COLU Overalls and KING Blue Lenses

Saturday January 16, 2010   

This weekend has been amazing for package receiving!!!! Thursday and Friday I receive the Cocolulu overalls and belt and the KING Blue circle lenses I ordered! Today I received my Buzz Spunky overalls and the third pair of circle lenses I ordered (MAX pure brown.) :!:

First the CO&LU overalls!
I ordered these using Shopping Mall Japan. I wish I had realized you had to request shipping after your order arrives to them :facepalmcry:. Could have had these sooner. I ordered my Buzz Spunky overalls through a different service but I’ll talk about that later. These are pink corduroy overalls and nice and warm! *_*

I forgot to take pics of my belt and little shopping bag :girlrage:
I’ll do that for next post!

Clipping from the new February issue of Popteen :updiamond:

I cleaned my closet this week! *feels proud*


KING Blue Lenses
I ordered these intense color blue circle lenses from Meigo Shop. I wanted something intense and have always wanted blue. In the past I tried to get colored contacts in the States but my doctors always said my prescription wasn’t available :facecry: This was probably over 5 years ago~ But back then I always wanted blue :biglove:

The KING series are 14.5 in diameter. A very large lens! Most lenses are only 14.0 :star: This is the popular ad for them featuring Sakurina! :rainbowtwinkle:

I will probably never eat this bag of popcorn because it has Mike’s name on it! Haahaa, my friend should I have sent 2 I guess if she wanted me to actually eat it! LOL :laughingheart: No, no~ I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually and I’ll eat it :toto:

Despite having a bigger diameter these lenses are a bit more comfortable than the Geo Angel Edge lenses. I’ve worn them all day. I actually still have them in so it’s been about 10 hours of wear! :blushingcute: Of course using a few re-wetting drops here & there~ I really love the intense color. In some pictures you can see my light green natural color peek out from the lens but in person it’s not as noticeable. Intense color borders look really nice on darker eyes but I’m happy with how these look on my green eyes too! I thought the color difference would be more obvious and it would look strange but it’s not. Of course I didn’t get these to look natural in any way, shape, or form! :kyaaface:

As for Meigo Shop, the shipping was fairly quick and done via registered mail so you get tracking. They came in 11 days :ureshii::good: The packaging was a small envelope but they were encased in thick foam which was nice! And of course this shop let’s you order a different prescription for each eye ;)

So today I wore both the overalls & the contacts out & about~
It was a warmer day today! High was about 50F! So I didn’t have to be super bundled. I could wear my Barefoot Dreams parka :happylove:

When I was cleaning my closet I found this headband. I haven’t gotten to wear it much so I wanted to do that today~ It was a birthday gift from a friend a while ago.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~!! :haha:
This is definitely the high point of my New Year’s Resolution! I haven’t even really felt the urge to shop anywhere NEAR as much as I used to! I thought it would be a harder thing to resist. Of course now I’ve received these first orders it might get harder as the weeks pass without new stuff. But I’ll just wait and see~ :sqstar:


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77 Responses to “COLU Overalls and KING Blue Lenses”

  1. Alice says:

    Aww the overalls are cute. You look like those Japanese models when they pose in the mirror with the camera :]

  2. Erin says:

    I love the lenses! I just got my new ones (Beaucon Shimmers) and I’m super happy with them, too.

  3. You look so sweet in that outfit :)

  4. Honeydew says:

    Cute overall! I think I remember that hair tie from your poupee, lol.

  5. f says:

    Aw, your outfit looks so cute!!

  6. rene says:

    the overalls are so cute! so is the headband!! how do u wear your hair with the headband? did u just tie it up to the side? I want to curl my bob!! =((

    • jenny says:

      First I curled it with a small barrel iron then made a small ponytail with just the top of my hair. Then I just twisted & pinned the rest of my hair up by my ponytail. Tease and hairspray :)

  7. Becky says:

    cuteee overalls~~
    and the contacts looks nice on you! it’s a really pretty shade of blue :)

  8. pir-pir says:

    OMG!!! The blue lenses makes you even dollier than the others! lol
    I wear GEO nudy grey, but I want something bigger… so cute!
    And btw… your closet is a dream. I wish I had half your clothes! That overall looks so comfy ♥
    Here in Argentina is really hard buying things online -.-

    Kisses ^3^

  9. Izu says:

    Wow Jenny!
    i just love your dolly style! ^___^

  10. Umi says:

    I love the contacts :)
    I’m thinking of asking for colored contacts for my birthday, haha~

  11. emma says:

    i hear these girls at school talking about circle lenses
    now i finally know what they are!!
    btw great overalls! you rock them well XD

  12. Nicole says:

    Ahh! You totally have me decided on what circle lenses I want now. XD Definitely going for Kings! Though I can’t decide between grey and brown. ;~;

  13. ヴァちゃん says:

    Nice overalls. may i know how you get the ココルルオーバーオール? 
    here in singapore, i bet the shipping must be very high!
    and i searched rakuten but they dont have it.
    im not sure about the procedures and all, hope you can help me!

    • jenny says:

      The service I used, Shopping Mall Japan, states they ship internationally to lots of countries. Maybe check them out! Their link is in my entry ;)

      • ヴァちゃん says:

        yup, thats what i did but its so confusing, could you maybe elaborate on how to go about using it? thanks!

        • jenny says:

          Unfortunately the best directions get emailed to you after you sign up for an account. Then you’ll send them “deposit” money via paypal or credit card. When that’s accepted you can fill out a form stating what you want ordered. They contact you to verify. Check your account status to see when it reaches their office. Once it does you click the button requesting shipping to you! :)

  14. cin says:

    youre soooooo cuteeeee and pretty round eyes *_*
    i too am trying not to spend money this yr! lets work on it together~~ ^^

  15. An says:

    ow wow! the lenses fit you oh-so-very-well and jesus, that overall!
    I love it ♥
    your outfit is super cute && that hairband fits it so well~
    all in all. . . I am jealous now xD! do want overall 2 8 ;A;

  16. Sumie says:

    I love love love your hairstyle with the headband from paris kid’s !!! adorable =))
    is it easy to do??

  17. Akaranbo says:

    I just love your king blue lenses and your lovely overall !
    It suits a lot. . You look like doll with the lenses and the pink cheek ! *u*

    • Akaranbo says:

      Meeeh I’m so stupid, the comment is cut. . Sorry for the double comment. . :'(
      So, I was wondering, how did you do for your hairstyle on the last pictures, because it looks supercute ! (And sorry again for the double comment !)

      • jenny says:

        Don’t worry about the double comment!

        First I curled it with a small barrel iron then made a small ponytail with just the top of my hair. Then I just twisted & pinned the rest of my hair up by my ponytail. Tease and hairspray it in place!

  18. Tori says:

    The overalls & circle lenses look ADORABLE on you~!! ♥ Your Saturday coordi is too cute!
    I’m so sorry I forgot about that sucktastic part about SMJ… I really don’t understand why they make you request shipping to your home, but it IS a pain in the ass :( I’m glad you decided to try out another service for your other order & can’t wait to see the Buzz Spunky salopette~! ^-^y
    Thank you for the review on Meigo Shop too ♥ I finally looked into ordering some circle lenses & I was going to order the KING grey ones from pinkyparadise but sadly they didn’t have my ultra-high/bad prescription :( Meigo Shop did though, && they have the KING series so I went with them!
    Congrats on succeeding with your resolution so far & you’ll be getting another little package this week, so no worries! ^-~ haha!

    • jenny says:

      Oh that’s OK, I should have seen the “Request Shipping” button earlier! Hahahahaa! Ugh boooo to bad prescriptions! I hate that on Pinky Paradise soooooooo many end at -8.00 or -6.00 *cries* ;_;

      WHOOT to more mail! Life’s gonna seem boring now that I haven’t 4 boxes and tracking to follow, hahahaaaa!

  19. mishi says:

    That is one amazing pair of overalls o.0

    14.5 FTW! They look great =3

  20. Miamy says:

    those self cam pictures are so cute. lol. I used to wear GEO lenses because it’s cheap, lasts longer anf it’s worth buying. however the lens are sometimes to dry for my eyes and i cant wear them too long or i will feel very uncomfy. the blue looks really cool and I think it kinda suits u (maybe because u have naturally colored eyes) for me, i would prefer colors like grey or brown becuase it looks more natural on asians.. blue and aqua colors are just to fake for people to believe that it’s my natural eye color. hahaha :D

  21. Andree says:

    hey jenny, im sorry to write on this post because i know it says to e-mail you to ask for your password for your password protected post, but the thing is when i wrote an email to you to the following adress, it bounced back- could you either e-mail me back, or write an offline message to me on msn?
    thanks a bunch!
    p.s. love the new contacts and ur outfit is SOOOOOOO CUTE! :)

  22. Nana says:

    i love how you did your hair in this post!! it looks really cute ♥ ♥

    & those contacts look cute on you too! they don’t look creepishly bright…
    i have light brown eyes so I have the same problem with circle lense…
    the color is always SOOO intense!!

  23. karme says:

    i rike the overalls and headband and parka conbiiiiiination~ 3: so cute! pink fuzzyness everywhere. lol.
    i’m glad your sticking with your new years resolution! SHOPPING FTL

  24. Veronica says:

    Great snaps! Thanks for the great shopping service reviews – I’m always cautious about shipping time and third party services n’ whatnot.

    Your eyes are so huuuuge!!

  25. Lanna says:

    Cute!!Love the overalls,and both outfits you wore them with!:D

    Those blue lenses really suit you!

  26. Linda says:

    i love your hair!

  27. Maikue says:

    AH! the overall outfit looks cute!!!!

    and the shopping mall japan site is pretty cool! i never knew there was a site for such a thing!!! Will definitely check it out! thanks for the link!

  28. Max says:

    looking very animie in those shots! :-)

  29. Max says:

    my wife’s japanese and recently she purchsed some items from an online shop in jp. have you tried this one?

    • jenny says:

      Thank you! I haven’t purchased from there but I have browsed before. A friend ordered using their international service and said she wasn’t too happy about shipping cost or shipping time so I’ve yet to order anything from it.

  30. Rachelle says:

    Aw man, now I REALLY want to buy some lenses. I’ve been dying for some black ones. The blue ones look great on you! I’ve never been into overalls (especially when wearing them as a kid) but pink ones are really cute!

  31. Syd Syd says:

    The parka & overalls work nicely together :)

    I was wondering where on earth you could wear such contacts! Wearing them out to restaurants and parties is nice, but I couldn’t wear them out at school or work. Too much of a distraction. ^^;

    • jenny says:

      Yea right now I just wear them out and about after work & all day on weekends. I think they’d cause too much comment to wear at work. Though my MAX brown pair might look natural enough to wear to work :)

  32. susy says:

    wwowowowwo i love love the overalls!!! i’ve been meaning to get a pair for myself!
    i have blue denim pair but they’re too small now *cries*
    and the lens’ suit you very well!! i myself have recently bought a pair of circle lenses.. but i havnt tried them yet.. i’ve never worn lenses before so i’m kinda of.. scared of poking some foreign object into my eyes !____!

  33. Ray Ray says:

    The overalls are super cute but WOW you’re eyes look so big and so blue! Are bigger lenses harder to put in?

    • jenny says:

      Well I already wear contacts daily but that said, …yes! Not “hard” but I did have to focus a little more and open my eye a bit wider than usual to get them in, hahahahaa :X

  34. Esther says:

    Kyaaaah, your new overall is soooo cute!!
    I want one of this NOW!! ahuahuahuahua
    And this lenses really make you look like a anime girl =D
    Very pretty ;D

  35. Miah says:

    who cares about the overalls right now?! the blue lenses looks AWESOME on you!!!!!! :D
    you looks so different!!!!
    and your hair is cute too! i kept “aww”-ing out loud XD

    im so gunna buy me a pair!! they have hazel??

  36. Charlene says:

    The overalls with heels look adorable! Wish I could be just as cute as you! :3

  37. Courtney says:

    The blue looks lovely! :)

  38. chaigyaru says:

    aw you’re soooo cute in those overalls!!! where did you get them??

  39. Vivi says:

    Wow! I’m surprised how lovely the KING Blue lenses look, but I guess those are the advantages of a larger diameter!

    I guess you *can* wear them longer than six hours, right? It’s just not recommended I suppose. ^^;;

  40. ceci says:

    Ahh, you make me really want a pair of coloured contacts!

    Those overalls are ADORABLE (and/or you just rock them super hard!). The headband is really cute too! I thought it was just a scarf that you tied, but I guess the lace headband is part of it…?

  41. Sara Mari says:

    Wow~!! you look just, I mean just exactly like a model from a J fashion magazine in that first photo~~ ^3^ Those overalls suit you so well, I wish I could rock overalls like that but I’m too hippy and pounchy haha ^^

    Oh don’t worry about eating the Mike popcorn, in my opinion it’s not so good tasting so keeping it for the package is a great idea.

  42. Lady Impulse says:

    Wow I don’t know if your eyes are usually so big but wow they look beautiful!!!

  43. Thao says:

    Gosh, any color lenses seem to complement you nicely!

    It’s really nice finding things that you’ve forgotten about when you clean out your closet. Either that or you find things that are embarrassingly ridiculous that you need to get rid of the evidence of having such poor judgement, which happens to be my case far too often.

  44. Betty says:

    You look gorgeous with the blue contacts! I visited the Shop Japan Mall and was so confused. lol. I’m gonna have to get my boyfriend to translate for me. Your blog is just too awesome, I discovered Yesstyle from you too! Thank so much!

  45. Larissa says:

    Wow!! You look like a doll with those lenses! So kawaii! And I love the overalls. You have a great sense of fashion. Kudos to you.

  46. hiika says:

    oh wowww you look so cute!! and the blue lenses look great on you – with them on, you look suuuper dolly! kekeke i just wanna pinch you cheeks ^_^
    but what i realllly love is your hair in the last few pics – how did you do it??!!! it looks FANTASTIC. paired with your uber kawaii outfit, everything looks like it just popped out of a magazine!!

    • jenny says:

      First I curled it with a small barrel iron then made a small ponytail with just the top of my hair. Then I just twisted & pinned the rest of my hair up by my ponytail. Tease and hairspray it in place! :)

  47. Reiko says:

    Ooh~ You look like a doll with the blue lens!!!
    If I’m Mike I’ll hug you to sleep every night. hahaha~

  48. Ys says:

    Those lenses are mad! Totally crazy! I think I kinda love them hehe ;)

  49. Ginngi says:

    Sooo cute I love the lenses! I am thinking about getting some but i heard they are bad for your eyes :(

    • jenny says:

      They’re actually quite safe if you follow proper instructions. You know, no sleeping in them, rinse and clean them when taking them out AND putting them in, store them properly, and so on. The only damage contacts can do is if you don’t take care of them properly. Just like other daily contacts. :)

  50. Elsa says:

    Hihi, you’re so beautful and cute =D
    ps : I would like to order the circle lens u mentioned, do you know will they ship to Hong Kong?
    thanks a lot cheers

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