Golden Half Photos

Wednesday July 27, 2011 comments   

I had a roll of Golden Half photos developed this weekend. It takes a while to finish out a roll of 36 since there are two photos to every 1 frame. So some of these “adventures” might look familiar from the past few months :deco8:

My Golden Half is my favorite toy camera. I am still using my Holga135 when I remember to and my Fisheye2 I haven’t used since April unfortunately. :;_;:


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Cherry Blossoms Meet Fisheye2

Sunday June 19, 2011 comments   

I took these photos back during the cherry blossom season :deco10: with my Fisheye2 camera. Either the spool of film was broken & loose or my Fisheye2 spool is broken… :deco13: but either way, these turned out so lovely! I haven’t tested my Fisheye2 with another roll of film yet. I’ve been busy with my Golden Half. I’ve had the camera for about 5 years now so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were finally broken. After multiple plane trips and rough chucking inside overstuffed bags… :P I definitely haven’t babied it!

I’ll test it out eventually. :deco2: Unfortunately since I couldn’t wind the film on this day, I only got these few above snaps :cry:


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