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Wednesday March 12, 2014   


The weather was absolutely perfect this past weekend. I had some Gold Rush Apple flavored gelato from Dolcezza Gelato Cafe while waiting for Mike to get his hair cut on the day of this snap.

Yesterday I received the gold wire midi rings from Etsy that I ordered. Really cute, adjustable, and affordable. I’m not sure how long they’ll last given the material but they’ll look nice set around the Catbird midi rings I got from Mike.

midi or memory rings

This past week I’ve been fading out my dark brown hair color from December. I use shampoos with high PH such as Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tears or Head and Shoulders. It does a pretty good job and the sun will do the rest to fade the color back to its natural shade. Currently it’s a bit reddish and people keep asking if I colored it again! So I thought it might be fun to share some of my hair changes throughout the years with this image I made for Tumblr.

This is 2005-2014

hair evolution


30 Responses to “More Midi Rings”

  1. Maye says:

    What a trip down memory lane!

    And the rings look cute!

  2. Polly says:

    When you called them memory rings I thought that they were rings to celebrate a special memory, kinda like promise rings :P
    Really cool hair change collage! All those styles looked super cute on you!

    • jenny says:

      Yeah these rings have a few names apparently. Memory, knuckle, midi. I feel that the “memory ring” is similar to tying a string around your finger so you don’t forget something because you tie it at the knuckle!

  3. MajinRin says:

    wow^^ no big changes but you look so different. so cute with curls! <3

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I used to curl my hair constantly a few years ago then I got so sick of doing it that I kept my hair in a straight bob for a few years! I’ve been doing a few loose curls again with a sea salt spray though.

  4. Joyce says:

    Jenny! I’m not sure if they ship abroad but these are super cute and cheap! Thought you might want to take a look. :)

  5. Twinkle says:

    I remember some of these as your icons on LJ! You always have great hair. I feel like I got left of out of the Asian Good Hair Club. After years of experimenting, it’s finally getting somewhat better but dang… I definitely don’t want to take a trip down my hair memory lane. >_>

    High PH shampoos stripped my color very well but wrecked my texture due to the open cuticle (this could totally be chalked up to me having bad hair though). A couple of ACV rinses paired with pure argan & coconut oil treatments helped though.

    • jenny says:

      I’ll keep that in mind! I’ve been following every wash using the high PH stuff with a hair mask that I leave on for at least 5mins but no, totally, the first time I used this technique a few years ago I ended up with a million flyaways! I was thinking once I’m 100% done (I’m only gonna do like 2 more rinses) I might buy a special treatment item!

  6. clarisse says:

    i love this collage, Jenny! thanks for sharing it :)

  7. Veronica says:

    You are so prettyyyyyy

    OMG I’ve been reading your blog since 06, I’m familiar with all these pictures lol hahaha ahahah *weep weep i’m so creepyyy* ahahaha

    • jenny says:

      I feel like I’ve seen a lot of these pictures like a million times but didn’t really realize how often I cut & grew my hair over the years until I put this together! This blog is so old I can’t even list my archives by title because it causes the page to time out! :x

  8. Kate says:

    Hello~ you look very lovely too perfect; have you done any surgery procedures? & one curious question why is it you always look down? Lol

    • jenny says:

      Hahahah no, no, I haven’t had any plastic surgery and I wouldn’t even consider my face perfect enough to question that either, lol. A lot of these photos are from makeup reviews for eye shadows or I’m trying to show my hair so I’m angling down to show those things. I didn’t have “straight selfies” of a lot of my haircuts. :)

  9. Maikue says:

    The rings look so cute!!

  10. Mai says:

    I used to dislike the look of midi rings when they first started getting popular, because it just looked like an ill-fitted ring. However, they’re really starting to grow on me, especially the dainty and cute ones that you bought :D~ Are the ones from Etsy still holding up well?

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I only like the dainty ones too. The Etsy ones are really fun and versatile! I’ve only had them a few days but they’re doing pretty great!

  11. Cindy says:

    Jenny! >.< I have a question about sheet mask! ( I hope you can help) :D Well yesterday I bought my first "My Beauty Diary" sheet mask & I'm sooo confused .. why? it's because I don't know if I should moisturize my skin after I cleanse? Or is the other way around Cleanse, Sheet Mask, & Moisturizer? xD

  12. Jenna says:

    Your hair is awesome! Not many people in the states keep such short blunt bangs ! :)

  13. Filipan says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog for ages and really like your style choices.
    One of my favorite brands you wear is Madewell but they don’t sell in my country and I’ve only had one chance to travel to the USA (which finally owned me a dress, scarf and necklace), so I’m always gorging in your buys.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that from that timeline, it really feels like you’ve matured and found your style. You look really pretty in the last 2 years range of haircuts and haircolours and I believe those suit you best in the transition to adulthood without losing freshness and grace.

  14. xin says:

    Ohmygawd! I was totally astonished by these photos! It’s so amazing how you and your style changed over years! Though I thought I absolutely loved you with bob ( I think that’s how it is called I hope…) I just realised that I love you even more with longer hair?! I really like this kind of posts!

  15. Akaranbo says:

    Woah, I can’t realise I’ve been following you for so long, I was already reading your blog when you posted the first ones ! You are a model for me, seeing you evolving (don’t know if it’s the right word…) through years, that’s inspiring really ! I loved every ways you’ve dressed, I hope that I’ll be able to find a style that suits myself like you did one day~

  16. Churi Chan says:

    the rings are so cute and you have lovely hair :D

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