Blizzard Conditions

Wednesday January 27, 2016   

The east coast got hit with a blizzard over the entire weekend which led to a lot of time at home shoveling and being bored. We attempted to walk around the neighborhood but still most of it was buried under 2 feet of snow and we didn’t get very far. I’ve been working at home and cooking in every night. Which is good! But my food reserves are starting to get low.

To pass the time over the weekend I made a quick “snowday makeup” video using mostly creamy products. The air is so dry I’ve been avoiding most powders since last week. So there’s no real base makeup to this just color points. Also I cut my hair last week…

Yeah, makeup + snow does seem a bit pointless but at the very least I need something protecting my lips at all times. I like Ritual de Fille’s cream blushes because they’re hydrating the way a chapstick seems hydrating. It feels like there’s a layer of protection that keeps my cheeks from drying out and the L’Oreal Lumi Illuminator is very moisturizing and soft.

I used Milani’s new oil treatment in Rosehip over a few touches of Colourpop’s Fetch. The Milani oil is so hydrating. My lips always look great when it’s on and it’s not one of those lip treatments that leaves your lips feeling worse when not wearing it. I can really tell a difference since picking this up.

I’ve done a bad job at trying to beat the dry winter air this year and I’m paying dearly for it. I should have switched to a moisturizing hand soap sooner. Should have switched off of matte lipsticks and onto lip treatments sooner. Should have done a lot of things sooner. Now I’m completely out of my 25% shea butter body lotion until I can get out to the store. Might try to remember to use some coconut oil in the shower tonight to save my skin until I can restock on my lotion.



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  1. Rayne says:

    I have seen so many news about the blizzards and I don’t know how you all survive! It never snows in my area (I’ve never seen snow in my life) and I’m already dying with the subtle winter weather we get haha.

    I enjoyed looking at the makeup products you used, I have been sticking to creamy stuff too so I’ll have to check them out~

    • jenny says:

      I grew up in an area where it never snowed so there were a few years of true adjusting! But now it comes as second nature. Really makes you appreciate spring a lot more!

  2. Hannah says:

    It even snowed here in the south!! :D

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