Happy New Year

Saturday December 31, 2011 comments   

At my family’s house since yesterday. Went and bought fireworks together today for New Year’s Eve! Strange Frog Prince one here! Followed by the King Crab who’s almost too cute to light! He’s on wheels by the way. Guess he’ll be scuttling off in flames :)

So my luggage made it and in one piece! Actually the TSA didn’t tear it apart at all so it stayed nice and organized. 

Well I hope everyone is having a good New Year’s Eve. I’ll be enjoying my family’s traditional bonfire and fireworks!

I wish I had something introspective to say but I’m not in the mood. All I wanna do is launch some fire into the sky :zzz:








Thursday December 29, 2011 comments   

Getting packed to go visit family.
The weather is warmer there with 40’s at night, low 70’s during the day. :sunny:

I have such a smug sense of accomplishment right now with my packing though! :P I’m bringing a small carry on. It’s on rollers thankfully. I bought it at Daiso last year. It’s extremely light; so it’s easy for me to do a solo, carry-on only trip with it.

So given luggage size, weather, and activities I’ll be partaking in on my visit, I had to really think of the most efficient, but limited, outfits to bring. It turned out to be rather easy though! :!?: Now that my closet shares a similar “base style” and everything is already whittled down to my favorite items, I was able to come up with packing just 6 pieces of clothing for 12+ different outfit options. More if I count switching tights options!

I’m bringing –

I’m also bringing my warm black tights, sheer black heart tights, a woven belt and then my plain black flats.

Usually when I travel I end up packing either 5 different outfits all needing their own separate pieces or I just give up and pack jeans and random tops and dress completely unlike myself the whole time and basically hate everyone and everything (lol.) :ng: This time I not only saved room but LOVE all the outfits these items can create. :) Simple looks like denim top with wine shorts and washed-navy-blue thick double-breasted knit coat and black tights with black flats. OK I’m getting too detailed… :deco13: But that’s what I’m gonna wear on the flight~ :P

Makeup bag and various stuff along the sides. Clothing pouch in the middle. The colorful clothing on top is pajamas, haha~

The fake sweets in the round container are cat toys! My parents have lots of cats.

My luggage looks like this! Using those “Shinzi Katoh” pouches I blogged about before. Hopefully this will help resolve my usual fun of having TSA go through all my stuff so randomly that they can’t get the luggage to close again! :drops: I noticed the more I used pouches to separate stuff the faster the inspection goes. So we’ll see; grand experiment. Ha! XD

Oh and speaking of travel things from Yesstyle, this was their freebie included in my recent order …

It’s a silicone luggage tag!!
Useful! :ok:


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