Tsubasa x Sweet Adult Makeup

Thursday June 21, 2012   

Since I just blogged makeup I thought I’d post these makeup tutorials too.

Tsubasa was in this month’s issue of Sweet. I was surprised to see her pop up since she’s not a common face in Sweet magazine, but the title of the spread made sense. She’s promoting her more “adult style” line of Dolly Wink lashes and did more mature looks for Sweet’s audience. Though the lashes released many months ago, the spread also promoted her more recent Candy Doll blush and lip colors. So everything is adult, grown up, in this.

Though I don’t really follow Tsubasa these days, I know she has Milky Bunny and these cosmetics, I was glad to see the spread. Sometimes Sweet’s makeup section is really lacking or repetitive I feel.






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22 Responses to “Tsubasa x Sweet Adult Makeup”

  1. Puchi says:

    thank you for sharing this ♥

  2. Denny says:


  3. 3lin says:

    ♥ i follow her a lot even listen to her music. thanks for sharing. ♥

  4. sukipooki says:

    Thanks for these scans! I really want that red lipgloss now!

  5. Maye says:

    Interesting this “otona” image.

    I’m amazed at how she looks so pretty in pics but in movement her face looks a bit weird (still so petite!). She had a tiny role on the drama “Saigo kara nibanme no koi”last season.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hannah♡ says:

    I love Tsubasa. Thank you for sharing these! :)

  7. Reiko says:

    WOW! Her Juicy Girl Face looks so different!
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Laura says:

    Juicy style looks so MODE! I quite like it though, different from her usual looks.

  9. novia says:

    thanks so much for this =) tsubasa looks so gorgeous as always

  10. Sylvie says:

    WOWW! Tsubasa is like aging reversely, she’s so lovely! Hope she releases more Bambi Lenses T^T

  11. Jenn says:

    I love Tsubasa! And thanks for posting these tutorials! I can’t wait to try these out! :)

  12. Jade Love says:

    wow, she is really looking mature!
    I never heard of Sweets, is there any OL stuff there?
    I’m looking for mature magazines.

    • jenny says:

      Sweet is a magazine aimed at late 20’s and early 30’s women. Actually they proclaim their target audience is 28. The style is mostly adult girly and casual styles. There’s definitely some OL spreads as well but it doesn’t dominate the magazine. The brands range from popular Japanese brands to designer international brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc.

      Not sure if you’re familiar with this site but it’s great for finding new magazines.


      ^^ I chose all “OL” style magazines link :)

  13. shar says:

    She is so super cute ;w; I love her so much!

  14. Kei says:

    Loving Tsubasa, she has such a cute face~ And I just got two pairs of her Princess Mimi Bambi lenses :)

  15. Etienne says:

    This looks are so pretty! She goes really well with “adult” makeup. And my god, she must be one of the most rich models in Japan, she just have anything! She even have some collaborations with other brands. But i heard that her makeup line are too ordinary for the price.

  16. Mary says:

    Wow I haven’t seen pic of Tsubasa in a while…and boy does she look young! O_O Unless she’s always been like that haha

  17. Jade Love says:

    Jenny, thank you for the link!!!
    wow, you’re amazing, very attentive person!

  18. rene says:

    oh gawd. Those lips. They probably don’t look like that after you finish a meal. Haha! But very pretty.

  19. Bianca says:

    i absolutely love that last one…makes me miss my long hair…and circle lenses….idk y…do u miss them days jenny?

  20. Twinkle says:

    That last look is absolutely purrrrfect. I love it!

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