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Tuesday May 18, 2010   

About 2 weeks ago I decided I was gonna give the ole “buy batches of lashes on ebay” thing a try. :getit: I decided on a set of 10 pairs from the seller styleinjewelry at the price of $1.00 with $1.50 shipping. :ureshii: Two weeks later they’ve arrived!

And i love them! :lovelymake:

I have to admit I was quite amused by something as simple as a plastic cutout heart in the box, gaaahahahaa :?: :kissyheart:

Cut directly in half :updiamond: with the extra end bits cut too~

I figured, at such a low price, I was willing to make the gamble that they would either :heartheartheart:

1) not be sent or
2) suck balls


BUT! :sparkleup:

I was wrong on both accounts! :kyaaface:
I chose this style because they looked excellent for cutting into accent + bottom lashes. They were a bit longer than what I had expected from the picture, but that didn’t end up being a problem. By far these cut-lashes are now my favorite accent lash style. :good: VERY dramatic! A bit heavier than the wimpy accent lashes I’ve been using lately, though I’m sure if I trimmed them down I could lighten the load. :blushingcute: But the weight didn’t really bother me, :ureshii: just an observation. And as for the leftovers, they do make great dramatic bottom corner lashes I think! :good:

Only the top accent portions that I cut off are on, no bottoms yet! :kissyfaceheart: ~

Both top and bottom cut portions on :lovelymake: :cfaha2:

I really couldn’t be happier~! and at such a plentiful amount & cheap cost there’s no sad-face when it’s time to toss them out. :skipping: Not sure of their lifespan yet, probably short. Though they’re ready to go for another wear. :good: Though they aren’t as plastic-y as I expected, but I did choose the overlapping style in hopes cheapness wouldn’t be quite as obvious.

I want to experiment with cutting these up in different ways. :rainbowtwinkle: This time I merely cut them in half, no trimming :)

There’s a similar auction by the same seller here but I’m not sure how long this link will be any good b/c you never know with ebay (people buying and whatnot!)

Anyway~ how’s everyone’s week going so far?? Hope it’s a good one!! :star2: I’ve got a pretty nasty headache so I’m gonna go relax now. :smallcry:


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70 Responses to “Ebay Lashes”

  1. Tori says:

    Jenny, you are such a lash queen!! lol ❤ You definitely inspire me with all of these entries!
    Those lashes look fantastic on you… They don’t look cheap when on at all! & you aren’t wearing any bottom lashes, wuttt? How do you get them to stand out so much?! ❤
    Hope your headache goes away soon though & have a good night! *hug*

    • jenny says:

      Awe yaay! Well your outfits are inspiring so fair trade off :)

      Hum… my bottoms have gotten better since using the lash serum I guess, then I just line it with brown shadow and use double extend mascara.

  2. Veronica says:

    You are adorable! They look really natural :)

    Feel better /:y

    Oh and let’s totally have a bangs-race, ours are in the same spot about now *LOL*

  3. Courtney says:

    Usually I think fake lashes look too dramatic (or maybe that’s only when I noticed they’re fake), but yours really do look lovely! (I like your casual coordinate too, and your eyes are so pretty!) Ahaha, I’m not trying to flatter the hell out of you, but it’s so great when something arrives better than expected, right??

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa so true! Not that I’m promoting expecting only the worse outcomes, but really, it is pleasant when something out-performs expectations!

  4. Lorik says:

    they look really pretty~ I’m glad it all worked out ^___________^

  5. Wow, that’s cheap! I think I have to start wearing falsies, it looks great!

  6. Arina says:

    I got these lashes from eBay as well! from a different seller, but same box and everything. However, i got them in bulk! I got 60 different pairs + eyelash glue for around 10-15$ i think. Amazing buy!

    They look amazing on you!!~

  7. Sara Mari says:

    Oh, that’s great that those super cheap lashes worked out so well! They are perfectly dramatic and seem very nice^^

    The photo of you with that pouch drink is especially very cute, you look so sweet. I hope you are having a great week so far!

  8. Jelena says:

    OMG! your new lashes are so cute! I ❤ their shape too! It looks like your natural lashes.
    I bought those on ebay yesterday: Item number 250628136409 , I hope like you I not yo be disappointed with my order.
    I wrote you (msn adress) but you never answered me T_T
    Kiss :)

  9. Jeaneth says:

    WOW! they look amazing! I have to say I do love a good bargain! ^.~

  10. Lexxii says:

    Oh wow. Those look really nice! What a great find!

  11. priincess says:

    i bought the same lashes as well! but i had them in bulk so they were even cheaper! I had them for my last giveaway! : )

    but right now you can enter my giveaway for Dolly Wink prizes! go check it out here:

  12. Sined says:

    i’m thailand and i’m your fan site ❤
    you look gud in yr style thats why i like u

  13. Melissy says:

    WOOT! I love good bargains!! :D :D
    And they look so gorgeous on you!!! Your eyes go WOW haha. :)

  14. sidney says:

    HAHA these are the SAME EXACT lashes i got!! same seller and everything! i got three different types and that was one of them! hahahaha
    i also cut mine in half & have found that if you just carefully take them off and make sure to clean them gently (or, really, i just makes sure all the glue is off) they last for a week of wearing them (so, like 7+ times?). because they were so cheap i wear them every day and don’t mind ahaha
    need to try wearing the smaller half on the bottom lashes…i’ve saved them just in case i wanted to cut them up and use them individually :x

    omg i feel like i should buy a couple more boxes just in case they run out now that you’ve shared the link on your blog~ hehe

    • jenny says:

      Are you serious?! THAT’S SO AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up on the lifespan. yea I’m a total glue washer too. I’m cheap so I try to squeeze every last amount of use outta things XDv

      *LOL now you have me paranoid i should buy more quickly too!

  15. Zoraida says:

    You look great! 10 lashes for under $5 is a steal hahaha

    Feel better! Headaches are the worst :C

  16. Jing says:

    It’s always nice to prepare for the worst and then everything turns out better than expected~ The lashes look amazing on you. For some reason, I can really see the “dramatic” effect as opposed to some of the other lashes I’ve seen you wear.

    • jenny says:

      Thanks! Yea me too, it was really obvious too me that these really “pop” compared to my recent Beauty World accent lash purchases~~

  17. Shirley says:

    So jealous of how false lashes look on youuuu!
    What a steal though! Nice :D

  18. emma says:

    so far for your lashes these are my fave ones that you got
    perhaps bc they look surprisingly natural
    and yeah that’s A STEAL!
    i wish i had courage to wear them! *fist*

  19. aiiya says:

    i see these on ebay all the time ahahahha .. i wanna buy them but I don’t know how they’ll turn out so i always pass lol .. but because of this post it makes me wanna buy it :D heehhe …


    btw i love your bloggie its sooooo cuteee

  20. Leanne says:

    I’ve been meaning to try fake lashes for a while! I had some before but I couldn’t get them on no matter how hard I tried. did you have any tips to getting them on perfectly? These look great on you btw! They don’t look too fake at all!

    • jenny says:

      I know I made some mistakes my first few attempts when I started wearing lashes. I used to not put on ENOUGH glue. Then I use to not really let the glue dry before applying either. That made a big difference for me b/c I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.

  21. Thanh Thao says:

    Jenny, you are absolutely my fashion idol! I can learn so many things from you! :-))

    Cool eyelashes, thye really suit you!
    And hope your headache is going to fade soon! Get well and post for us again! ;)

  22. Penny says:

    finally i can try and ship some over to my country. (kinda hard to recieve things here without APO boxes, etc in the middle east >.

  23. Miya says:

    wow! Thanks for the great link! I’m glad they’re trustworthy :D It’s always nice to find a GOOD Chinese ebay seller out there!! And I love how you test everything out and give your *honest* opinion…it really helps when I’m hesitant about certain products!!!! ♥

    BTW…did you get some sun recently?? The last picture you look a lil tan XD I wouldn’t be surprised with the nice weather we had over the weekend here in DC…I wish it would come back though ;_; it reversed into winter again this week TT_TT

  24. Genevieve says:

    Hurrah for Ebay surprises! :D The lashes look really excellent :)

    Today starts my weekend! I typically get Wednesdays & Thursdays off so yay! I hope you’re having a nice week, Jenny! :)

  25. Miruku says:

    Wow they look amazing! The photo with the drink is really model-like. It’s great to get something nice for such good value!

  26. Bianca says:

    You look like Nana in that last pic!! Yes they do make FANTASTIC accent lashes, I bought them a few weeks back and love ’em and so cheap!!! plus they curl amazingly! adorable jenny as always :)

  27. cin says:

    wow they’re gorgeous! and so cheap too!! :D
    i might buy myself a set to experiment with~~

    i hope you get well soon :)

  28. bloomzy says:

    Such a good deal, and they look amazing.
    I am also buying from a similar person, which is good because even if they are cheap they allow you to experiment…and you can just wear them casually instead of your expensive ones :D

  29. Pigeon27 says:

    You are sooooooooo damn cute!!!!!!! *_____________*

    Haha~, I’ve seen cheap lashes on ebay, but I’ve never really given them a chance. I think I will!!!

    Take care! I love your blog!! ^___^

  30. Anna says:

    oh, i received my eBay lashes yesterday ! I orderer 40 pairs in $1.00, and Im soo surprised how comfortable and pretty these are!

    you are sooo cute ;o; ♥

  31. Becky says:

    wow~! such a good price!
    and they look so thick and lovely~~
    you have really big and pretty eyes :)

  32. Brenna says:

    wow that is such a great deal!! They look wonderful on you too. I’m amazed at how clean the lines are in the first picture!! :)

  33. Ruth says:

    I thought I would do the whole eBay lashes soon to but I sorta need to get rid of the rest that haven’t been used >_

  34. Cecilia says:

    I bought the same ebay lashes, but i hated them so much!
    I never thought to have cut them up!! I just tried it, and I am so much more satisfied with them now!! :D thanks.

  35. Yukimi says:

    …………….I have to say it again…
    You’re SO cute Jenny! ♥
    hahaha… I love the last pic

  36. Lady Impulse says:

    The lashes look really good!!! How have you been darling?

  37. fai says:

    They are extremely cheap! I got hooked on eye lashes too, they are super convenient!

    You look so cute by the way :)

  38. Vanessa says:

    wow CHEAP w^.^w
    could you do a tutorial on diff looks w lashes etc? :P
    i suck at accent lashes..
    i sucked at fixing on lashes; i cut my canmake one and turned it into accent lashes hurhur !
    oh and, abt the japanese girl’s ameblo, do you order from her through mailing? and do you need to use japanese or is english fine?

  39. jayjayne says:

    Hey sweetness!

    GREAT STEAL there with the bulk lash pack! :D
    I was considering purchasing a pile of them for myself
    in Japan as well – a friend of mine demanded that a man-pal
    of ours purchase a crapload while he was in Taiwan (same
    type I think!) – and so he did – must of looked hilarious
    tugging 15 boxes of the tings through customs like a slightly
    balding drag queen! XD



  40. kimmy says:

    Cute pics jenny :)

  41. Bibi says:

    Wow! So many and so cheap. I like. They look really good on you too, especially the top & bottom lashes style.

  42. Cindy says:

    It’s always such a bonus feeling when cheap finds work out so amazing, like finding money in your pocket. ^_^ I’m so glad you shared, they are cheep enough to throw on for surprise evenings out after work with out guilt of ruining a good pair.

  43. Jiawen says:

    Oo O: I’m glad you reviewed these haha. I’ve always been wondering about them!
    I shall give them a try some time ^^
    They look pretty in the pic where you put both top and bottom on.

  44. rene says:

    How pretty & natural Jen!
    I have a box of ten like yours too.
    But I’ve only used 1 pair so far, and i had the box since more than a year ago!

    Really got to be more diligent!

    The last pic look so dramatic!

  45. Lo says:

    Omigosh! the lashes are really cute and agree with the comment above they look very natural! :D
    Thanks for your comment! the dress fitting went GREAT! even my boyfriend considers it is ummm expensive? :( It’s a Maggie Sottero ($1750.00) I think I’ll separate it the next week hope the dress stills there till that time and no matter what I WANT IT :p
    Hope you are having a wonderful week doll ^_^ TC

  46. Ys says:

    cute as always Jen :) You always manage to put things together to look so pretty :)

    I hope your headache passes over. We’re out celebrating all this weekend :)

  47. Ange says:

    You, your natural eye color, the lashes, the outfit (from what we can tell) is SO cute!
    You did a great job on the lash layering, BEAUTIFUL! :)

    What material are they made out of? The eBAY picture looks a little unclear..

  48. Nonno says:

    They looks really gorgeous on you!
    I can’t belive that the whole package is so cheap but it’s great for all the girls who are able to wear them ;D
    I’d love to see a close-up od the bottom and top lashes.

  49. Lisa says:

    Those are gorgeous! Do they stay on well? You look so strikingly pretty, ha-ha. I envy people with long eyelashes, even if they aren’t real. (I have the shortest stumps for eyelashes ever.)

  50. Joey says:

    ive been trying out with falsies lately.. and have been struggling.. was jst about to give up and you post an entry on them! YAY… they look so good on you.
    im gona go try again.. -_-” maybe its my glue. it just seems to … suck. lol.

  51. Vermillion says:

    You look so pretty Jenny! :) What a bargain those lashes are.

  52. Hana says:

    These look really great! And I surprised at how CHEAP they were–wow!

    I linked this post on my Weekly Wrapup!

  53. Shmuberry says:

    I bought the very same lashes a while ago and I love them!!! =D
    I also cut them in half like you did~

  54. Thanks for the recommendation!
    That sure is cheap! Not like dolly wink, even though they are gorgeous!

    And you look great too btw :)

  55. Larissa says:

    In that last picture… is that your house?? Are those… magazines??? If they are, OMG!!! By the way, you always, always look so pretty!!!

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