Weather Rant and Eyemazing Cosmetics

Monday January 31, 2011 comments   

OK, I’m posting this, like, 4 hours after writing it! :deco13: I was hitting “post” when Mike came home & was very LET’S GO LET’S GO LET’S! That’ll make sense in the next paragraph :P :arrow:

Shhh I’m so tired of winter precipitation. :rainy: So it’s possibly snowing tonight beginning at 5:00. :drops: I’m on the train right now heading home, by the way. :deco8: Mike and I had planned to go out to Clyde’s tonight for dinner. :hungry: We haven’t been eating out much (part of the resolution was eating out no more than twice a week and even then only cheap places.) Mostly eating out is either to-go at the Italian market or at-the-most dining at cheap Asian bistros. :lol::deco13: Lol. Clyde’s isn’t overtly expensive but it’s nice and I wanna celebrate our taxes been done & submitted! Ok so yeah, WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. sigh. We’ll see what the weather’s like when Mike gets home. I get the feeling he doesn’t even want to go if there are even flurries falling. ぶーーー :cry:

Ah crap, just got a “Severe Weather Alert” email… not looking promising… :angry:

Anyway, so here’s a few snaps from Saturday. SHOULD HAVE JUST EATEN OUT THEN LOL. :deco13: Yeah I’m currently re-obsessed with my maxi dress. I can wear double layer tights and thick thigh high socks underneath it unlike with my jeans. Wearing my Rinka Barefoot Dreams hoodie too. I forget how warm this stays because it’s so thick and fluffy. :up:

:deco10: Coat: Barefoot Dreams [Rinka Edition]
:deco10: Jean Shirt, Boots:
:deco10: Dress: random store in Alta
:deco10: Mittens: Blue Moon Blue
:deco10: Bag: Cher :deco11:

Lashes are Jewerich tops with Eyemazing bottoms. :make:

Speaking of Eyemazing, They finally expanded to a cosmetics line. Wow. Pretty late to the game. :?: Dolly Wink and Diamond Lash did that forever ago. :deco13: I’m wondering if maybe Jun was too busy with her Carelance x Chereme line of sleep socks and cellulite rollers? :lol: And the packaging isn’t worth fawning over either. :deco13:

What gives? They charge as much as Dolly Wink. Maybe Dolly Wink has me spoiled on pretty packaging. :!?: Or even their lash packaging because it’s quite lovely. :deco5: This seems a bit too simple and a little reminiscent of dollar store packaging IMO. :?: Maybe they were trying to go for sleek & mature? I guess it’s no more lacking than Diamond Lash’s cosmetics’ packaging, though, DL has a wider selection. And maybe the makeups good???!! :P I haven’t tried any. But I haven’t seen it in magazine tutorials or on blogs either. :;_;: And not much on yet either.

But I do like the lash line already and they came out with 3 new versions not too long ago. I’d love to try .006 ones! They’re for adding volume with other lashes. :make: Quite useful and more dramatic than adding on typical accent lashes on top of a full set. I just like the shape of the lashes. ::9:

Eyemazing bottom lashes are my favorite though the styles are extremely (two!) limited, I think Jun makes them really attractive. :deco12: They’re not super dramatic like Diamond Lash’s bottom’s line but somewhat different and less subtle than many of Dolly Wink’s. Blah, I don’t really have a great reason, :angry: I’m just strongly attracted to them! ^_^ Haahaa~~

I almost bought a pair of Jun’s collab sleeping socks from Loft. I decidedly put them back. They would have been my third pair of sleeping socks which I thought was a bit over-doing it, haahaa~ :deco13: Now she has some socks with rolling balls inside that massage your calves, haahaa :deco6:

These are snaps I sneakily took in the store which was hard because this was on display at the registers! Haa!! :deco14:


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Short Post Because I’m Tired

Sunday January 30, 2011 comments   

I cannot shake this lethargy today! :drops: I even got up and built some IKEA furniture, went out on a grocery run, and drank a bunch of caffeine! :deco13: I ate nothing but healthy snacks and fresh fruit, then a bunch of protein, NOTHING worked. I’m still feeling really lethargic, bah! :mad: Must be lack of sleep. So I’m going to bed at 10:00. Well, I’ll at least try. :deco16:

I tried to take a nap. I feel I failed though Mike said I was asleep for 2 hours it didn’t seem like it even happened. :?:

SOYJOY were on sale 10 for $10 today at the supermarket

I really want this MAC lipstick, Morange :drops:. I love my current shades but baaaaah :deco13: my New Year’s Resolution is getting hard~~ With H&M putting out SPRING STUFF :deco1: already.

I just finished doing my taxes too, and on top of getting back what we usually get, we get an extra $800 thanks to some Recovery Tax Break thing :!?: ^_^ I’ll be getting that back before my 3-month spending freeze is over! :;_;: KILLING MEEEEEEEEE, HAHAHAHAAAA lolol :x

But I won’t break! I’m gonna stick to this because I’ve GOT to break the habit of just buying shit and never wearing/using/eating it. Seriously, went through my closet this week and donated so many things I only wore once! :angry: No excuse for that sort of behavior! :x At least not for myself, I don’t like that. It’s selfish to waste so much. Ah, so, tax return goes into savings. Come April it’ll be my birthday and I’ll use a little of it to get myself a fun gift :celebrate:

Alright it’s nearly 10pm. Here’s some outfit snaps from the week~~

Knit dress with thick floral tights. I love the pattern on these but they’re a bit long so they bunch at the ankles sometimes, LOL, I hate being 5’1″!! Even a “small” is meant for 5’5″ girls sometimes :?: :;_;:

ぶーーーーーーーー Monday :cry: