Catbird First Knuckle Rings

Sunday March 09, 2014   

Was surprised by Mike this weekend with a package from Catbird that included two of the knuckle rings I had been looking at plus more of the Captain Blackenship Mermaid Spray. Mike was with me last weekend when I tried to buy more but it was sold out at the store. I don’t want to get overtly sentimental here but this surprise was pretty fuckin’ awesome.


I had been looking for new rings to wear while waiting to get my wedding band resized. I have a few that fit but they have heavy settings and they get in the way with work. I sometimes find rings annoying and suffocating too. So when I saw Catbird’s knuckle rings I was really interested in trying the memory ring or midi ring style out. I actually told Mike I ordered these midi rings off Etsy instead because I felt guilty about spending the extra at Catbird without a “good reason.

The Catbird rings fit great. They don’t get in the way or feel annoying like full size rings can. They feel so light and delicate but are seem sturdy enough to keep their shape after wearing them all weekend. Their simple style will match any of my other rings too. I might start wearing my old rings again thanks to these. They’re all family heirlooms or rings Mike has given me. I tend to talk myself out of buying nice rings and opt for costume jewelry quality instead. That’s a really strange realization I just had about the rings I own. Though I did pick out my simple white gold wedding band so I’ll say that counts as buying it for myself lol.


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6 Responses to “Catbird First Knuckle Rings”

  1. Honeydew says:

    What a coincidence….I recently bought some knuckle/midi rings too! I like how they’re very light and don’t get in the way too. I don’t normally wear rings because I feel that they’re so annoying and suffocating too.

    P.S. I have tomboy looking fingers too…which is why I never got into rings/nails because they look awful on me. I wish my fingers were more girly/feminine looking. I hate how my nails look too.

  2. Twinkle says:

    I love it when things like that happen. It’s unexpected (in a good way) and it’s even more awesome when you realize they’ve been paying attention to even the smallest things.

    My hubs is terrified of buying me jewelry (mainly because he’s worried that I won’t like it) but he loves surprising me with books. I think I’m going to gift myself with those knuckle rings since you pointed out the sizing guide to me.

    • jenny says:

      Yeah Mike is always really weary of buying me jewelry too for the same (and good) reason. This was a situation where I had been getting his opinion on them because I was considering buying them but chickened out, to his benefit :), so he had the size and style information.

  3. Christine says:

    Love it! They’re so cute! xx

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