American Apparel Accordion Skirt

Tuesday June 28, 2011   

I bought this skirt yesterday. I have been eying their skirts for weeks now.  I got black. It’ll be easy to wear year round plus I can wear it to work too! :deco14: I wore it like this to work today.  :deco12:

I really like how this skirt feels especially when walking. :zzz: It swishes around effortlessly and the fabric feels cool and almost silky. :deco15: It blows in the wind quite romantically as well. Found that out while waiting for the train today. :deco8:

I also put satin shoelaces on my black oxfords last night. They remind me of tap shoes now :)! I took tap and jazz (among other things) as a child. So now these feel a little nostalgic to me.  :deco5:

And from new to old…. these polka dot flats!! :deco2:

I bought them probably 6 years ago. :deco13: I used to wear them a lot with thick socks. They were always a little big and slipped off my feet. I haven’t worn them in years. :;_;:  

I bought some of my new favorite heel grips for them and brought em into work! :ok: I keep a few pairs of non-favorite shoes at my desk on days I don’t bring in a pair to wear. I take the train & walk a lot to my office so I wear comfy old flats into work, then change into nicer shoes. :) These will be good to wear on days I’m feeling “fun” at the office haahaaa :P:suki:

The pads I’m loving right now are these heel pads from CVS! Unlike other heel pads they are extra textured, a little wider, and a little thicker. So they’re GREAT for shoes that are constantly slipping off. :ok: I put them in shoes that are just too big. I use regular, sleeker heel pads for shoes that already fit pretty well. 

So anyway, I’m feeling better today. :) Finally woke up without a splitting headache at least. Still taking Advil for aches plus some fatigue. :deco8:


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44 Responses to “American Apparel Accordion Skirt”

  1. Amy says:

    The skirt is super cute, great for office or a dinner date. n___n I feel like a lot of skirts are way too short these days so I’m really loving any dress/skirts that goes below the knee. Pretty yet classy at the same time!

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    • jenny says:

      YES. Unless they come to my knee I feel it’s too short for work! So this length = perfection. It stays cool too, great for lazy summer days :D Pairs with a knotted tee or something :D

  2. Rachel says:

    OMGGGGGaaahhhh…I’ve been dying to buy that skirt ever since I saw that we came out with it! I want to get the coral red one though since the color is so spring. And feels so NICE wearing it!! It looks super cute on you! :D

  3. Mommo says:

    I like black skirt ;)) have been reading your tweet since I got up last two hours lol first shoes is awesome and the second one is cute:) i like first one most eiei

  4. Sidney says:

    i neeeeed some of those heel grips!! the flats i bought a couple months ago have now stretched out and are starting to slip off a bit. more annoying than anything else, bleh.

    and i LOVE that new skirt. haha i love long, light skirts that can blow around “romantically”~

    • jenny says:

      Yes, yes, yes! That’s what happened to these. After a few months I HAD to wear them with thick socks or they wouldn’t stay on! And eventually you just stop wearing them altogether :(

  5. Michelle says:

    I’ve been trying the walgreens one but they don’t really stay put like they should. I think I will have to stop by CVS now~

    I love the AA skirts too! I’ve been wanting their pleated maxi skirt, but they are so darn expensive!

    Glad that you are feeling better! I am also taking advil to rid myself of fatigue and minor headaches :(

    • jenny says:

      Oh do they unstick or something? That would be ultra annoying. These I’ve had pretty good results with. They stay in place and really do prevent slipping.

      Ones I DO NOT like are the clear silicone ones because unless you wear socks they make farting sounds as you walk! Hahahahah x(

      Yeah, AA’s prices kill me. That’s why I waited so long before buying it making sure I REALLY DID want to invest in one. It’s easier when I convince myself I can wear it for work too, xP

      Hope you continue to get better & better :x

  6. Jenny says:

    thanks for recommending those heel grips! I’m currently looking for ones that are thick :) and those grips is pretty cheap too!

    • jenny says:

      No problem! These are the thickest I’ve seen thus far. I have purchased SO many too, basically every shoe of mine is “pimped out” in some fashion with shoe padding :)

  7. Diyana says:

    I love that flowy feeling when wearing skirts too! So airy, lol!

  8. cin says:

    Lovely skirt! It’s so feminine looking~ :D

  9. Linda says:

    yay! glad you’re feeling better :D your outfits are always sooo cuuute

  10. Blair says:

    Your ballerina flats are so cute. And they are in awesome condition!!!

  11. ada says:

    both shoes look pretty!!!!!!!! and really in vintage/retro style. U have such a nice taste Jenny. I’m impressed :D !

  12. Tiff says:

    Good to know you’re feeling better! I am trying to look for a plain swishy midi skirt like this but I can’t find a budget one for my tiny stature – most midi skirts turn into maxis for me! I know what you mean about skirts romantically blowing in the wind, I love wearing this one dress of mine because it does that and i’m always like ‘wheee i’m a princess! XD’

    • jenny says:

      Ugh being short blows. The skirt I originally wanted was the “long” one. It hit the model & everyone else above the ankles but on me it dragged on the floor! This one is actually supposed to hit MUCH higher up, like at the knee but on me it was sorta near the length I originally wanted to I went with it.

  13. Lolo says:

    awww what a lovely skirt~ it is perfect because you have so many options…so many different combinations~

    Tap dancing!!! That’s so awesome~

    • jenny says:

      Yes!! I thought about it long & hard, bc AA prices are kinda high, and definitely I figured even with changing styles I could still work this skirt into a wardrobe :D

  14. Ys says:

    Wow how do you keep your shoes looking so new? I wear mine far too much that they all look scruffy after a few months lol ;)

  15. Einna says:

    Wow, where in the world did you manage to find satin shoe laces?! I wanted to switch the laces on my oxfords for the longest time… I was thinking about giving up and just putting black ribbon through, but it would be nice if I could find something with proper shoelace ends (I have no idea what they’re called lol).

  16. Vermillion says:

    It’s good to hear you feel better! ^^

    That skirt looks really comfortable and those polka dot flats are cute! I love the pattern on them.

  17. Kati says:

    Lovely skirt and shoes

  18. Huynh says:

    Cute outfit :) I’ve been looking for a maxi skirt but I can’t seem to find any that I would like. Oh well. And thanks for the recommendation. I have a pair of kitten heels that I would love to wear but always slip off.

  19. bianca says:

    Love the skirt i still havent gotten around to wearing my maxi skirt :D

  20. elizabeth says:

    I just realised you dress a little bit like Summer from 500 days of..summer :P GAWGUS.

  21. Firipa says:

    nice, i was checking their skirts yesterday too! haha XD
    love the satin shoe laces!

  22. Tori says:

    omg I bought a really similar accordion-pleat skirt at H&M in the city last week~ so much love!! I really like the midi-length too~ yours looks fantastic :D I can’t wait to see how you coordinate it for casual wear too!

  23. Courtney says:

    Cute as always! Maybe what I ought to do is if in doubt buy heels a little bigger and then get those insoles for them–my heels tend to fit well in the store and then scrape the flesh off my toes when I wear them for extended periods of time! ;(

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