Long Weekend Roundup

Saturday November 28, 2009 comments   

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving!? Mine was, well… a blur now that I think back on it! Black Friday insomnia has wiped most of my memory, hahahaa :x

OK, so this is gonna be a l o n g one! (that’s what she said, lulz)

Black Friday Gets!
Went and snagged a free copy of Lego Rock Band at Old Navy at 2am in the freezing rain plus some clothes. These are most my gets. Mike is the real winner on Black Friday with the electronics & all~ I feel Black Friday is really sorta a “guys day.”
I did get a couple of things I wanted at good prices though!

A new pair of Khakis for work, light blue tunic, blue “bow top,” gray long sleeved top for layering, knit pompom hat, 3/4″ curling iron, Victoria’s Secret lipstick, 2 bras, and American Apparel polka dot leggings.

I figured I needed a white knit hat to compliment my black knit one

It also reminded me a little bit of this Gilfy knit hat
(the cream one.)

LOVE the new lip color I got at Victoria’s Secret too! I’m switching from the nude beige of summer into a hotter pink for this winter. I want some pop of color in my life! It’s called “Muse” if you’re interested in checking it out.

A little hard to tell on my webcam because I took this photo at night. But in the sunlight it’s like a subtle hot pink. I’ll be wearing it a lot so you’ll see later on I guess, hahaaa

I’m also really excited about the polka dot leggings I got from American Apparel. At first I was bummed out because they were 27$ But then they had pattern leggings 25% off plus an additional 20% off polka dots! So I got them!!

Then tonight I came across this clipping of Tsubasa and lol’d I just got in my belted boots from Yesstyle Wednesday! Perfect match right?! LOL. I need to add this look to my book since I have all these key pieces to recreate the look even a red cardigan

Hair Talk!

OK, I got 2 new styling tools this week.
One was the above 3/4″ curling iron. I needed something smaller to get tighter curls. They’re used in styles like these below.

The other was an early Christmas gift from Mike! I saw the waver in Popteen this month and I had always contemplated getting one but never saw how good it looked till now. I was always paranoid it would give too permed of a look. But when I saw the jumbo S-Waver I really wanted to try it out! So I put it on my Christmas list! Well, Mike got it for such a good deal (Early Black Friday deal + coupon = $11 jumbo waver!) he gave it to me early~

You can still get this look without the waver. A few years ago I LOVED doing this look with a jumbo curling iron but it took so long that I could only do it on the weekends! This jumbo waver took me, max, 5 minutes! Mike really likes the look too, He doesn’t seem to remember when I used to do it the difficult way, LOL.

Here’s the original way I did waves. It was from Non-no in the infamous “Rinka Hair” section they had!


Popteen featured this way as well~


Some Popteen clippings of a “waver.” I use a jumbo size but there are smaller sizes.

Well I’ll stop there. I think the load time should be harsh enough, hahahaaa
PS: I didn’t proofread and it’s 10 til midnight. So… yeeeeeeea.


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Idle Desires

Tuesday November 24, 2009 comments   

I can haz…
Your life?

Except for the whole kid part, that sorta bums me out, LOL. And I’ll keep the husband I gots tooooooo

I can haz…
Jun’s mani/pedi?

Actually I did have this, self made, last month. I loved it so much I can’t wait to get the time to do it again. Probably Thursday.

I can haz…
More NO-MAKE model photos prease?

Because I need some reassurance, sometimes, that no one can be drop dead gorgeous ALL THE TIME!
Kumicky and Jun always look so different sans make. Kumicky especially. Jun always looks different sans lashes. I think she makes a better lash spokesperson than Tsubasa just because she wears them more often & more dramatic~ :lovelymake:
Nana still looks cute, as always~ :twinklepink:

I can haz…
Nozomi’s haircut?

My top layer still has about 3~4″ to grow before I can have this exact cut. siiiiiiiiiiiigh~ I’m sure once I get an all 1 length cut I’ll hate it and will go running straight back to layers, hahahaaa! But I won’t ever know if I don’t try! :okicon:

I can haz…
1 more day till Thanksgiving!? :ohyeslovely: :girlrage:

Mike’s office gets out early tomorrow at noon. My office is allowing people 2 hours of early dismissal buuuuuuuut because I take the train I’m stuck there until my normal leave time still. Meh, it’s OK I guess. Gives me time to work on things while Mike takes care of Thanksgiving preparations at home. :eep:

I had a rough day at work, I partied too hard Monday and ended up puking in the office bathroom this morning. fun, fun. Your TMI for the night! :orooro: