Happy New Year

Friday December 31, 2004 comments   

ヽ(●ε`● )ノ


I hope everyone’s taking in the last remaining moments of 2004. I’m making some resolutions this year. I should write them down.






Hope Christmas went well!

Thursday December 30, 2004 comments   

I’m back from my parents’. My Christmas was lovely and quiet really. Got a lot of nice little things and had a nice family dinner where I had a great time catching up with relatives. And I even had a “sort of” white Christmas! For the first time in history it snowed on Christmas day where I lived! You can see video HERE! (WMV format). Nothing stuck & it only lasted bout an hour.

I have to admit I’m a little worried about Angela. I just got her Christmas letters today that I know she sent out BEFORE the earthquake and tidal wave. I hope you’re okay and I’m going to write you too in case you don’t have any power right now ^___^. I know the earthquake happened on the other island of Indonesia & not yours so it sort of helped me to relax ~_~.

But I won’t worry too much because I know you said you’d be on vacation at this time so I hope you are and are doing wonderfully ^__^!!!!

Okay, pictures instead. I’m not feeling at the moment, I think a sinus infection has gone BAD on me. So here are some random photos.

Angela’s Christmas letter with cute postcards & gifts from Taiwan

Kissing Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel coin bank. They kiss when you put money in! (from Mike)

New fan (from Mike)

New pens & pencils & hairclips
Pens, pin, pencils, hairclips (from Mike)


These last 4 were taken at my parents’

My xmas all! ~~ & happy New Year! pyro Raine Winniey Jennifer LemonSalad Jen tuan lain chiaki Karen mee Meru Bubble Kim jane Lorik Destiny