Photo Challenge A-Z: I

Thursday February 02, 2012 comments   

I is for Inspiration

Limited Edition Photo Zine – “Towards Spring City” :deco2:
From Maps and Fragments

I know it’s been a while since I did one of these entries but I’m ready to get back to it :)






Photo Challenge A-Z: H

Wednesday December 14, 2011 comments   

H is for Hinata

This week I learned about the SCP (Super Control Panel) display mode in my E-PL2 and have been playing with the more precise controls over contrast, saturation, gradation, and sharpness to name a few. I decided to try and emulate the E-P2‘s art filter “Pale & Light Color” which isn’t included in the E-PL2 :ng: lolol

Hinata is a very very tiny shop/eatery. They actually sell a few bath items my usual Japanese Market doesn’t carry. I picked up 4 boxes of Kracie’s travel-themed bath salts based on popular onsen throughout Japan.

I picked up
Beppu (Oita prefecture, woodsy scent,)
Noboribetsu (Hokkaido prefecture, light floral scent,)
Hakone (Kanagawa prefecture, fresh herb scent,) and
Shirahama (Wakayama prefecture, fresh floral scent.)
Apparently Shirahama is their “Top Seller!” :)


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