A Nothing-Life Update

Wednesday March 07, 2012   

I haven’t been online as much as usual. Life’s gotten busy. I come home exhausted from work lately. But that’s not entirely true some nights. I watch movies or go out or play wii fit or read. Some of which I haven’t always done in the past like I should so I’ve been enjoying these activities more often. :deco2: But tonight I thought I’d get on and blog about stuff lately. Nothing lately. lolol

I’ve been obsessed with this whipped body lotion from Samourai Woman Fruits Series these past two weeks. It’s a small jar that I’ve already nearly used up. It smells like a gorgeous mango and peach dessert. I think these things are perfect for me. The size. Because I could try many different ones but still feel the gratification of finishing it up!

I’ve been finishing a lot of things lately. Multiple lotions, firming creams, eye creams, soaps, perfumes, mascaras. It’s so gratifying.

I also need to get a new red nail polish. My old of Rapid Red from Insta-Dri finally kicked the bucket. Since red is my #1 favorite color I want to upgrade it. At first I thought I’d get OPI And a Cherry on Top but it was sold out. Then I was trying to get Chanel’s Pirate but it’s sold out online and in stores except at Chanel.com. I tried it on at Nordstroms and LOVED it but they were sold out (always.) But then I saw Dior’s Royalty Red and using Sephora’s new beta site I was able to verify that a store I visit has it in stock!

Hmmm I’m super happy with my other Dior polish. So I’ll probably pick up the Dior instead. I like buying stuff in-person. Honestly I’ll probably buy whichever one I find in stores first. I’m going to go get my nails done this week so there’s no rush.

Speaking of Sephora I got 2 more new night creams to try from them this week. :?: I know I’ve been bitching about searching and experiencing trial & error with a new night cream to replace my discontinued one.

That Boscia’s Oil-Free Nightly Hydration I tried last week worked great but burned my eyes. The fumes or something. :deco13: I wasn’t even applying it near my eyes!! :x Then the oil-free Clinique Moisture Surge Intense broke me out the next day. :ng: A few others I tried but they either stung my face too much or smelled too sweetly/strong. The search continues. I’ve got more samples in mind too like Dior’s and Origins. I’m using a Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation right now. It smells like crayons … hahaha :deco13:

And after the oil-free cream broke me out I said f*ck it and finally tried Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil.
White Recovery Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula
AMAZING. Smells amazing. :deco5:
I’ve only used it twice so I can’t tell if it’ll break me out lol. I’ll keep trying it. I have a deluxe sample version of it though so I’ll get quite a number of test runs out of it. Removes makeup beautifully.

Also I tried that Koh Gen Do – Cleansing Spa Water and must say it’s my new eye makeup remover! :up: Though you can use it all-over I didn’t really like it for that but I do love it as an eyemakeup remover!

I’ve also been using the My Beauty Diary Rose & White Peony Sleep Concentrate I got from Karen for Christmas. :deco3: :deco3: :deco3:

I’ve used it for at least a month now, maybe more. I really like it. Firstly, it’s a great clear gel that goes on smooth. It smells amazing and feel instantly moisturizing. I put it on every other night. I feel like if I put it on 3+ nights in a row though I get a tiny bump or two, like a whitehead. So I apply it every other night instead or else I would have totally made this my new night cream!

Also been using these two SANA brand items. Esteny Power Tight Hip & Leg and Hadanomy Collagen Face Masks. :suki: Well the firming gel I’ve been using since I reviewed the Hot Massage version. This one has better results and a crazy citrus smell plus heat effect! I’m liking it a lot. And the Hadanomy Collagen Masks I’ve only used once so far. It was on Sunday night and it really helped moisturize my winter wind burned face. But I want to finish the box before deciding my final thoughts on it. :dizzy:

I also want to give these two SKIN FOOD samples a try! Hoping they’ll even out my skin tone that’s a bit blegh from the dryness and acne flare up from last weekend.

Oh yeah new magazine issues keep coming in and I keep meaning to scan in inspo for myself…

And lastly, for now I’m not caring about finding a new backpack. :ng: The other day I was thinking and thinking and realized I shouldn’t be over thinking something so stupid! lolol So I’m just gonna forget about it for now. XD


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33 Responses to “A Nothing-Life Update”

  1. ★Momo☆ says:

    Thanks for the beauty haul!

  2. jiaying says:

    i love red nail polish too! makes my nails look instantly healthy~ :-)

  3. Jenii says:

    UGH, the staples are always so hard to find!! I’ve used the Clinique Moisture Surge before and it didn’t break me out BUT it’s best on the really hot summer days, any cooler and it seems to dry out/become ineffective :T Had a fairly perfumey scent too :T:T

    Ahhhhh finishing off products is satisfying INDEED! Love eeeeeet!!

  4. Jesslyn says:

    I used to use Clinique Moisture Surge Intense few years ago..not bad but somehow the result seems to ease after a while. Oh, and I am hunting for a good make-up remover too, got on to using EVOO since few days ago :)

  5. Stacy says:

    you sound like me! Just thinking and thinking and stressing over something and finally going “meh, maybe another day”. hahaha.

    Oooh firming gels.. always wanted to try but been worried it just will be a waste.

    I recently got a deep red nail polish from urban outfitters – 2 for $8 sale (along with a silvery-blue glitter polish that is just lovely!).

    Whenever I finish anything, a lotion, perfume bottle, etc.. the inner hoarder in me is like “nuuuu~~ must save!” but recently I’ve been throwing away so much that I just don’t need/want. It feelings so refreshing.

  6. Maye says:

    Sometimes it’s difficult to choose products, lots of hits or miss. Hope you get the right night cream!

    This Esteny Power Tigh, hip and leg gel seems like a good product, you seem pretty satisfied with it!

    And I’m intriged about the Vintage Mix magazine, hope we’ll get to see a bit of their ideas, as I haven’t seen it around anywhere.

    Hope the last days of the week get more restful!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I always freak out when it’s time to switch up skin care, I’m afraid I’ll break out! As for night cream, I got a deluxe sample of Clinique Turnaround Overnight and I really like it!

    That MBD Cream looks really nice, if only it didn’t break you out ^^;

  8. L says:

    So many interesting products! Hope your life doesn’t stay too hectic for too long :)

  9. Joyce says:

    Those reds are so pretty!

    I’ve been on the hunt for a moisturizer too!

    I ran out of my HG moisturizer from korea a while ago and switched to kiehl’s ultra facial cream (which I got from the plane duty free keke). It’s really rich–good for winter but not so good for spring/summer..

    I’ve heard good things about Origins. And I want to try out Boscia’s black gel and Korre’s moisturizers. It’s so hard finding a moisturizer that matches well with your skin;;

  10. Becca says:

    I had a backpack phase a few weeks back… and ended up with a hiking backpack against Leanne’s protests haha

    backpack post!!!

  11. Etienne says:

    I love finishing something! It’s such a accomplishing feeling~ Right?!♥ But i also actually have some creams that i need to finish… My my~ BTW, if ever have the opportunity to buy a brazilian nail polish from “Colorama”, buy it! It’s really cheap and at least here we have many colors!

  12. Alyse says:

    I really want to get some firming gel too, so I’m thinking of trying Sana as well..! I keep hearing lots of nice things about it :)
    Sometimes, its nice to just relax and do nothing. Lol Enjoy your relaxing time♥!

  13. Mary says:

    Oooo That lotion looks heavenly! Reminds me of the body shop body butter, but I find those don’t work too well. I also find it gratifying to use up lotions and stuff! I once left this Victoria Secret one for too long and it started to separate *ew* xD Can’t wait to see your scans, but don’t do it too quick! Enjoy yourself :3

  14. Tori says:

    The Dior polish looks so pretty ♥ I love all those shades of red are similar, but somehow slightly different. The Dior one seems a bit more vibrant so maybe that’s why I like it more, haha.
    That mango with peach body lotion looks + sounds AMAZING ♥ I always loved the Samourai Woman ads with Lena Fuji, everything always looked so gorgeous & girly. Did you get it from YesStyle?

  15. Bianca says:

    ah u find the best beauty stuff, i wish i wasnt so…lazy…i a schtickler to the burt bees radiance royal jelly face wash…ME LOVE

  16. Kei says:

    The mango and peach body lotion looks like it smells sooooo good, haha. The rose and white peony gel lotion looks great too~

    Can’t wait to see some scans! :3

  17. Fuuka says:

    Clinique Moisture Surge anything breaks me out bad too! Something in it is pore-clogging.

    My sister and mother swear by the Kiehls PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer. You can get samples from there, just ask them.

    My rotate between Bare Escentuals Day Moisturizer(I swear by BE anything). Or, SANA’s Nameraka Honpo brand I also swear by. I love all of their products. Fragrance free, mineral oil free (they only use soy bean oil or castor oil in their night cream and sheet masks), and preservative free. Plus the soy milk in it has isoflavons which are great for women’s skin ^^
    I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin.

  18. Where do you buy your magazines from? :)

  19. Selvinas says:

    I love facial masks!
    Sometimes I make them myself by mashing avocado and honey together or just melting a bit of chocolate. Feels strange but afterwards my skin feels really good!

    Can’t wait until your new magazine scans get posted!

  20. Tina says:

    ´So jealous of how much products you have. BODY LOTION WITH MANGO. The nail polish looks really intense. ;___;

  21. Miya says:

    I am dying to try the shu uemura cleansing oil!!! but how does that work exactly with the clarisonic??

    • jenny says:

      No idea actually. I used it solo after work for a quick makeup off wash. On days like that I’ll use a extra mild face wash with the clarisonic at night since I don’t have makeup to remove.

  22. cml says:

    Quick question
    How do you get so many samples of your choice?
    Do you just go up to them and ask? @@

    • jenny says:

      Yup. They’ll make you up samples of things you want to try. I find explaining exactly what I’m looking for/need helps too because I’ve gotten extra samples of things they suggest trying as well. :)

  23. Afef says:

    Urgh – i just keep buying facial creams and barely ever finishing them :s! Sasa is such a temptation for me for keeping my shopping addiction going hehehe :p

  24. cin says:

    Mmmmm~ The nailpolishes looks nice~~

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