Going to the beach!

Friday July 30, 2010 comments   

Sorry if this entry sounds crazy. :smallcry: I typed most of it up last night but needed to pack so I didn’t have time to “post” it. :deadtired:

I realized this week that this was the same time I went to the beach last year :gigglewakuface:

Finally completed my Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification course and took the exam! Just waiting for the results now. :;_;: I don’t really know if I passed or not. :rubeyes: Here’s hoping~~

Now I’m preparing for the beach vacation! :kyaaface: I’m sorta sad it’s gonna be in the 70’s & 80’s instead of 90’s. I dunno. It’ll still be warm enough & all. I’m just so used to 90 degrees now thanks to that insane heat wave! :girlrage: Hah!

Packed goods!

I’m taking this dress to wear on the boardwalk. It’s from Yesstyle, I just haven’t had an opportunity to wear it much. Same with my coverup dress from H&M and F21 hat!

Bringing this coconut scented body splash with me! I love summer scents at summer time~

It’s sorta bittersweet being at the beach house this weekend. I really need to unwind. But I hate there’s no internet. :stressedmind: I really need to get on top of having a semi-schedule for Tokyo (it’s in a month, gah!) Basically just something to share with my friend so she can plan her work schedule because we wanna hang out as much as possible! :skipping: I miss her so much:;_;:. The thought occurred to me “what if, for whatever reason, this is the last time I’ll see her?!” :orooro: IMPOSSIBLE!! :whoafreak: I think we’re tied by the red string of fate. :mkpoo: I couldn’t imagine my life, even daily life without her there, supporting me through emails, letters, and calls. :cfaha2:

Wow I got off track, lol! And mushy :;_;: . Sorry about that. :?: My best friend lives across an ocean. It gets hard sometimes =y. :snot: When we hang out it feels like it’s something we do routinely. It’s strange but lovely. :blushingcute:

OK, switching to a new tangent~~~~

I picked up this lilac purple polish last week~ :rose3:
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in LIVELY LILAC :heartex:
I already have this brand & type in another color (Whirlwind White.) It’s extremely quick drying. (my favorite type, lol) and works well as a base to go under other colors. I say under because without a top coat it does tend to chip quickly. :ng: But with a good top coat polish on top it lasts longer. This polish is pretty great for speed and application! I only put on 1 coat in the picture below! :D Then I topped it with a glitter top coat polish from Anna Sui…. :kissyheart:

OK that’s it, I’m off to smell like suntan oil & wear my bikini for 12 hours a day :grinning:


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I Saw Inception Today

Sunday July 25, 2010 comments   

I saw Inception today! :excitedyo: Sold out at an 11am Sunday show :orooro:
Yeah, it lives up to the hype I think :skull:

I haven’t been online all weekend until now~~ :;_;: it’s so strange~ but now that I’m on I feel there’s so much to catch up on! :eep: Geez… I dunno, I didn’t really get many of the things I wanted to get done, done, this weekend. :ng:

This week is gonna be really busy for me too. :kanjicry: I have my cert courses + exam and then it’s off to the beach!!! :kissyfaceheart: So I’m not sure I’ll be around much because I might feel really tired at night? Or maybe I’ll just be really bad; looking for a distraction and avoiding things I SHOULD be doing and will blog tons! hah! :pissy:

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