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Sunday August 11, 2013   

Here’s my little collection of things I purchased thanks to the influence of a certain show I may or may not be in love with at the moment…

Mostly the names jumped out at me first, but then I also liked the items. There’s plenty of things with similar names; so the titles alone aren’t enough to lure me into buying it. These items are actually already great fits into my usual style.

The Fallen Angel polish is my most recent buy. Estee Lauder is my favorite nail polish brand. I have a few of theirs already. But then the color was perfection. A deep red. I tend to mostly wear reds already.

When I came across the NARS shadow Earth Angel I so excited because the colors in the duo were exactly what I’d envisioned! A dusty beige and khaki green. Easily wearable neutral shades.

And the Dior gloss. Well it’s just the prettiest subtle pink tone with micropearls that give off the healthiest glow.

There are also a ton of “grace” Philosophy fragrances. ‘Living’ was just the one that I liked the most. It’s very light and clean.

So yeah. Someone once asked if I’d ever cosplay, but why, when I’m already living every day with my favorite characters in quiet subtlety. \(´ε`\)


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24 Responses to “Influenced Buys”

  1. Nicole says:

    Dusty Beige with Khaki Green? They need to rename that combo Destiel. ;D That’s amazing!

    It’s always nice having wearable things inspired by things that you love. I like comics and sometimes do outfits subtly influenced by certain characters to make me feel like them (stronger, braver, or whatever trait it is of theirs that I admire) to get me through some rough days or just make me smile. :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Also, I want to share this with you, because you love SPN and it’s so adorable (which says a lot because normally kids are gross little monsters imo): WIDDLE DEAN (;A;)

  3. Anna says:

    I was reading this at the airport and I was like “wait what show” and then I exited the browser and then it just came to me as i was thinking about your tumblr and then “*+:Supernatural:+*”.

  4. Sidney says:

    you’re so cute~ haha i love the reasons you bought these and your dedication to fandom! go jenny, go!!

  5. CAS says:


  6. Angel says:

    currently lemming the nars shadow <3 the shades are so gorgeous!

  7. Jangmi says:

    You have got so many amazing products!
    I have Dior Addict Gloss in shade Orange Pareo.
    I like it and it’s really pretty color but unfortunately I use more lipsticks than lipglosses.
    Estee Lauder nail polishes look so gorgeous!
    After you wrote about those first time I have seen them everywhere when I’m shopping.

  8. Selvinas says:

    Haha first there are all these great names; fallen angel, earth angel and then suddenly no angel. I wonder what dior was thinking when they chose this name. I get the sentiment but it’s anticlimatic or something :)

    • jenny says:

      Oh but No Angel makes sense now in the series xDDD

      Yeah it sounds like a ‘bad girl’ shade yet it’s a soft pretty pink. Maybe it’s extra extra meta by being a soft shade who knows ✾༼(*꒪ั❥꒪ั*༽༽ 

  9. Lolo says:

    Am I missing out? I remember when this show first started…….years ago….I was excited because I was like “OMG!! DEAN FROM GILMORE GIRLS IS ON IT!!” but then I was never one to keep up with shows….except arrested development and breaking bad~~~

    Is the lipgloss sticky?? It looks very cute~

  10. Veronica says:

    Haha sadly I have never seen Supernatural, even though it’s been recommended to me multiple times. I should add unlimited streaming to mah netflix…

    These look so nice! I spent 40 minutes once trying on ALL THE DIOR GLOSSES AT THE DIOR COUNTERRRR and the lady was like “uuurrr…. can I …. helpyuuuuu”

  11. Veronica says:

    Also, love the new blog design :)

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