Japanese Hair Wax

Sep 19, 2014 comments   

Since returning to a shorter short hair cut I was in desperate need of hair wax again. I decided to go with my old favorite brand of Lucido-L plus try out a new wax for myself from Loretta.

Loretta Hair Wax 6.5

I saw the Loretta line being use a lot in salon tutorial videos for short cuts. The 6.5 wax was used for stronger more dynamic styling. It gives my hair a messy edgy look and allows me to shape and reshape it throughout the day. I bought mine from sleekhair.com.

japanese brand hair styling wax

Loretta Hair Wax 6.5

Smells fantastic with a rose-like aroma
The more you use, the better
Easily re-shape-able

Can weigh hair down a bit
Needs scrunching every few hours for volume
Waxy texture

I’m happy with it!
I use it for messy bedhead style days. The texture reminds me of a glue stick but it’s actually not that sticky of a wax!

Lucido-L Volume Airy & Natural wax

A brand I’m quite familiar with, I wanted to try their new “Volume Airy” wax since it seemed most popular for fluffy short styles. I ordered mine from Webichi.com.

I love it.
It’s the best soft with volume wax I’ve used. It works great combined with some light curling then scrunching with the wax. It keeps its shape but can be easily re-shaped throughout the day.

I also saw the “Natural” look version of the Lucido-L line when I was out shopping so I picked it up as well. It’s more milky in texture and I use it for sleeker hair days.

japanese brand hair styling wax

Lucido-L Hair Wax

Trusted brand with a long history of products
Never greasy feeling
Containers are really easy to open and close and store nicely
They work!

Style sometimes needs refreshing (hold doesn’t always last)
Can easily use too much weighing hair down

The textures are quite different between the two due to their varying holds. Plus these waxes are fragrance free. That can be a pro or con depending on your preferences.

japanese brand hair styling wax

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Cocopalm Cleansing Gel

Aug 09, 2014 comments   

So this is one of the best things I’ve picked up all year. Coco Palm Scalp Cleansing Gel. Also known as thermal cleansing gel. A deep-cleaning scalp treatment that warms up as you massage it into your hair. You then rinse it and follow with a shampoo & conditioner.

cocopalm hair care

Cocopalm Scalp Cleansing Gel

Why I like it

The bottle design makes it extremely easy to use. The tip allows for pinpoint application straight to the scalp with an easy squeezable bottle.

It smells fantastic with the ingredients of ginger, angelica, grapefruit, hibiscus, peony, and acerola. The fragrance is made up of passion fruit and neroli. (I’m a huge fan of neroli.)

The heat-up effect is extremely relaxing.

My hair is super soft and full of body after using this. Every single time!

cocopalm hair care

I got a lot of compliments on my hair the first time I used it. Since my hair has only ever been short when using it it leaves it feeling soft, fluffy (volume,) and shiny. The fragrance is somewhat beachy and I can smell it every now and then the next day but it’s not overwhelming. I will definitely be buying more (if I’m lucky enough to find it locally again!)

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