Yokohama in the Rain

Wednesday August 29, 2012 comments   

From today. Denim Boyshirt. I’m around. I’m busy. Work mostly. I get home and I just want to chill. But there’s a holiday next week I’m hoping (planning?) to get recharged then. I’m taking a day off the week after too. Need a break :) My glasses? I don’t think I ever posted them on my blog; only on instagram. I scratched my eye in my sleep last night :ng: So wearing contacts would have been too uncomfortable today.

I’m rambling because I’ve been on a sugar-high since receiving all those Country Ma’am.

I thought I’d post a few photos from when I visited Yokohama. It was a really cold rainy day. Also I met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in about a year, so most my photos are of all of us. So here are a few in between I wanted to post :)



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Miscellaneous Japan Gets

Wednesday August 01, 2012 comments   

More stuff I got while in Japan. I took these after I got back and never got around to posting them.

Face towels from CATS by Tsumori Chisato.

More towels! Mini hand towels for bringing with me. Many are pouches actually. There are ones from Laduree’, Kitson, Paul & Joe Sister, Olive des Olive, etc.

Dayan hand towel and pill case. Also a free year wall calendar from the Dayan store.

Ne-net eco bag. It has a hook so you can bring it with you and unfold it into a fairly large shopping bag when you need it + zip pouch! This is the shopping bag I use now when out. So if I’m at Madewell you’ll see me use this, hahaha! New laws in place now so everyone uses eco bags in my area now :)

Rubber rings for making clean lines with nail polish like color blocking, tips, etc.

More Airou things! I just bought the socks and the clerk gave me a bunch of little free things with it. :)

Sleeping socks/high pressure socks for swelling, etc. One on the left is Kumicky’s line which I haven’t used yet. The Slim Walk (right) ones are my favorite though in terms of comfort! I also have the original Qtto tall sleeping socks which I liked a lot. This trip I bought the Qtto full sleeping leggings. I LOVE THEM. They keep my legs and tummy from retaining water and I wake up less bloated when I wear them.

First a prize I won from an UFO Catcher. It’s a reusable heat pack. I use these a lot in the winter.
Next, a cool pack! Pop it in the freezer and it stays nice and cool for hours. I suck at remembering to use it though.
Lastly a rose-scented head pillow! Oh how I wanted the extra large full size pillow but I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase :P

A little rose scented bear for closets, cars, wherever.

A cat shaped massage roller from Afternoon Tea.

Old-fashioned ice or heat pack! I used this so much lately when I had the flu. Feels amazing for fevers and headaches.

Some iPhone cases. The luggage one on the far left is so, so cute but it’s best for left-handed users so I hate using it :(

First, my favorite iPhone case!! I use this one most of the time. I absolutely love it. The price seems high but it’s actually a whole kit with extra screens, screen wipes, and extra plugs for the headphone jack and power port in the same color. It’s from the brand SwitchEasy. My friend actually uses the pink one too (exclusively.)

Oh and the thing on the right is a keyboard duster :)

Do you play Mew Mew Tower? This is a toy stacking game based on the app :)


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