Some Bison Bath Salts Upclose

Thursday February 17, 2011   

Mmmm I love my iPhone you guys, ^_^ these photos are so much better than the poopy Blackberry ones I used to use when talking about bath salts :deco3: :bath:I always used my phone because I had it on me at all times. at alllllllll times.

I’ve said this a million times before, but Bison bath salts are my favorite sweat-bath (germanium) type brand bath salt! Hot pepper, ginger, and epsom salt combined with carbon dioxide create a sweat-inducing and water-crackling bath experience! :celebrate: Like adding pop rocks to your bath water! :deco5: There are currently 7 types of Bison Germanium Baths. I’ll talk about 3 here!

“Rose Champagne”

Celeb style of the bath salt! Sweet candy rose smell. Clear soft pink colored bath water called champagne pink. :deco2: There’s a “thickening agent” that turns the hot water muddy/slimy causing a heat-up effect like mud! :suki:This is the really effective part of this brand and type of sweat bath. Has a rose hip extract and collagen for moisturizing effects too. If you’re going to try one this one is the whole package for a princess experience! Pretty water, lovely scent, moisturizing effect and still effective sweat bath for cleansing out the pours!

にごり ソーダスカッシュ
Soda Pop

Better translated as “Muddy Squash Soda” I think. This is one of the original types. Scent is like a clear soda, like cider or ramune and I know “squash soda” is sometimes popular in the summer there. Like a cucumber soda, sorta smells fresh like that! VERY SWEET smelling. Bath water becomes milky white. Also becomes thick in texture. Super effective and a refreshing scent. :deco4:

7 Hot Spices

Very strong yet mild yuzu scent! :deco4: Love it. Also a “muddy” type (thickening) with clear orange colored bath water. Super effective! The scent is one of my favorites!!! :deco8: I love yuzu scent though, this is almost like a ginger yuzu sort of scent. It’s one of my favorites from the brand and it seems slightly more effective too with all the extra hot spices like pepper and orange.

Yes, I feel they work for me. And I’ve always loved baths. It’s suggested to spend at least 15~30 minutes in the bath with these salts for good effectiveness. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! :deco9: I always have a big cup of cold ice water or tea when taking these baths.

It’s always good to rinse your tub after using these salts that have the thickening ingredient. I don’t ever do it though. :deco13: It doesn’t stain the tub. I just use “Scrubbing Bubbles” foaming spray once a week to get rid of any soap scum build up. Works like a charm & my tub’s always spotless. :ok: :deco11:

Where can you buy it? There are a few places online but most recently I bought a bunch in December from and was REALLY happy with price and shipping speed! Plus they included the original display boxes since I bought so many, hahaha!! ^_^

Put in everything I had leftover from my Japan trip plus what I bought in December. :deco6:


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71 Responses to “Some Bison Bath Salts Upclose”

  1. Vermillion says:

    Thank you for the review~ I feel tempted to try some now haha >

  2. Da says:

    OMG I WANT! I actually tired one of them before and when I went to the site i bought it from they stop selling them :( by the way i love the rilakuma face massager

  3. Leslie says:

    I keep wanting to buy these because you always have such rave reviews on your blog! They look amazing… I think I might try them soon (even though I rarely take baths) as I’m super intrigued about the sweat aspect! Makes me think of and miss hot springs…

  4. alualuwaves says:

    you make me want to take baths instead of showers haha

  5. Tori says:

    Thank you for sharing~! & I agree, your photos are looking amazing :3 The Rose Champagne salts are my favourite~ you can’t go wrong with a ‘princess feeling,’ haha!

  6. Ooh, that pink bath salt is so pretty! ♥

  7. reeri says:

    Ahh, you’ve made me want to buy bath salts! But I’m so broke :( Ugh, the life of a poor university student!

  8. Veronica says:

    I love that brand too – even the slimy part is ok with me, really builds up the heat!

  9. Linda says:

    i used to love taking baths!!! and then i realized that showering was a lot quicker because i got so busy T_____________T BUT i’m inspired to buy some of those bath salts now! :D
    *must try* LOL

  10. Michelle says:

    I’ve seen these on that site, but I wasn’t sure if they were effective or not. Thank you for reviewing them!! ^__^

    • jenny says:

      SUPER EFFECTIVE! If you’re worried about sweat baths not working I’d suggest trying these because they’re the best! I’ve tried other brands, some so ineffective I didn’t even sweat.

  11. Diyana says:

    I don’t have a bath tub in my house and the one in my Aunt’s house has been removed, so no chance for me to enjoy being in the bath unless I go to a nice hotel~

  12. Louise says:

    I want to try it! bummer, we never use our tub. Most Aussies don’t use bath tubs because it’s a little bit wasteful of water =__=;;

  13. Amber Casey says:

    I love bath salts as well! And soap rose petals * w *; so I’ll have to check these out, thanks!
    && the quality is so crisp! XD

  14. Michelle says:

    I actually bought the champagne pink rose-scented one while I was in Hong Kong and I think they were great!! Although, I didn’t really feel the water getting muddy :/ but maybe that’s just me using too much water or it just wasn’t hot enough. idk. But I find these way better than the Bihada Ichizoku ones don’t you think?

    • jenny says:

      Hum, well the water gets slimy and you can tell when you run your fingers through it. I have a soaking tub which is larger than most tubs but it still affects the water so I’m wondering maybe it wasn’t hot enough then?

      Ah the Bihada Ichizoku ones ARE nice but yeah not as effective! I’ve tried a bunch from that brand. I think they smell wonderful and their moisturizing one’s are OK but their sweat/germanium one was only mildly effective for sure.

  15. Amelia says:

    I love the illustration on the bison salts, they look so evil. :))

  16. Sami says:

    I really love the look of these!
    But I have an odd fear about them burning… you know, there! XD haha

  17. Courtney says:

    Oh thanks for providing the link!! I’d really like to try these! :D I’m very curious about how it makes the water muddy/crackles!!
    Also I always love how the people on the packaging are in pain! ^_^;;

  18. ThedaBara says:

    Thank you for the review Jenny!

    Yesterday I got my shipment of the Bison bath salts. I kept hearing so many good things about them that I decided to give them a try, and this review helps a ton!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. Huynh says:

    Thanks for the review. I wanna try bath salts :)

  20. Kim-Mari says:

    I haven’t tried the Soda Pop one yet but the Rose Champagne & 7 Spices are two of my favorites. I also quite like the Honey (?) one.

    I’m managing about 40 minutes in the tub now… lol.

    • jenny says:

      Ah yea the Royal Honey one!! I wasn’t too fond of the scent on that one. I used it a long time ago when it first came out and liked the Rose Champagne from the series better. But I’m not one for sweet mild smells, the more spicy the better for my nose!

  21. xMickii says:

    Oh! Bath salts, I want them! I know a place where I can buy it, but they totally want to rip people off. On the site it’s maximum 5 dollars and in the store it is 50 dollars!
    Thank you for the website, now I can buy it :)

  22. because of you i really want to try bath salts

  23. Charlene says:

    Thank you SO much! I have been wanting to try out some, but the one site I went to didn’t have much variety and shipping was ridiculous! You should make a post including ALL the sites you shop at for us readers :)

  24. Jane says:

    I wish they sold these in my local japanese supermarket, but they don’t!!! >:
    Thanks for explaining whats in them though, they sound really nice (:

    • jenny says:

      They don’t sell them at mine either. I asked if he would once and he had no idea what I was talking about LOL. Sad because I’d buy full shipments worth if I didn’t have to pay for shipping!!

  25. jayjayne says:

    If only our water rates were low enough for us to enjoy a good soak without thinking of the end-of-month horror!

  26. Mila says:

    Just came by your blog and I think it’s really cute =]
    The bath salts sound interesting.

  27. Elisa says:

    I’ve seen these products before on a webshop. But it’s quite expensive for 1 i think >.

  28. Cindii says:

    iPhone love! Glad you’re enjoying it. :3

  29. rene says:

    Jen! I’m planning to buy some bath salts online and I’m checking out Taobao. It is a china website. But I’m just wondering do you shower off with water after using these bath salts?

    Aside from Bison, any other brands you recommend? Hehe. Thanks babe!

    • jenny says:

      I don’t but then again I usually take a shower the next morning. I can’t remember if it says to or not tbh. Japanese bathrooms are those shower + tub types while my bathroom the tub & shower are separate so it would be a pain in the ass imo for me and I never noticed it leaving a film or anything on me though I don’t wash my hair when I take sweat baths because I don’t want it in my hair. The other good brand I’ve found is ISHIZAWA LABS and 炎赤の湯 [] brand.

  30. Gregory says:

    One of the great things about living in Japan is being able to run out and get these at the convenience store or grocery. We’ve enjoyed the muddy orange one as well as the soda pop one. Unfortunately, I can’t find the yuzu one anywhere! I hope they haven’t discontinued it.

  31. Ys says:

    The packaging is so cute :) I love a long hot soak in the bath :)

  32. cin says:

    oooo~ i’ve only tried the apple one once and it smells delicious! should’ve bought some to bring back :(

  33. Hannah says:

    I saw “Rose Champagne” at a local store and decided to snag it! I also bought another flavor, but I’m not sure what this one is called. ^_^; Will open later for my birthday. :) I’m excited to (finally) try these Bison bath salts! I’ve been curious ever since you first blogged about them. As always, thanks for sharing!

  34. Moa says:

    I just found your blog and- I LOVE IT TO BITS ALLREADY!! :D
    I’m going to Tokyo in the end of April, and I hope I can find the rose champagne bath salt so that I can try it! :]
    I have quite dry skin, but it’s not hyper sensitive so I think it’ll go fine! :)
    Lol, sorry for my bad English, I’m from Sweden so it’s not my native language ;)

  35. Soozie says:

    Gosh, I really want to try out these bath salts! What are some sites other than & that have these? I`m currently on a tight budget so I`m trying to look for sites with the best deal + lowest shipping rates :x

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