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Friday August 02, 2013   

Haven’t done one of these since December :)
There’s a few extra tagged onto the end!

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Kitare Nekkan


This is from 乙女の悩みシリーズ or Girl Troubles Series. This one has an “orange citrus” scent and the bath salt is reminiscent of sand on a beach. The bathwater turns a clear orange and contains germanium for a sweat bath effect. I really didn’t like this one though. It reminded me of bathing in brackish water and had the scent of wet dog. I’ve had other unpleasant mud scented bath salts (many germanium only salts smell strongly like mud) but this one in particular was just too sour to deal with for the lack of heat-up effect it actually had.

Onna no yokubo


This one is a skin tightening bath salt from the brand Train who mainly focus on producing pantyhose and stockings. It has an amazing orange ginger scent with vibrant color. It’s also pretty effective as well! Great for a quick bath since it’s so strong.

Onayami Sukkiri Bath

A very sexy package filled with bright pink bath salt that smells of a powdery rose. When you add it to the water it turns milky pink and you can see small dots of moisturizing extracts floating before they dissolve away into the bath water. The scent is very strong and sexy of course!

Oyu goto biyoueki


Bison brand of bath salt focusing on moisturizing effects. The scent “pink floral” is mostly made of of wild rose and lily. It’s really nice. It comes with a slippery warning because the salt contains a large amount of collagen.

TBC Hollywood Bubble Bath

A bubble bath type bath salt that turns the water into the purple shade of the package. Creates loads of thick bubbles and the scent is a rich sexy combination of rose and lily. I really liked this one. I found most of this series of bath salts to be really great!

Aroma Resort Dreamy Bloom Rose

Smells amazing and, well, dreamy. Sweet and romantic like berries and English rose. The bath salts are a deep blood red color and so gorgeous before adding into the water.

Fresh Picked Berries and Apples Bath


A Charley-zzz brand bath salt it has the aroma of an apple & berries wine cocktail for lifting your spirits on a blue day. Honestly it smells so fruity and amazing and the rock salt looks like beautiful amethyst. This brand always puts out great, whimsical bath additives.

Kao Micro Bubble

Absolutely love these. I tried both the bergamot and the rose. Both smelled amazing. The tiny bubbles keep going for quite a while after adding the powder into the bathwater. Great warming effect for a mild sweat bath.

炭酸エステ Platinum & Beauty and

炭酸エステ Germa & Salt

Both of these are fantastic! They’re both bath salt plus carbonate tablet and both are very, very effective. I just loved them!

Zum Jujucuzzi Dragon’s Blood

I picked up a small sample of this bath salt when at Fresh Market. It’s a Shea butter based salt rather than just pure natural oil-based (which can sometimes irritate my skin.) This one’s name seemed most appealing!

It’s a very potent salt. The scent is strong and invigorating. The water turns a little murky which is a sign of the Shea butter. The scent really lasts after dissolving into the bath water.

Kokubo Hot Bath

I really liked this one! It smells sweet like bubble gum. Specifically big chew bubble gum! The scent stays strong even after adding it to the bathwater which turns a milky neon peach. It’s a sweat bath that contains germanium. It was gradually effective. At first it seemed mild but then 30 minutes in I was really sweating!!!

Unfortunately I lost a few detailed write-ups I did on the bath salts below. I do remember they were all fairly nice but nothing exceptional. Just a nice selection from various series.


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9 Responses to “More Bath Salts”

  1. oct says:

    thanks for sharing. your bath salt reviews are always my favorite posts to read. ;)

    where do you usually get them from?

  2. chibisou says:

    nice one!
    my Japanese host once sent me some package for this kind of thing..
    and i really liked it!
    they smell really nice, especially the sakura one! : )

  3. Elisa says:

    i’ve never tried it, but oh my… the packaging is ADORABLE!

  4. Thao says:

    The packaging on some of these are so cute! Do you ever worry about having to scrub the tub after using these? Or do they easily wash away?

    • jenny says:

      Actually none of these really leave anything behind though I do scrub my tub once a week already. The worst offenders I’ve ever encountered is basically every single bath bomb from LUSH. I have to seriously scrub my tub clean the moment I’m done with my bath so I just don’t buy those anymore at all.

  5. Abigail says:

    Wow, these are all amazing!

    Never knew there could be so many different types of bath salts!

    Dreamy Bloom Rose looks especially tempting :P

    Thank you for all these reviews! I’ll be sure to try some when I go to Japan again.

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