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Sunday November 13, 2011   

A couple of recent questions made me realize I should do another makeup collection post. I love looking back on them later anyway. My last one was about 9 months ago and some stuff has changed. I trashed a bunch, repurchased many, plus added a few new things too.

Missha Perfect Cover no.21 BB Cream
Benefit Get Even powder shade 01
Benefit Boi-ing concealer shade 01
Clinique acne solutions concealer shade 01
Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray

Candy Doll highlighter- marshmallow purple
Canmake highlighter- 01 milky white
Benefit Highbeam cream highlighter
Sephora blush me!- apricot no11

Canmake blush- 26 pinkholic
Canmake blush- 24 caramel orange
Canmake blush- 05 pink orange
Canmake Cream blush- 09 pink rose
Canmake Cream blush- 04 vitamin orange
Canmake Cheek & Cheek blush- 03 gerber kiss
Candy Doll blush- peach pink
Candy Doll blush- strawberry pink
Melliesh blush-01 elegant rose
Anna Sui Double Cheek blush- No.02 orange/bronze
Anna Sui blush- pink 350
Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek- apricot macaron

Kate eyebrow pencil BR-3
Kate designing eyebrow N
Dolly Wink long mascara
Dolly Wink volume mascara
Maybelline the Falsies Flared- very black WP
Urban Decay eye primer potion- original
Urban Decay eye primer potion- eden

Kate super sharp liquid liner- black
Anna Sui pencil liner- black
Dolly Wink pencil liner- brown
Sana super quick crayon liner ex- Hazel
Koji Linequeen glitter liner- silver
Koji Linequeen glitter liner- gold

Dolly Wink eyeshadow- 01 brown
Dolly Wink eyeshadow- 03 blue orange
Kate dual carat- GD-2
Kate gradical eyes- BR-2
Kate gradical eyes- PK-1

Shu Uemura bowwow! magic queen palette
Shu Uemura reindeer kiss xxxx palette

These palettes include eyeshadow, cream shadow/liner, cream highlighter, and blush.

Yves Saint Laurent GLOSS PUR- 10 pure redcurrant
Melliesh lip gloss- 06 candy pink
Melliesh lip gloss- 02 baby doll
Melliesh lip gloss- 04 juicy orange
Candy Doll lip gloss- beige
Bihada Ichizoku gorgeous lip clear gloss

Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo- pk246
Maybelline Baby Lips- cherry me
Maybelline Baby Lips- pink punch

Mac lip liner- stripdown

Candy Doll lip concealer
Canmake lip concealer
Canmake Volume Lip Base
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter- Creamsicle
Canmake Melty Nude Lip- 01
Mac lipstick- Myth
Mac lipstick- Morange
Mac lipstick- Saint Germain

Various lashes and lash cases plus Lash Grip & Dolly Wink lash glue.

SEPHORA Retractable Travel Powder Brush
SEPHORA Retractable Travel Concealer Brush
SEPHORA Retractable Travel Angled Eyeliner Brush
Shu Uemura eyelash curler

SEPHORA Pro Square Retractable Lip Brush
SEPHORA Retractable Travel Blush Brush
Sonia Kashuk Bamboo Angled-Tip Crease Eyeshadow Brush
SEPHORA All Over Shadow Brush
SEPHORA false eyelash clamp
SEPHORA Duo Eyelash/Brow Comb
Koji accent lash curler

The two pouches I keep my makeup in. The one on the left is my main hanging + travel pouch from Sephora. I keep this in my closet and switch out makeup into the pouch on the right. The right pouch is smaller and this has my current “daily makeup” in it. I switch out what’s in it regularly especially blushes and lip colors depending on my mood.

Just Purchased…

These 3 items I just bought to test out. It’s a sample pack from Benefit. Only $10 and includes small versions of Benefit’s “That Gal” primer, “The POREfessional PRO” balm, and their “Stay Don’t Stray” eye primer.

I’ve tried the eye primer already as a free sample. I like Urban Decay’s better still. I’m currently using the pore balm. Making sure it doesn’t break me out with daily use. So far seems OK, hard to tell. I’ll know when I’m done with the tube. Then I’ll try out “That Gal.” So far I’m not over impressed by either but I’ll give it time.


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70 Responses to “My Current Makeup”

  1. Sarah says:

    I looove posts like this!
    You and I have similar skin tones and I always find out new products to try :)
    I am a big fan of urban decay too, have you tried thier Naked Pallete? Its almost always sold out but, if you can find it, I think you’ll really like it! It comes with a sample of thier primer and the colours are so versitile! I use it nearly everyday! *

    • jenny says:

      I used to have UD’s ammo palette when i loved wearing colors. Yeah I’m always on the fence with the Naked Palette. Funnily enough I see it in stock at my sephoras constantly. I just don’t like all the dark shades. I’d only end up using like half the palette so I feel I’d waste it.

  2. Francesca says:

    This make up collection is lovely! x

  3. wow, love your makeup collection here. and what a good idea to have a pouch to put them in, ive been trying to figure out what to put my makeup in and a train case or caboodles case seem too big. i like your hanging pouch way better! hows the quality of the sephora brushes?

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I love this hanging bag bc it folds up perfect for travel. I’m pretty happy with my sephora brushes mostly bc they are travel ready (I do my makeup at work.) I wash them regularly with sephora brand brush wash.

  4. WOW girl, you put me to shame… and I thought I had a lot of makeup, looks like I’m SOOO behind!

    I have my eyes on some YSL lipstick I might buy, are you satisfied with the color + durability?? I’m always so worried because I don’t wanna spend $30 and have it be horrible, although I doubt YSL would do that but it’s always safe to ask first!

    • jenny says:

      VERY HAPPY. It’s so moisturizing too and smells amazing. Do you have a Sephora so you could try before buy? I tried out a lot of various ones (I was looking for a bright red though) and this YSL fit all my requirements.

  5. rae says:

    what a great collection! i am a bit jealous! and wow, you have so many different shades of blushes, i am impressed!

  6. Ashley says:

    Ohhh girl! Your speaking my language! I LOVE makeup!

    As far as liquid eyeliner goes have you tried the koji 24 hr tattoo liquid liner?? Its great! I use it everyday!! :)

    also do you like the bb cream you are currently using? (The missha one?) I didnt care much for that one. I realllly enjoy Lioele Triple The Solution- I think it kicks the missha bb cream’s butt! ahahaha

    • jenny says:

      I haaaaave! Actually it’s what I just ran out of!! I had this KATE left still though so I’m using it up now. My favorite is Wink Up though b/c I like the tip best.

      I love Missha BB Creams simply because they don’t break me out. Almost everything else breaks me out, I’ve tried oh so many different primers, creams, foundations. I feel lucky to find even just 1 that doesn’t. I used Missha M before and like it as well. I don’t have a lot of options since my skin is super acne prone.

      • Ashley says:

        You really should give lioele a try! I know its hard since you have acne prone skin (I feel you, I’m on accutane to hopefully change that) but I just really stand by lioele! I really thought missha was awesome but MAN lioele is! Sorry…I don’t work for them I just really love my bb cream hahaha

  7. jilliancat says:

    That’s a really decent collection. Just a question, do you usually keep the cases if they are really really cute but you’ve finished using them, like the Shu Uemera onca.

    • jenny says:

      Not really =Y. It’s a pity to use it up and see it go but it’s also a part of what makes it special to have and use at the time for me. Though I think the Shu Uemura ones are refillable with their own products.

  8. novia says:

    always love your make up posts. but you really chuck the rest of em away? D: i mean, i see much less stuff now compared to 9 months ago xD

    • jenny says:

      Well much of it I had for a while and makeup doesn’t last forever :) I used some completely up, some seemed to have gone bad, and a few items I wasn’t using anymore but were still OK so I sterilized and mailed them to my sister.

  9. Tori says:

    I love how nice & neat you photographed all of your makeup! It’s all so pretty & colourfully packaged, haha ♥
    I’ve been using my UD All Nighter spray daily now too… Gotta use up that huge-ass bottle! ;x

  10. Bianca says:

    need to try that all nighter stuff, but JEEZ GURL, you got a make up utopia going on here! i can’t wear most of that stuff. Ive been looking everywhere for those damn lip butters arggghhh!

  11. Amy says:

    I bought that sample set too and the That Gal primer totally made me break out. I’ve always been a bit biased towards Benefit, seriously need to stop getting sucked in with nice packaging!

    OH, I heard Babylips is now avaliable in the US. The packaging is a bit different from the Japanese version yes? I can’t wait till they come to Canada.

    I’ve given up on Falsies. T___T I like how dark the “Black Drama” is so I use it for my bottom lashes, but even the waterproof version gets on my skin.

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I saw in magazines the Japanese ones look more like chapsticks so I was surprised when I bought these US ones which are made to resemble lipsticks more.

  12. HamCham says:

    Such a great looking collection!
    Might I ask where you got the Benefit set? Only $10…! I really wanted to try out the pore refiner, haha~

  13. You have a “small” but powerful collection! I guess you don’t need tons of makeup to make you happy. I really need to get some new eyeshadows and blushes.

  14. felicia says:

    Oh my god. Woah, that’s such a huuuuge collection and you have a lot of the products I lust for xD
    Just a quick question,
    Out of all of your blushes which is your favorite?
    Or rather, which one do you find you use the most?

    • jenny says:

      Well currently I’m sorta in between blushes. I change depending on the look I want right now. But this past week I’ve been using Melliesh blush in elegant rose the most. The Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in apricot was MY FAVORITE all summer. I wore it almost daily. Before that I was using my Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek in Strawberry but I used it all up already last spring.

  15. Jenny says:

    Hi, I was wondering is the Clinique acne solutions concealer very drying? What do you think of it? Does it cover acne well? I also have acne prone skin :( I try using other concealers to cover them, but they either don’t cover well or they dry out my skin–which makes my pimples even more noticeable.

    • jenny says:

      I love the coverage but it’s a difficult concealer to master. It’s thick and doesn’t blend easily but has really great coverage and helps keep zits from getting any worse. I think it might be a bit drying for you? I have combination skin but it sounds like you might have dry? So I don’t know if you’d like it.

  16. Sara Mari says:

    Oh I have SO much less than you do, I feel rather unfeminine now haha!! Your collection is really nice and inspires me to show my collection too ^^ How do you feel about Sephora brushes?

    • jenny says:

      I love them mostly b/c they hold up, clean well, and are travel ready. MAC was trying to convert me to non-travel versions but I do my makeup at my office so I HAVE to have brushes that can travel well. It’s why I have so many from Sephora’s line, I loved the first one I bought so I kept replacing my old ones with their brand. :)

  17. lissy says:

    your makeup collection is amazing

  18. Kim-Mari says:

    I’ve been using Benefit’s Boing for a while now, but unfortunately with age I’m no longer loving it’s coverage so an upgrade is in order~! Still reluctantly I let go, I really loved their product while it worked for me!

    I wanted to really ask about two products in your post that I have been eyeing up to add to my own collection.

    The first is the Missha BB cream. I have not yet tried BB and was thinking about getting the pink Skin 79 one for Christmas, but I’ve heard some great things about Missha’s range as well (which fortunately I can buy here at our local ‘China’ town) Have you tried other BB? How does Missha fare for you?

    The other product I wanted to quiz you on was Dolly Winks Retro Orange/Blue eyeshadow palette.

    I have been admiring this one from afar but am really interested in how you find the wearability/lastingness/easiapplicationess (I think I made up two words there) of it.

    I sort of suck at eye makeup and end up smearing it on Edie Sedgwick-like, so it would be nice to get an opinion on it.

    • jenny says:

      I like Missha. I’ve tried other samples of BB Cream from Skin Food including US ones and the color match sucks or breaks me out. Missha M was my first missah brand bb cream, it’s great, good color and no break outs. I just switched to Perfect Cover. It has better coverage but is a little heavier than the M version. But still doesn’t break me out thankfully.

      As for the DW shadow…
      wearability- this one is hard b/c it’s color so if you LOVE color you’re in luck! It’s highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. It glides on pretty easily and has a nice shimmer. But it IS a palette with 2 blues! IMO the hardest colors to wear. I tend to wear it as shown by Tsubasa but my outfit/look of the day sorta matches it. I wore this one in summer easily with beige cheeks and a light orange sheen on the lips. For winter though I probably won’t be wear it much.

      lastingness- lasts great, it’s as good as Urban Decay or KATE shadows

      easiapplicationess – best to use a eyeshadow brush but the included applicator is ok for pin-pointing color along the waterline. You’ll want a bristle eyeshadow brush though to blend the colors well.

      • Kim-Mari says:

        OMG Jenny, this was a heap helpful to me.

        The BB cream thing has been a pretty hard thing for me to decide on. Most reviews I’ve read have been via their target audience, and the ones developed for a more Western clientele (example Garnier’s supposed BB) have not fared well at all.

        I’ve heard fab things about Missha but since your make base looks incredibly awesome everyday I personally think you should be getting paid to promo it LOL.

        The fact the the DWES is highly pigmented is a massive selling point for me! I am so slap dash with my application I love it to be full on (albeit untidily~)

        Thankfully my fiance has bought me a lovely Smashbox brush set that I’m sure will be a godsend when it comes to application. Thanks for the info on you cheek/lip too, judging from your pics we ARE a similar skintone (although I am endowed with 5 years more porous skin LOL) and I think this palette will actually work well for me as we are coming up to our summer here~!

        TLDR COMMENT: Think I’m loving your products, so thanks!

  19. Shmuberry says:

    I should do a make up collection post too once I clean and trash products I don’t use!

  20. Kim-Mari says:

    Sorry Jenny, there was one more thing I wanted to ask, but you may not be able to help (as I think general unco-ness may be my problem).

    It’s unrelated to this post but recently I’ve started using circle lenses… which I love and my fiance bought me (a regular contacts user) and has given me a load of information on usage and care…. but for some reason I find it takes me ALOT of tries to put them in.

    I am not a regular contact user, TBH, I use them only for cosmetic needs so I don’t get alot of practise putting them in… but do you have any hints/tricks? I’ve asked my fiance but really he’s so used to putting lenses in I kinda feel lost when I don’t catch on~

    It’s an odd question I know, but I’m having such a time of putting mine in I almost feel like I’m incapable LOL.

    • jenny says:

      I wear daily wears so my doctor (years upon years ago) walked me through putting in my contacts. That’s the advantage regular contact wearers have, you get proper instruction for putting in & taking out. Um I know there are Youtube videos. I do remember when I was like 13 getting lenses I started out putting it in at the corner of my eye and sliding it over I think?? I dunno, these days I just stick it on my index finger, pull my bottom eyelid down a bit with my middle finger, and pop it in like it’s nothing. =Y

      I guess my only advice is practice. It’s hard for everybody at first.

      • Kim-Mari says:

        Thanks Jenny!

        I just convinced my fiance’s optometrist to walk me through inserting them. It was a massive help, still alot of practise to go, but I think soon I’ll get the hang of it.

        I keep thinking since I don’t use them daily I’m out of the loop but as my fiance and friend both told me, it’s practise, practise, practise. Nek Minit, it’s natural!

  21. sara ♥ says:

    Hi again!
    Oh what a lot of make up!
    Im in love with all

  22. rene says:

    Yay!! lotsa makeup!
    I am currently trying to stop buying cosmetics because I have way too much! I can never finish them!

  23. Megu says:

    i’m really loving your blush collection! i happen to have some of the cheek colours you have (after seeing them here!) and they are amazing! what do you think of the anna sui one compared to the canmake cream cheek as i can’t really decide what to buy next ;o;

    • jenny says:

      Well big differences there! First off, price, but you probably knew that. Plus a cream compared to powder is a big difference.

      Canmake is cheap, pigmented, and goes on ok. It can get a little uneven so be weary of how much you put on your finger. The color is a little flat because it’s a cream so you might want to put a highlight on top of it for any sort of shimmer effect. The fun thing about the cream though is you can layer a powder blush on top for depth plus staying power.

      Anna Sui is like a pumice stone. That’s my only complaint. It’s like shoving your brush against a highly pigmented pumice stone. That said, it’s extremely pigmented, smells like roses (yup), and is beautifully build-able using the included brush. I find the included brush is nice enough and you can do subtle to hyper bright cheeks and they last all day and night. I also think the product lasts longer since it isn’t such a dusty type of powder blush.

      If I had to choose between the two I’d go with the Anna Sui personally.

      • Megu says:

        ahaha thank you very much for such a detailed answer!! yeah the price is something i know and consider FIRST for anything ;__; but i’ll go with the canmake cream cheek ones first and see where that will take me! thank you so much ♥

  24. Kanon says:

    Love all your collection !!
    I was looking at the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter collection few days ago was wondering how it is. Is the color go on strong or light…? How is the Maybelline baby lips too? I never saw them at the drug store near by but I would want to try if I find them. Do they taste? I didn’t really like the regular maybelline lipstick since they taste a bit bad and dried for me but the baby lips looked like a lip balm.
    Also, you have 3 lip concealer but which do you recommend in all?

    • jenny says:

      There are so many different shades. Some shades have shimmer and some are more matte so it depends. The shades go on semi-sheer but more coverage than Baby Lips. It’s really in between a gloss and lipstick. No flavor or smell at all. They’re moisturizing but more along the lines of keeping moisture in.

      Baby Lips is more of a balm. It goes on more sheer but a highly pigmented sheer color. It reminds me of a more sheer Melliesh brand lip gloss almost. They are super moisturizing and smell & taste AMAZING. If you don’t want color I’d probably recommend getting even a clear flavored one.

      Yeah I have 2 lip concealers actually, one is a clear base. Really what I prefer is using either MAC Myth, or EVEN BETTER, I’ve been using CANMAKE’S melty nude lipstick under a top color. It’s perfect! I’m in love with this lipstick + baby lips or a gloss on top. It lets the top color come out!

  25. Thanh Thao says:

    Waa, I’m so jealous of your make up goods!! I own only a little box XDDDDD But it is good to see we use the same BB Cream from Missha :D

  26. Denny says:

    Love everything! This post inspires me a lot! I think it’s time for me to get more organized ;____;
    And OHMYGOD THE TWIZZERS! Aren’t those just adorable? 8D The collection looks beyond amazing, and ohmy all the pinks ❤

  27. Miho-chan says:

    I recommend you a compact eyelash curler (see I even own two of them in orange and violet! I love it! It is very handy and suits in every cosmetic bag. ^^

  28. Amelia says:

    How’s the Canmake cream blush? I’ve been meaning to try it, but I’m afraid it might be a bad investment.

    • jenny says:

      It’s pretty good actually. I get sorta bored with them but they’re nice to layer another color on top for depth. It’s a million times better than Maybelline’s old Dream mousse blush, don’t know if you ever used that. And I like it better than Tarte cheek stains.

  29. Angel says:

    Wow I love everything you have here

  30. christine says:

    ysl lip products are the best!! that gloss is so pretty. i’m in love with their rouge volupte lipsticks – i have 3 already, and counting. the packaging is so luxe too

  31. Vee says:

    The’ that gal’ primer is amazing I got some as a gift and I didn’t stop using it until it was gone. I wish I got more as its amazing for combination skin but on a student budget there’s no chance.

  32. Mika says:

    Like someone else said before, I love your makeup posts because we have a similar skin tone! You have so much amazing makeup. Some of these, I’ve been looking for similar products, so I will be looking for some of these in my stores!

  33. anastasia says:

    dang my makeup collection is embarrassing in comparison. i love the shu uemura pallets. they’re really pretty. and i love your fake eyelash collection!! that’s so fun C:


  34. ada says:

    nice collection, I like it! :D

  35. Huynh says:

    Nice collection :] I’m jealous of the amount of Japanese brand makeup you have, especially the blushes.

  36. Maggie says:

    Wow such a pretty collection! Where do you buy your makeup from?

    • jenny says:

      Really all over. Sephora stores, MAC, online shops like yesstyle & sasa, US drugstores, Anna Sui boutique, local japanese market, and a few I bought while in Japan on a trip.

  37. Lisa says:

    Okay, the tweezers really tickled me. :3 Cutest pair I have ever seen!

  38. Mommo says:

    wow thats really a lot!! maybe i should do it too? lol
    nahhh hahaha.. I only have like one lipstick since I don’t really wear ’em :p

  39. Samantha says:

    I really want the orange Canmake blush. :( Where did you get it, I can’t remember if you got them in Japan, or through a friend, or what. I’ve gone to the beauty shops in Chinatown here and none of them have Canmake. And the one that DOES doesn’t carry their blushes!

  40. Ingrid says:

    I loooooove, love love posts like these. I find it so fascinating to see what people use regularly. I’m pretty sure I want your entire lipstick collection. But gah you make me realize that I need to organize my things better.

  41. Becca says:

    looking at this.. makes me feel like I’m at a candy store for some reason xD instead of like looking at make up!

  42. cin says:

    Canmake blush love!

  43. rae says:

    i do not know why, but i seriously LOVE posts like this. it is probably why i also love reading haul blog entries or watching hauls on youtube. something about living vicariously through the lives of others and being able to pretend that i bought all this wonderful stuff, haha.

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