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Sunday May 01, 2011   

I have a Cher Shore eco bag now!!! Thanks to lovely Kanon :)
It’s perfect for summer~~~ :sunny:

Yeah, so every day I check the Dazzlin staff blog of 109.. :deco11: Every day it’s pretty torturous. But also inspiring too. :deco2: I mostly check the Shibuya 109 staff blog and 近 瑠美’s blog. However they list ALL the Dazzlin-related blogs on this page here. :deco15:

I’m just gonna post a bunch of snaps from the 109 staff’s blog now :P Sorta a “let me just put this here” sorta thing. :deco9: Haahaa~ I want all these clothes gaaaaaaaaah. :drops: At least my H&M ribbon shorts look a bit like the Dazzlin version, etc…

lots and lots of dots!!! :deco11:

It’s Sunday *sadface.* :drops: On Friday I was waiting for my train home and it already felt like the next day was Monday. :ng: Today was rainy & chilly and I just stayed home :;_;: I wanted to get out to the nursery and buy some plants for my balcony. :drops: But maybe later this week? Or maybe next weekend. :deco13:

I feel a bit groggy now so I’m going to get ready for bed. :deco16: Plus Mike’s trying to talk to me about his XBOX pausing out & needing replaced LOL. Hard to blog and carry on a discussion so, ciao~~!



42 Responses to “Every Day I check Dazzlin Staff Blog”

  1. Jen says:

    Officially loving Dazzlin’s clothing this season. Polka dots! Ribbons! Crochet! Heaven! :)

  2. Mika says:

    Oh it’s all so beautiful T.T I want it all!

  3. Fatiha says:

    The clothes are so cute!! Must have ’em! hehe i can see how checking the blog everyday could be a little torturous.. *extremely envious
    i’ve been thinking about buying a cute tote bag lately,(preferably from easy to reach stores like target~) but i’m not exactly sure where to look/what to look for.. any ideas Jenny?

    this weekend really did go by fast! I can’t wait until we get a really long vacation… hehe

    • jenny says:

      Um hmmmm. Well depends on what you like. There are fun cute ones like at Target that are very basic tote shaped. Maybe have a pocket inside, no zipper. I tend to like logo tote bags with a harder material than canvas. Like my Sephora tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs tote and any vinyl totes.

  4. CupcakeChisa says:

    This is a usamimi? I love usamimi!
    Here in Argentina there is not, I guess I had me one or wait for paypal to buy U.U
    Dazzlin’s clothing is so cute! I like it!

  5. Elisa says:

    loving polka dots and bows

  6. Veronica says:

    I absolutely love that contrast bag there – *dies* so charming

    Is it lame I feel super accomplished my jean -bow-tie shorts still fit so now I don’t have to lust after them again this year? *lol* Andy hates the big bow, but Idegiveashite loololol

    • jenny says:

      Lol aw he hatin on the bow boooooo. No, no it’s great they still fit!!! Ive been trying to get back into summer fit mode but was only good 5 days then failed hard lol

  7. Tori says:

    Awh, congrats on scoring that cher shore bag! ♥ I love those colours~
    & ohhh yes, Dazzlin… Still obsessed with that sleeveless polka dot blouse! ♥

    • jenny says:

      Yesssss that’s the top from them I’d still really want!!!! But buying it means 3 times the price after fees n shit dollar strength wan ;_;

  8. Alyse says:

    I love that bag from Dazzlin!!ヽ(・∀・)ノ
    Actually, I’ve been in love with a lot of bags from this season.
    Better load up on them before they disappear (;_q)

  9. aw love your new cher bag!! ah can’t resist the polka dots trend!

  10. Ooh! I love reading Staff’s blogs! ^^ it inspires me and makes me jealous at the same time since there are SO many cute clothes!!

    I love the ones you picked out! I can tell that this kind of style is your genre, and I like it too! Just wish I could pull it off haha~

  11. chocoNIKKI says:

    The polka dotas are must-have in my opinion~! I love mint-green with white dots~ I saw very similar dresses at a Korean boutique near my house~ So nice~

  12. Julia says:

    ohh, I check there staff blog a lot too. I love Dazzlin so much. And if I ever travel to japan, I will visit there store in shibuya 109.

    • jenny says:

      Their store and staff are so great!!!! I didn’t LOVE them before I visited their store this past September but after I stopped by I went over and over !

  13. Alisa says:

    This post is great. It is an inspiration for me, thank you

  14. kojika says:

    Wow, these clothes are adorable…I love this grown-up combination of polka dots and bows (both much missed from my lolita days, but this is a new and more elegantly cute way to do them!) :)

    • jenny says:

      Yeah this brand straddles a line mixing cutesy fun with more “older sister” type styling. It’s what really appeals to me.

  15. ada says:

    Staff girls are really big inspiration for me too. Love the clothes :x

  16. Aelia says:

    The pink bag in the staff snaps is adorable!! What brand is that???

  17. Mei says:

    that cher bag is the same with mine ;)

  18. Sabina ☆ says:

    I want it all!^^ Love the polka dots and the shorts with a ribbon

  19. I saw a girl with that Cher bag on the train today! It made me think of you, and now I see you got your own!

  20. Shiri says:

    Hurrah for polkadots! Oh and I looove that bag. So summery and colorful!

  21. Jenii says:

    Ahhh it looks so fun to work retail in Japan!! Adorable bag, immediately reminds me of California, sunny beaches & warm waves.

  22. Cindii says:

    A new CHER bag?! Hehe it’s so lovely. I’m liking all the polka dots. Great look for Spring.

  23. Afef says:

    :O gorgeous clothes – ahhh you’re making us wishful as well!

  24. Huynh says:

    The clothes are so cute >.

  25. Vermillion says:

    OMG *Q* I love everything ;w;

  26. Ys says:

    I love the vintage cardigans :)

  27. savannah says:

    where do you get all your usamimis from??

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