New Things I picked Up

Jun 22, 2014 comments   


This weekend I got a new sleeveless top and flats from Zara online. It doesn’t really match the tone of all my solid colored tees but something about that clashing with my closet made we really want to add it! After I made a wardrobe capsule for a Tumblr ask using all Zara I decided to order a bunch of stuff from since it was free shipping & free returns. Today I returned about half due to fit (mostly too tight in the shoulders.) It was so, so, so much easier than shopping in their hectic store.

Also picked up this cocopalm scalp cleansing gel. I used it tonight. It smells so good and tropical. It’s an extra scalp cleanser you use prior to shampooing. With the heat and sweating waiting on the trains in the mornings and again in the afternoons plus riding my bike and that perm… my scalp could use some TLC.

And the Therapy Mineral Bath Soak is amazing for summer. It’s mentholated and leaves you feel really cool and refresh.

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Soup and Sprouts and Shampoo

Apr 29, 2014 comments   

This weekend I made my Grandmother’s vegetable soup recipe. At first I thought I got it a bit wrong, but then after eating a bowl cold I realized it tasted exact! I had just rarely ever eaten it hot and instead always ate it gazpacho style as a kid. I also never had unlimited quantities of the soup to myself. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve eaten it since Saturday.

I bought a crap-load of shampoo this weekend too. If the local Japanese market carries a new hair care line there’s a 100% chance I’m going to buy it without considering how often a single person can actually wash their hair in their lifetime. Added ISM Hair care and Umi No Uruoiso to my collection. I haven’t opened them yet though but will pick one tonight because my current shampoo & conditioner went empty.

I’m actually most interested in the ocean themed line. It uses various seaweed extracts and just sounds all around summer-mermaid-themed.

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