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Sunday May 23, 2010   

This weekend I received my package from We Love Colors!! We Love Colors is a hosiery company that offers a huge selection of sizes and colors of tights, leggings, socks and more! I received a pair of their Vertical Striped Thigh Highs in Grey and their Crochet Fishnets in black!

The thigh highs have a really great fit to them. They’re not too tight but not too loose either so they stay in place! I’m really like these crochet tights though! So soft to the touch. The design is great for spring weather too keeping you feeling cooler because of the open weave. I really prefer this pattern of tights to a typical fishnet or lace design.

Though I’m showing darker color choices both the vertical thigh highs and the crochet tights come in 50 color options!

They also sell some amazing tie-dye or Splash Color choices and other color variations and patterns including glitter, checkerboard, zebra, vertical or horizontal stripes, diamond, and more!

We Love Colors



19 Responses to “Sponsored Post: We Love Colors!”

  1. neechee says:

    love the colors of the socks !

  2. wow i love these colors of these tights and tigh highs!!!

  3. Melissy says:

    Splash colors look very… vibrant. O_O Wearing 7202 looks like it’ll make your legs look like they’re on fire, literally. LOLOL.
    I think my fave is fish net tho! :D
    I’d love to see some dress up photos!! ^^

  4. Funny socks:) I like the striped ones :)

  5. f says:

    Not a fan of thigh-highs, but the other kind of tights are pretty wild! I like them. :D

  6. Veronica says:

    The splash-dye pattern is UH-mazing :)

  7. Jing says:

    These are all amazing :O I am absolutely loving the tiger tights. I wish they were sold in stores ;__;

  8. mishi says:

    This is great =o thank you for introducing others to that site, tights love forever =3

  9. Zoraida says:

    Totally loving the splash colors!

  10. Charlene says:

    Wow. Some of those things blinded me LOL But good choice of vertical stripe; should slim your figure down even more =]

  11. jayjayne says:


    Love those tights! I’ve got to get me some too – with the cold weather that’s popping up!

  12. Sara Mari says:

    I just love vertical strip stockings! When can we photos of them coordinated on you? I am so excited to see that hehe^^

  13. Nana says:

    I love tights!! They can be fashionable and make you look thin too!! When tights are colorful, I even love it more!!! I have to check out the site!!! :)

  14. Meru says:

    Yes! This is my go-to site for cosplay hosiery, in most cases. I love all the color choices. Only thing I dislike is that the thigh highs are a bit snug on my legs (damn runner’s thighs), but definitely do not fall off! XD

    Have you ever tried sockdreams.com? They have a lot of eclectic socks/stockings/tights, too, AND free shipping ^_^

  15. Genevieve says:

    Cool! Thanks for this post! I have a hard time finding thigh- highs that stay up because of my muscular thighs : /

  16. Ys says:

    Ah I love thigh-high socks! I much prefer them to tights. But they ALWAYS fall down with me. My thighs are just too big on top I think ;)

  17. Tori says:

    The thigh-highs look awesome! Kind of remind me of something in Tsubasa’s S-leg line ;D

  18. cin says:

    wow i love the thigh high ones~ i hate it when i wear socks that just keep slipping and/or are too tight D:

  19. Courtney says:

    I LOVE socks/tights/leggings…especially thigh-highs! I’ll definitely look through this place. Thanks for sharing!

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