Sushi Cat Sales Post

Wednesday September 28, 2011 comments   

Friday, 9/30 8:20pm: Thank you everyone so, so much!!! Finding new homes for these items the past 2 days has been truly enjoyable!
I’ll be sending any remaining purchases out right away. Thank you again!

Ok, I’ve got some things up for sale!

These are items I love but haven’t worn or used in a while so I’d rather give them the opportunity to be enjoyed by others! After selling the Cocolulu and Buzz Spunky overalls I was so happy they were going to someone new to appreciate them! So I figured I’d take another shot at it!

How to buy?
There is a drop down menu above the “Buy Now” Paypal buttons. Choose which applies to you. One is for those living within the United States, therefore domestic shipping. The other is for international buyers who live outside the US thus higher shipping costs.

I will be shipping everything USPS Priority-Mail/First-Class without insurance or tracking. If you’d prefer express mail, tracking, or insurance, please feel free to let me know! Simply add the request to your paypal purchase comment and we’ll work out the extra cost ;).

I will be shipping everything out Saturday October 1st. If you purchase by 5:00pm Friday night it’ll be shipped as well. My office work hours coincide with USPS’s so it’s hard to get to a post office before weekday close. So safe bet is I’ll ship each Saturday.

Feel free to comment on this post with any questions or email me directly ;)

The following are no longer available.

W♥C Volume Black Lace Skirt


Zara Heart Print Shorts


Ranzuki model Aya Suzuki in the same shorts :arrow:

W♥C Banana Tank


W♥C “I Want to Become a Scientist” Ringer Tee


MarpleQ Puff Denim Vest


Faux Crushed Leather Vest


Lace Back Sheer Black Blouse


Sleeping Socks


False Lashes set of 4


Melliesh Blush in “Doll Pink”


Holga 135 Lomography Camera


Momoeri Beauty How to Book + DVD


Mori Hair Catalog


Misc. Character Collection Stationery Lot


Misc. Writing Stationery Lot


Sanrio Stationery Lot


Super Kitty Collection Stationery Lot


Sweet and Cute Stationery Lot


Thank you anyone for looking, I truly appreciate it. I’m sorry there are so many photos, I’ll remove them as/if anything is purchased






CANMAKE Cream Cheek in Pink Rose

Sunday September 25, 2011 comments   

I thought I’d post about a CANMAKE cream blush after posting the powder one on Friday. :deco2: Some people were asking about the comparison of the two. Their cream blushes are much more pigmented but I’d say the staying power is about the same. I have another cream blush of theirs in Vitamin Orange.

This one I got from Yesstyle is #09 Pink Rose. I just use one dab on each cheek. The cream blushes are easily build-able for a super vibrant look if you like. This one looks a lot like the powder Gerbera Kiss shade only without as much highlighter or “shine.” :deco4:

The powder version definitely glows more :deco9: while the cream is more of a flat color. You could always use the cream blush then go over it with their powder blush for a super pigmented and lasting color. I did that with the vitamin orange cream blush and caramel orange powder blush a few times. :ok:


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