I’ve Converted to LUSH Shampoo Bars

Thursday June 04, 2015 comments   

Hi. I know I disappeared for a bit, but I’ve been meaning to say that my shampoo world has been turned upside down since I started using LUSH Shampoo Bars.

I’ve been saying it on twitter and tumblr a lot so here’s a real review.

I bought my first one while I was still recuperating from “the injury.” Squeezing bottles just wasn’t in my wheel house at the time. I got the Soak and Float and ended up liking it so much that I bought 3 more versions. Then a few more after that!

LUSH Shampoo Bar Introduction

Now when I find myself going back to my traditional shampoos, even my previous favorites, they just don’t compare. Mostly they all weigh my hair down drastically compared to the LUSH Shampoo Bars. The difference is so great that I never use my old shampoos unless I know I’ll be staying in that day.


Lush Shampoo BarLUSH Quote – “Solid seaweed shampoo bar for shine and body”

This is one of my favorites. Leaves my very thin and flat hair full of volume! Smells pretty good and the bar itself is quite pretty.

Soak and Float

Lush Shampoo BarLUSH Quote – “Sort out itchy, flaky scalps. We’re just going to say it upfront: this shampoo bar smells like campfires, but it is incredibly effective…”

Agreed. At first the bar’s scent was annoying and I left it in a shampoo can. But after a week it grew on me. I even started leaving it out to dry because I enjoyed the woodsy scent in my bathroom. At the time my scalp was all annoyed from being home 24/7 and not being able to do more than just wash my hair. I saw results after just 1 use and by the 3rd use I was convinced this was a way better alternative to medicated drugstore shampoos.

It also left my hair really bouncy and full! More volume than any other bar I’ve tried so far.

Jason and the Argan Oil

Lush Shampoo BarLUSH Quote – “Softening argan oil bar”

Yep, softens my hair up pretty well! Doesn’t add a lot of volume or shine but it smells like their rose jam and leaves my hair silky. My only complaint is I wish the fragrance lasted after washing but it doesn’t.


Lush Shampoo BarLUSH Quote – “Deep-cleansing lemon bar. Attention, dull hair!”

This one smells nice, adds a little volume, and adds some shine too.

Ultimate Shine

Lush Shampoo BarLUSH Quote – “Solid shampoo for hair that shines”
This would be a good one if you wanted something free of fragrance. I didn’t notice too much extra shine but made my hair feel squeaky clean


Lush Shampoo BarLUSH Quote – “An irritated and angry scalp is no one’s friend. It’s a calming lavender Shampoo Bar that’s gentle…”

I haven’t used this yet! It smells so good and is so pretty I’ve put it away until my Jason and the Argan Oil is used up!


Conditioning is a bit of a factor. Mostly I would use a lightweight conditioner from a different hair care line, or skip conditioner altogether, or doing a hair mask instead. So I thought I’d try their solid conditioner too since I liked the shampoo bars so much.

Lush Big Conditioning Bar

Big Solid Conditioner

LUSH Quote – “For big volume and tons of shine”

I wanted to like this. It doesn’t weigh my hair down too much and adds a bit of shine. But it’s so difficult to use! Especially on short hair. You have to soften it up in the water first, then drag it across strands of your hair. It’s gritty with a waxy texture. It rinses pretty clean but the main reason I’m not loving it is because I mostly condition for my scalps health. This bar does nothing for your scalp. I won’t be repurchasing. Maybe if my hair were longer.


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Japanese Hair Wax

Friday September 19, 2014 comments   

Since returning to a shorter short hair cut I was in desperate need of hair wax again. I decided to go with my old favorite brand of Lucido-L plus try out a new wax for myself from Loretta.

Loretta Hair Wax 6.5

I saw the Loretta line being use a lot in salon tutorial videos for short cuts. The 6.5 wax was used for stronger more dynamic styling. It gives my hair a messy edgy look and allows me to shape and reshape it throughout the day. I bought mine from sleekhair.com.

japanese brand hair styling wax

Loretta Hair Wax 6.5

Smells fantastic with a rose-like aroma
The more you use, the better
Easily re-shape-able

Can weigh hair down a bit
Needs scrunching every few hours for volume
Waxy texture

I’m happy with it!
I use it for messy bedhead style days. The texture reminds me of a glue stick but it’s actually not that sticky of a wax!

Lucido-L Volume Airy & Natural wax

A brand I’m quite familiar with, I wanted to try their new “Volume Airy” wax since it seemed most popular for fluffy short styles. I ordered mine from Webichi.com.

I love it.
It’s the best soft with volume wax I’ve used. It works great combined with some light curling then scrunching with the wax. It keeps its shape but can be easily re-shaped throughout the day.

I also saw the “Natural” look version of the Lucido-L line when I was out shopping so I picked it up as well. It’s more milky in texture and I use it for sleeker hair days.

japanese brand hair styling wax

Lucido-L Hair Wax

Trusted brand with a long history of products
Never greasy feeling
Containers are really easy to open and close and store nicely
They work!

Style sometimes needs refreshing (hold doesn’t always last)
Can easily use too much weighing hair down

The textures are quite different between the two due to their varying holds. Plus these waxes are fragrance free. That can be a pro or con depending on your preferences.

japanese brand hair styling wax


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