Current Summer Wardrobe

Thursday June 27, 2013   

currently wearing have worn this summer
currently wearing have worn this summer

Summer Things

skinny skinny ankle jeans (Madewell)
seersucker (pinstripe) pants (H&M)
denim shorts (Madewell)
striped boyshirt (Madewell)

navy blazer (zara)
summer scarf (Everlane)
sandels (Madewell)

ryan tees (Everlane)
box cut tee (Everlane)
poplin short sleeved shirt (Everlane)
navy palm tree dress (Zara)

highlighter Girl Meets Pearl (Benefit)
body moisturizer Oak for men (Bath & Body Works)
sunglasses (Anthropologie)
black flats (Payless)
red tote bag (Everlane)
print scarf bag (Uguisu)

currently wearing have worn this summer

Got a request for what I’m wearing now that it’s summer. It’s been mild so far with a few heat waves rolling through and lots of storms. The Zara blazer I got a few weeks ago in Georgetown. It’s a lighter material than it looks and has been great for cooler nights/indoors. The seersucker pants looks like light denim in the photo (I didn’t have great lighting this evening) rather than its usual blue & white pinstripes. So far my summer “wardrobe” consists of solid tees from Everlane often paired with the zara blazer. These are the things I’ve been grabbing when not at work.

I thought I’d show my current summer work picks too. It’s not particularly exciting but worth showing since right now is probably the most these two wardrobes differ since I’m wearing so much denim+tee in my off time.

summer at the office

The bad/good thing about loving patterned shirts is that they easily match with black bottoms. There’s a black pencil skirt, black a-line skirt with pockets, and black Jcrew minnie slacks. Absolutely love the minnie pants. They’re a dream to wear. I also have a light cotton jersey blazer in black that’s great for super hot days as well as the cotton dress which I always pair with a blazer for wearing around the office. I still get chilly in the office because the A/C is always in maximum climate change mode. There’s also casual Fridays so sometimes I’ll wear denim then.

I feel I should summarize everything but I haven’t much to add. I don’t particularly like summer clothes. I don’t like showing my legs and I miss the beauty of layers. But I do love the Ryan Tees with how they sit on my shoulders and I like the rolling of blazer sleeves too.



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23 Responses to “Current Summer Wardrobe”

  1. Mai says:

    I love your summer wardrobe, thanks for sharing it *_*~ I have a general idea that you probably work in a really conservative environment, so I was wondering you’ve ever been given a hard time when you wear printed blouses at work. I have a few casual button down shirts that have polka dots on them and I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for the workplace or not.

    • jenny says:

      Yes, I work in a government office in DC so conservative clothing is highly encouraged. Things I see in magazines for “office attire” just wouldn’t fly in my world. That said, I know exactly what you’re asking and, though I’ve received comments and compliments, I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been given a hard time. Mostly I received compliments but, depending on how you want to take it, the only ‘negative’ is that they will appear youthful. As in I’ve been told I look like a “young professional” when I wear my pinstriped dotted shirt. It’s not meant to be an insult, however, if you’re looking to avoid standing out as youthful (sometimes I try to avoid this for various reasons such as being the youngest in my office or attending male dominated meetings with other offices) you might want to stick to solids.

      For me it’s a great balance between my personal tastes and having things be office appropriate.

  2. kfashion says:

    Great information and details about matching clothings! The outfits are also very chic- a fashionable summer is coming soon!

  3. Fiona says:

    Hi Jenny, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while but it’s my first time commenting! I’ve been looking for a pair of skinny-fit pants to replace my old pair since forever, but I’m petite and thin, so it’s hard to find pants that are still fitted and skinny in the thigh area. So I was wondering, are the Jcrew minnie slacks a true skinny fit for you? Thanks! :)

    • jenny says:

      I would definitely try them on before buying. I have the stretch twill which are skinny but my hips are very wide so I have troubles finding a skinny throughout pant.

  4. dean says:


  5. CAS says:

    wtf GIRL U AINT THAT cute.
    wheres da trench.
    stop seducing my mang

  6. Sam says:

    Guys, so get this…
    I absolutely love this plaid shirt on the last picture.

  7. Milly says:

    I love the basic style! You can pair basics with so many things and they’re easy to get your hands on. I love the Everlane blouses and shirts! I’ve been wanting to get myself an Everlane blouse and some of its plain tees, but I’m not sure which style I should get. Do you have any suggestions?

    • jenny says:

      Depends on your preferred fit. I like lose fits so the Ryan tees & box cut tees are my favs. They have crew necks & v-necks though too that people love and those look to have a much more fitted appeal. The blouse is loose fit. I really like the silk blouse fit, it’s very room and moves easily. The new poplin blouse is a boxy fit as well (I sized up for that though) but it’s fitted in the shoulders so it has good structure. I tend to go for loose fit items from them and it’s worked out pretty well. :)

  8. Michelle says:

    Hands down my favorite wardrobe post. Every time I see that linen Madewell stripe/polka dot top, I cry rivers on the inside. My nearest Madewell had it in stock…IN EVERY SIZE BUT MINE. Next thing you know, they sell out and it was the end of that shirt.

    • jenny says:

      Really!? I appreciate that. The direction my summer closet has taken took me by surprise a little at first. Going so long not feeling good in any tees or jeans and finally find some shapes that really work for me the way I want.

      I know what you mean about the linen top honestly too. There have been some things I will ALWAYS mourn missing out on from Madewell. You just don’t know what’s a 1-time rare cut/item and what will become a staple of theirs they they keep around and reinventing.

  9. ashlyne says:

    i love that pair of red sandals and the palm trees dress! unfortunately, i find it so difficult to pull red shoes off though.

  10. Gabi says:

    I’m so jealous of your summer wardrobe. Even though summer lasts for quite a long time here, I’m always afraid to spend too much money on summer clothes because I feel like I won’t get much use out of them. I have a lot of nice dresses, but hardly any good shorts or light tops. Some day I’ll invest…maybe.

    • jenny says:

      I feel a bit the same. The tees are new for me this year and really helped fill in my summer tops gap. Last summer I mostly got away with rolling up thinner cotton long sleeved shirts.

  11. bianca says:

    your wardrobe is always the best I literally wish I only had 20 pieces in my closet I need to downsize MORE!

    • jenny says:

      I seriously start feeling this sorta pit-in-the-stomach misery when I realize I’m not wearing certain items or expanded too large and have to pack things away. I’m not a fan of having to put a lot of effort into thinking of wardrobe pairings in summer. Boo summer. lol

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