Window Shopping

Monday January 17, 2011   

I’m feeling much better than Saturday now. I felt shitty for the rest of that entire day! :F But Sunday I felt better too. Got dressed and went out window shopping. :ruru: I wanted to stop by Sephora and snag some freebies I saw in my emails from them and just get out in general. It was balls cold with the high being 30F (-1C) so I doubled up on nude colored tights, double socks, thigh high boots, turtleneck, cardigan, and coat! I was warm except my ears. Forgot my earmuffs :snot: I went to Chevy Chase where most the shopping is outdoors. :sqsnowman:

MARC BY MARC JACOBS shopper totes are cuuuute and affordable at $60. They come in RED too. I really want one. STUPID SPENDING FREEZE.

Outfit Closeup

:kissyfaceheart: Check Ruffle Romper: an*ten*na
:kissyfaceheart: Turtleneck: Colza
:kissyfaceheart: Cardigan:Yesstyle [Stylewardrobe]
:kissyfaceheart: Boots: Calvin Klein
:kissyfaceheart: Necklace: MARC BY MARC JACOBS

I tried out a tutorial from Used Mix for Sunday. :lovelymake: I had these pairs of Dolly Wink, and though I’ve worn the top accent ones, Feminine Style, I hadn’t tried wearing the Vivid Pop bottom individuals yet. So this seemed like motivation enough to try them out~ :kissyfaceheart: :mkpoo: I like how Dolly Wink’s individual lashes are already cut and separated. OoO

I was thinking about blogging more using my phone now that it’s easier. :doubledquestion: The iPhone makes it easier than my Blackberry ever did. :snot: And I can run the photos through some fun toy camera :mkpoo: effects without firing up Photoshop. So the entries would be shorter, and more about random things, but less image heavy (which might be a good thing, LOL.) Especially since I’ll probably be using my phone now for many daily images and my camera only when I’m at the house perhaps, we’ll see. :skull: :skull: :skull: :dizzy: And with my phone, obviously, I take more vertical images haahaa, meaning bigger filesize with posting. :crap: humm hummm~~~ OoO

So this is from using an app called “Shake It.” It’s a 1 trick pony but fun & goofy and it automatically saves the Polaroid-like image to your cameraroll without having to ask. :rose1:

Yea, my case looks like a white chocolate bar! :ohwhoa:


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66 Responses to “Window Shopping”

  1. Mai says:

    XD! Window shopping in those kinds of stores looks fun but I’m always afraid to go in cause I feel uncomfortable around such expensive things :X~ I’m glad you feel better! & I’m jealous of your iPhone! Have you gotten the Hipstamatic app yet?

    • jenny says:

      I know what you mean, I’ve ran into a snooty store clerk once or twice but honestly most of them are quite bored and don’t care if you’re just coming in to browse~ Most just want to chat and show off the latest items. And if not BOO-HOO to them free country LOL

      I saw Hipstamatic and pondered it but went with CAMERAtan instead. I LOVE CAMERATAN OMFG

  2. Sachie says:

    Window shopping = story of my life. Sucks being a poor student sometimes! ;A;

    Blogging on your phone is a good idea! :D Your blog entries are always the best! :D So it’ll be nice to see more random posts! The polaroid snaps are really cute as well! And your case! *_* ♥

    • jenny says:

      YAAY random posts! :) Mmm I really want to, I think it would be nice to be blogging so often again even if they are short. I like having more to look back on.

  3. Those are some nice bags in the second pic!

    Love your outfit!


  4. Veronica says:

    Cool – is your iPhone doing that neat-o film-strip thing too? Love that

    Did you go to Anthropologie? they make me want to get all new plates and mugs and even door knobs LOL

    • jenny says:

      SURE DOES! App called CAMERAtan. I think it’s a dual language Japanese app because it’s not on the radar of any app articles about toycameras but it’s really robust!!

      You know I did, that place is eyecandy. I avoided the sale section. TEMPTATION AVOIDED. I rarely, raaaaarely ever buy anything full priced there so it was a safe place to browse LOL

  5. Huong says:

    Gosh, I love ALL of your outfits Jenny! Always fashion forward~ Omg, that Marc Jacobs tote is so cute, I want it so bad, but I always spend too much money on bags as is ;__;

  6. Cindii says:

    Yay you got your iphone finally!! You should get Pudding Cup, it’s a Korean photo app and Smile Cat.

    Cute case, nomnom!

  7. Fatiha says:

    I always love to go window shopping ~ ^_^
    The Marc By Mark Jacobs shopping tote really is cute…. WANT ONE. O_O
    like always, you’re outfit for Sunday was so pretty!!!!
    and i love your iPhone’s case ~ so hungry… -.-
    where did you get it?

  8. Tori says:

    Jenny this was so cuuute! I love all your window shopping photos~ don’t break your spending freeze though! You’re so my inspiration to be better about saving, haha! ;D
    Adorable new iPhone too~

    • jenny says:

      NO, I MUSN’T! I spent a bit on groceries this weekend & felt guilty over THAT!! =___=;;. I’m doin OK so far. All I bought was this $5 iPhone case but that’s OK (I find mental loopholes, LOL) I think it’s easier for me to browse high fashion places & not be tempted. I haven’t dared stepped into an h&m or F21 =___=;;;

  9. jayjayne says:

    Window shopping for the win!
    I’ve also gone on a spending freeze – so here’s to solidarity! I spent far too much in TW (including designer handbags!) – so I think I had better settle down and take it slow in the spending department – so far so good – I only spent moolah on one lunch and a birthday present so far!

    iPhone 4G? HOORAY! I am now on the wait-list for one – ugh, thank goodness my plan is now nearly up and I can finally upgrade!

    • jenny says:

      HIGH FIVE!! Spending freezes ftw. Yea I feel the iPhone is like my “designer bag” splurge so it’s motivation to keep saving. Kinda reign in the out of control-ness from earlier XD

      Oh good timing with the plan!! Congrats on the upgrade!! I have a first gen iTouch.. I assume it’s probably like upgrading for that. I did have a few days of “Blackberry withdrawal.” Blackberry has these features that just turn the phone into crack and causes a serious addiction/affliction LOL But it’s easy getting over it with the iPhone :P THE CAMERA wondrous little camera XD

  10. ミッカ says:

    Aw, I really like window shopping~ It has been a while since I’ve been to the mall though… :( I think it’s more fun to do mobile entries, they’re more spontaneous. :D The outfit looks beautiful as always, I’m really liking the red cardigan. :)

    And the cellphone chocolate case it’s super cute!! :D Nice to see you feeling better again~

  11. Ash says:

    I recently came across your site and have been following your blog. Your entries have a good balance / feel and I enjoy reading them. :) Thought it was about time for me to stop lurking and actually comment. haha.

    I’ve been meaning to go to Chevy Chase! I live in central VA and make it up to the NOVA area about 1-2 times a month for shopping, etc. This entry made me really want to make a better effort to try shopping in that area!

    • jenny says:

      Well nice to meet you then and thank you so much. Oh the have “balance??!!” I sopend much of my life trying to find that BALANCE haahaa~

      I love Chevy Chase though it’s a bit small. Better in warmer weather but great for gorgeous shopping outlets like Neiman Marcus, SAKS and COOP :D

      • Ash says:

        I never skim your entries (which I tend to do a lot with other people’s blogs, oops) so I think that’s a good sign! haha.

        Where would you recommend that a first-timer go shopping in Chevy Chase? For shopping in the area I’m really only familiar with Tyson’s and Georgetown…

        • jenny says:

          That’s really sweet :3

          Well I say park at the Saks 5th parking lot. All parking is charged (unless you take the metro) and Saks let’s you easily validate so it’s cheaper than parking in the main garage. In that area you have Saks along with designer stores Tiffany’s, Dior, Barney’s Coop, Bvlgari, Jimmy Choo, and there’s restaurants like Clyde’s, Sushi-ko (though terrible service), and some upscale bistros in that area. There’s a Nanette Lepore as well, always nice staff and some cheaper cafes to the left of Saks. To the right there’s Anthropologie, MAC, BCBG, Sephora, and so on and a PF Changs, an upscale tea shop and then a really great Bloomingdale’s. Across the street is a nice Neiman Marcus. There’s also J Crew and World Market and a Cheesecake Factory. That area has just about everything for at least a few hours of shopping & browsing. There’s discount stores too like a big TJMaxx and Filene’s Basement. And an OK froyo place with seasonal flavors.

  12. Bianca says:

    im glad youre back the interwebs sucks without you….


    im with u on the spending fweeze but i’ll talk about that more balh blah blah later…

    sorry for being so random, you know my brain is le dead

    • jenny says:

      Spending freeze buddy???!!!! It feels gfood to know others are freezing with me, because misery loves company, hahahahaaa!

      Did it suck? I do think I’ve been “offline” a bit lately. I dunno, sorta resorting my life at the beginning of the year I think XD

  13. Elisa says:

    really cute outfit =D i like your cardigan and cute necklace!! and lol to your new banner! it looks pretty =D

  14. Tilleul says:

    30 degrees is warm, but not warm enough for tights! You are really suffering for fashion, but it does look cute.

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa not at all! I was wearing 2 pairs of tights AND 2 pairs of knee high socks but hidden by my boots ;D I was actually quite warm except my ears. I forgot my earmuffs that day ;(

  15. mima says:

    what is that app that makes pictures look like they’re a film strip like with the marc jacobs totes ^^

  16. Thao says:

    Ahh I think the biggest reason why I would want an Iphone would be the cool apps they have for the camera. I don’t really care much for the games and I’m not a fan of touch screen typing.

    Good luck on your spending freeze!!

  17. Wow, seriously. Major props to you for window shopping and not actually buying anything! xD And your iPhone case looks scrumptious! ♥

  18. hiika says:

    I’m so glad you feel better now~ ^^ I love your new layout! So cute hahaha ^_^ When I read your little description of wearing double nude tights I had like a “eureka/omfg how could I be so stupid to miss that?!” moment XDDD. I’m always thinking ahhh wearing shorts in winter is cute and all but it gets a bit boring and dark with always black tights beneath – but DUH you can just double up on nude tights!! You are a genius jenny hahahaha. Sorry if this is too personal a question, but does your workplace have a dress code? Because you always wear such cute and adorable clothes – no suits are necessary? Well I suppose you look so stinking cute no one would mind you bringing in lots of fun colours to the office! XD
    I also saw the cutest owl card last weekend and I thought of you – but some other person grabbed to last one XP. Maybe next holiday I’ll get to send you a cute owl card! hahaha

    • jenny says:

      I actually didn’t think of this until this winter either!! I forget nude tights exist =_=;;;

      That question isn’t too personal at all!! My office has a dress code of “business casual” but basically it means no jeans except on “casual Fridays.” Most people wear khaki pants and button up shirt tucked in. I admit, I wear this often too. With a black blazer. It’s why I only rarely post office outfits because usually they are VERY BORING. But lately, on days I don’t have client meetings. I’ve been wearing a bit more comfortable looks. Especially since I have to layer because it’s SO cold out but the heat in the office can be too high or too low at any given time :( Of course I don’t wear the above outfit to work, I think thigh high boots and a romper are too inappropriate. I never wear my thigh high boots, seem to young. I wear heels instead every day.

  19. Melissy ♥ says:

    Your chocolate block phone is so adorable~ XD
    Can’t wait to see more frequent updates! :D
    YAY~ Phone camera these days have great quality. So impressed with iPhone’s cam quality lolol!

  20. maky says:

    I have the milkchocolate bar case for my iphone! it freaks out all of my guy coworkers XD it’s so fun to leave it on my desk and wait for passerby to say “omg why do you have chocolate on your desk ohsgshrg;lkak;rjapw”, haha.
    Looking forward to your increased posting frequency!!♪

  21. Linda says:

    i love your red cardigan! it really stands out :) is that anthropologie? ZOMG I LOOOOOVE THAT PLACE! LOL

  22. Sah says:

    Hi Jenny! Your blog looks very cute like always *-* And your outfit with this red cardigang looks even cutier! (I dont know if I wrotte this right D:). So, im really happy that you ar felling better and I hope taht you keep going this way! (I dont know if I wrotte this right [2]).
    So, sorry for my terrible fucked up inglish and a lot of joy and happines to you! :*

  23. sidney says:

    nude tights!!! ahh i need to buy some of those :x
    i love that outfit, it looks so comfortable…


  24. miya says:

    ooooh blogging on the go with your phone definitely sounds fun!

  25. i totally admire you for going through your spending freeze, you’re so inspiring.. and i love the idea of blogging through your iphone with more random entries, kind of a lot of gyaru blogs on ameba. i have to check out the program shake-it, have you ever used instagram and photowizard (that also has photoshop like effects too) ?

    by the way love your white chocolate phone case and your makeup

    • jenny says:

      Oh wow, thank you. I’m definitely not trying to inspire people but I do know there’s strength in numbers, haahaa. It feels really good so far. Like get self control back from my spendspendspend days. I’ve heard of instagram it’s crazy popular! I haven’t downloaded it yet. Haven’t heard of the other, I’ll look into it! I did download the Photoshop mobile app (free) but I haven’t found much use for it. I got Camera+pro app that I really like though for small scale editing :D

  26. kamille says:

    Jenny! thanks for the app mention. I love instagram too, downloading the CAMERAtan :) I also really like your chocolate iphone case, cute. Loveeeee the marc jacobs tote :)

  27. cin says:

    I’m drooling over your iphone case!! I fell in love with the chocolate case when Q-Pot made it a while back! (even though I don’t have an iphone or ipod! XD)
    Love the romper!! And your lashes!! *_*

  28. chocoNIKKI says:

    Omgosh~ I love “one trick pony” app~ Hehe Polaroids are awesome. Was it really hard to do the bottom lashes? I can only do top lashes, never tried bottom yet… I heard dolly wink lashes were super nice/good quality – how do you think they compared to the other fake lashes…? (Sorry to ask so much, I know you have other cool lashes that’s why..! lol)

  29. rene says:

    Glad that you are feeling better!

    Wow, that is a lot of layers! You know I’m flying to Shanghai this Sun and it is about -8C! I have never been to a winter country and I am really struggling on the outfit!

    What will you suggest? As many layers as you? I know different people have different threshold on cold. Haha! But would love to hear your suggestion!

    I already plan to wear a brown knee high boots and jeggings.

  30. zoraida says:

    yeahhhh!! use your phone more!! /encourages the lazy & convenient in you/ idk if that made much sense .. haha i’ve been using my camera on my phone a lot lately i just have no way of getting the pictures on my computer ~_~

  31. Miamy says:

    omooo! The iphone case is too cute!! Love the pictures as always!

  32. Courtney says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! :)

  33. Ys says:

    I wish I had the energy to go shopping!!! I can’t wait to feel better so I can get out there and be girlie again :)

  34. Sesame says:

    How come it’s so difficult to blog on a blackberry (I have a blackberry bold)? i_i

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