

  2. Karina says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHH. this makes me want to spend my textbook money!! they all look so pretty !!!

  3. Leslie says:

    Everything is soooo adorable! Great style and diet motivation haha

  4. miney says:

    Love this scan. The hair style are really nice. Thanks for sharing. You really inspire me

  5. Honeydew says:

    This post is the bomb! Omg, I bought so many summer dresses (but haven’t really gotten the chance to wear them much since it’s been CRAZY hot this summer, and wearing long dresses would just make things worse since I always like to LAYER!), I’m a bit crazy about exposing skin that I like to wear sweaters and tops to cover cover cover up! LOL.

    But omg, fall and winter is coming so that means I can LAYER AS MUCH I WANT!!! Seriously, I think clothes are boring when it’s wore alone without any layers. Maybe I’m just crazy about layering, hahaha. FALL PLEASE COME SOON!!!!

    And I love these two coordinates! Especially the last one, it just screams PERFECT!

  6. Honeydew says:

    What happened to my comment? I think it just got deleted somehow. *sad face*

  7. Michelle says:

    Homg this is really random, but while I was going through the scans, I thought to myself: I need staple items.

    Do you have staple items? That would be an AWESOME post. Not that your posts aren’t awesome (they all are ^_____^). I love how laid back your outfits are but the reason why I like them is because you dress them up despite how comfortable they look. Does that make sense? It probably doesn’t, LOL.

    • jenny says:

      I really, really liked this idea! Because, yeah, I definitely have some solid staple items in my closet now! I really like this idea so I’m gonna try to do this soon! It would be fun :)

      And actually what you said about my outfits makes A LOT of sense to me because it’s basically what I usually have in mind ESPECIALLY for weekend outfits!

  8. Ai says:

    ooh, leopard-print socks! genius!

    gonna try the striped maxi x lacy knit and the rolled up khakis x moccasins~ Thanks for the inspo! ^^

    trying to squeeze in summer styles these days as we approach the end of August…!

  9. cin says:

    Yay!!! :D I really like this magazine too but didn’t manage to get a second hand copy for myself D:

    • jenny says:

      D: well that sucks. Yeah I wish I had asked fujisan.com a looooong time ago. Not gonna get the current issue that just came out but will get the first real winter one :P

  10. I love it when you do scan posts! I’ve been thinking about subscribing to a some japanese mags too, maybe it’s not such a bad idea!

    • jenny says:

      If you find one you really just feel inspires you go for it! If I start getting bored of a magazine I cancel it and maybe try hunt down a possible replacement :)

  11. Apple says:

    I fell in love with vintage style of clothing after reading your blog!! Im soo obsesed with it now. thanks for introducing it to me!!

    • jenny says:

      REALLY!? xOOOOOOOOOO I’m so glad I could share it then! It’s a bit difficult to be obsessed with, I’m following many used mix style model blogs but I’d love to find more & more other blogs of people into the similar style :D

  12. Tori says:

    Thank you for sharing & yay for scoring a subscription~! ;D
    Lately I’m finding myself more & more drawn to this type of simpler, more casual style than ‘typical’ gal fashion~ maybe it’s part of getting older? Hahaa~

    • jenny says:

      Ohhohoho the long ass comment I could write for this!! But I’ll keep it short. I was totally feeling that last year too and have slowly built up a newer wardrobe that feels more “me.” Because gradually I felt less & less myself in the stuff I used to own. And also I think, for me at least, as you get older you grow a little weary of trend after trend and you sorta look for slightly more transitional items. Lately I try to tell myself to not get too caught up in obvious short-lived trends and I can play with those sort of fads through makeup or accessories or shoes instead. Less guilt when I’m over it and done you know? Haha, well I TRY to tell myself at least. It’s difficult coming off of being a shoppingholic-type person xP

  13. rene says:

    Think this mag will be one of my to buy mag after today! Although this is not your first Used Mix scans, but I was still skeptical if I should buy. But now, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna start buying!

    • jenny says:

      Oh I understand. I waited to subscribe to Used Mix too because I wasn’t sure and also Furugi Mix Girls too. I could have asked them if they would carry it sooner but I was still wondering if I should or not. But lately I really want more & more of both these magazines :) It’s definitely not a cheap hobby so waiting is always understandable :)

  14. Tatiana says:

    I’m always afraid to look terrible but after seeing this I certainly will try to use socks with my sandals. ♥ I adore the leopard print socks. xo Tati

    • jenny says:

      I really liked that sock combination too! It was a bit different than usual. I wish the socks & sandal trend was bigger in the US. I’ve seen a few people wearing it but not as much as I’d like. I wore it a lot in spring but not much this summer because it’s so, so hot! Haha! Hopefully I’ll get to wear it more as the days cool off :)~

  15. Angel says:

    I love clear tortoiseshell glasses :) perfect when I’m too lazy to put on makeup

    • jenny says:

      I still sorta want a pair but I haven’t worn my black frames in a long time so I shouldn’t be spending on new ones xDD I think they’re super cute on though!

  16. CupcakeChisa says:

    Jenny, I love the Furugi Mix Girls.
    I wanna to subscribe too, and other mags like Popsister and Scawaii.
    Thanks for sharing the scans!

  17. bloomzy says:

    I’m not really a big fan of USED but I adore the codes that are popping up in this magazine. They’re so feminine and stylish. Wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • jenny says:

      Surprisingly more & more of the coordinates & shops they feature don’t include any actual “used” clothing at all. The style term seems to be losing its literal meaning and moving more towards the “mix” part of it I guess! Haha!

  18. Miamy says:

    Seriously, one can never have too many clothes/shoes/makeup!! I find iy extremely hard to save up money these days simply because i just cant help to spend money on clothes. :/ how do you control yourself from spending too much? I need some help here! Lol!

    • jenny says:

      Oh this is hard!!!! This is like diet hard! For me it came down to lessons learned and self-restraint. Really dieting & not spending on clothes/makeup/accessories feels exactly the same to me!

      I started telling myself, around the beginning of the year I think, to think about quality over quantity. I started out with a 2~3 month spending ban which actually helped break some bad habits SO much! I had to avoid some stores though because it was just too hard. After that I just try to give what I’m going to buy real thought. For me, I want items that are a bit more timeless now and something I won’t get bored with after 6 months. That also means it has to last more than 6 months too! I was OK with buying less but spending about the same. But really it seems I’m actually spending less & less now.

      OK this got really long!! Sorry, it’s just something I’ve really put a lot of personal time & thought into because I feel I struggle too! But last year I felt so ashamed at how many items I bought and hardly wore or trendy items I stopped liking/got bored with so I wanted to change :) I’m still working at it though :P

  19. Joker says:

    The magazine looks really good! I think I might buy it!
    I’ve been wanting to buy a magazine like this since I’m wanting to make my own clothes and I think this magazine will give me a lot of inspiration!

    I’ve never heard of fujisan.com . Will definitely check it out! Thanks for sharing the website! :)

  20. chocoNIKKI says:

    Wow it all looks really good – love the girly-but-still casual coordinations~! So much spending temptations! …I just spent a lot (for my budget) on back-to-school clothes… This is making me want more shoes and socks~~! Ah~ =O For me, sometimes I have to decided between a magazine or clothes, since my budget is very limited – so even though I really would prefer getting “quality” pieces over quantity+lower quality… I can only end up getting a few cheaper pieces after all.. Haha~ Sometimes I splurge on big-items, but i think even Zara and Urban Outfitters is considered a “splurge” for me~~ -o-;;;;; (Yay, forever21..! =O )

    • jenny says:

      Oh yeah I DEFINITELY recall my uni budget days! I distinctly remember purchasing a $7 necklace and that was the splurge for the month due to summer textbook costs! Haha! Really only in the last few years could I seriously consider quality over quantity and it’s still so hard to rationalize a $30 blouse! Haha! My mind is still stuck on nothing over $20 :P

  21. luluboo says:

    ahh all of these outfits are so lovely
    thanks for sharing :)

  22. Veronica says:

    Oh my gosh, definitely stealing that floppy hair bow thing! Swwweeee

    • jenny says:

      The tied scarves? Yeah these were in last year and still are apparently. It’s a sweet look and vintage American too a little xD Sock hop time!

  23. Huynh says:

    Thanks for the scans. I’m so tempted to make a subscription to a magazine but I have a question: The price that the site shows, is that the price of subscribing or for one magazine?

    • jenny says:

      It’s the price you’ll be charged for each magazine month by month. They charge as they send (if that makes sense.) When you’re ready to cancel the subscription you just let them know but you don’t pay for it upfront or anything.

  24. Emmy says:

    LOVE these scans! Thank you :) I’m also really liking the big fabric head bow trend I’m seeing in some of the clips. Do you know if they are just using scarves? Or are head bows like that available to purchase somewhere? :3

  25. chiihime says:

    These girls are so cute, thanks for the scans!
    Surely they match your cute romantic girl style~
    i love the socks style variation!

  26. mishi says:

    Great styles in these scans. Sometimes simple is best man.. and yeah, the leopard print socks are *_*

  27. Courtney says:

    I really liked some of these outfits but what really got me were the accessories! Great hats, ribbons, bags…. :)

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