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I feel like I should update with a little about what I’ve been up to because it hasn’t been much but it’s been strange. I got a root canal and I’m ½ done with that. I saw the Doctor Who 50th in 3D and it was totally worth it even though my tooth hurt like a bitch because I didn’t know I needed a root canal yet. I got the blog sale orders out and thank you everyone for looking and/or purchasing. I got my dream winter tote bag in from Julia Marco. Been play the new Super Mario 3D World which we call “Mario Cats” and it’s SO GOOD. And now I just finished eating Thanksgiving dinner. :)

Tempura, old shoes, more cinnamon rolls, garden delight pizza, new black & gold bag, Thanksgiving flowers, Thanksgiving.


Jenny posted on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013   
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  1. Honeydew says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! That black and gold bag is sooo classy!

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