Eyelet for Spring

Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014 | 7 Comments   

Last week I finally wore out my white Everlane silk blouse. There was a rip at a seam along the button panel. It was the only white blouse I had. I loved it most for the collar so I thought its replacement should be collar-focused as well!

So I ordered Madewell’s eyelet collar blouse.

eyelet inspired Madewell
eyelet inspired Madewell

I also got an eyelet skirt. For a while I had a rule, “no more black skirts.” I had built up quite a collection having a propensity for buying this closet staple over and over. But this year I had purged those skirts; mailing them off to my little sister. I was now faced with the reality that I completely lacked a basic black skirt. I tried a handful on over the year but wasn’t in love with any of them.

Then I saw the bayfront eyelet skirt on Madewell.com. It’s extremely “summer” in its design and fabric. 100% cotton; it’s a thicker, stiffer texture than I expected but the structure comes off as sporty and a perfect match for summer t-shirts. I’m relieved it has some weight to be honest because the summer winds can sometimes make flair skirts annoying to wear.

eyelet inspired Madewell
eyelet inspired Madewell


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Current Pre-spring Wardrobe

Sunday, Mar. 2, 2014 | 14 Comments   

Was asked if I could do a wardrobe post so here ya go. I would consider what I’m wearing lately as pre-spring. I was in thicker sweaters and chambray during December and January. Now I’m living in these items all February long. Some things I wear to work but as always this is a non-work capsule.

capsule wardrobe

- Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans in black frost
- Madewell Legging Jeans in arctic blue
- Madewell Ridgestripe Skirt
- Navy Pleated Skirt (Macy’s)

- Madewell Washed Cotton Boyshirt in marseille blue
- Everlane Cashmere Sweater in navy
- Madewell Gridstich Sweater in heather pebble
- Madewell Berry Plaid Boyshirt

- Payless black flats
- H&M black boots

- handmade gray wool circle scarf
- Julia Marco bag
- Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Hair Spray
- Oceane perfume
- Emi-Jay/Old Navy hair ties

Not Pictured
- Black Wool Chester Coat
- Fleeced Lined Black Tights

capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe

Attempted to add more color into the mix but just ended up with light blue and light grey. A bit blue-obsessed lately too. Blue and red tend to be the only non-neutral colors I buy.

I really like this set right now. Honestly I’m almost always in that oversized boxy grey “gridstitch” sweater. Paired with the jean leggings or navy skirt with fleece tights. There’s just something about it that makes me feel really good when I wear it.

Thought I’d add some links to a few of the items I could still find pages for.
Denim (x) Skirt (x) Cotton Boyshirt (x) Gridstitch Sweater (x) Cashmere Sweater (x) Flats (x) Bag (x) Hair Spray (x) Fleece Tights (x)


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