Throwing on Clothes

Wednesday October 16, 2013   

I managed to remember to take a few snaps this month. It’s been mostly cooler but earlier in the month there were still random hot days here & there.

I’ll admit since the shutdown I’ve mostly been wearing the last outfit like crazy. It’s just easy to throw on and they’re my favorite pieces. I really need to sit down and weed out all my favorites for the rest of autumn now that it’s strickly cooler. … and rainy. Rainy as hell.

I was thinking of getting Everlane’s new leather bag but today it debuted and was just more than I wanted to spend. Madewell’s tote is another option but I also think I’d rather look for a faux leather tote first. I really want something crazy simple…

I found a $50 one at ZARA but I’m not wild about the hardware. I still have my red bag from last year and my canvas totes I use a lot too. I’m not bent on getting a new one but.. would be nice. meh. Just something I’ve been musing about from time to time.



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  1. Maijnrin says:

    Hi =D

    I love your last outfit too ^^ other are also very nice =)


  2. Barbs says:

    I’m in love with that scarf!

  3. Amelia says:

    Those red and sliver flats are so pretty.

  4. Jasmine says:

    Okay, I am seriously in love with your outfits! Can you please become my stylist?
    I love all of the plaid flannel! So perfect and cozy for autumn!

  5. Honeydew says:

    I love how the first two outfits are so laid back and girly! Especially the first outfit, it looks so comfy to wear!

  6. sukipooki says:

    I really love your second outfit, the one with the navy pleated skirt! That outfit screams girly, chic and even a bit of “sailor” to me! It’s just perfect!

  7. Kate says:

    Gosh, this reminds me I NEED a new pair of not-faded-to-practically-grey black skinnies. Are these Madewell?

  8. Sidney says:

    perfect outfits are perfect~~ why is black so attractive this fall/winter? i’m just like ‘BLACK EVERYTHING LALALA WHATEVER BRO’.

  9. karme says:


  10. June says:

    Great outfits! May I know the brand of your flats?

  11. Miya says:

    I have been carrying around a canvas Seattle map tote for forever now and its just he perfect size and doesnt get heavy at all, but I am right there with you wanting a leather tote because its just so much more polished looking! Love the rolled jeans with flats on you!

  12. Sarita says:

    omg I think I really love the Zara bag! Debating about whether or not I should buy it now, I’d love an updated black purse and the price is really not bad!

  13. Yuki says:

    Hi Jenny! Can you please tell me the size you went with for the lace Zara top? I found online, but not sure if will be the right size. I would definitely be equivalent to your size. :)

    • jenny says:

      Um I think this was an extra small. I dunno what size you are, I wouldn’t fit into this anymore I actually don’t have it in my closet anymore hahaha I bought it like 4 years ago.

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