Photo Challenge A-Z: F

Monday October 31, 2011 comments   

F is for Fruits Candy!

Halloween themed “Fruits Candy” scented air freshener! :deco6:

It has such an amazing, almost sickening but not quite, candy smell! Like that of Sweettarts or Smarties!

The Japanese market Maruichi is always selling these but I never really had a use :deco13: for them before. However, at work now, I’ve started using air deodorizers and thought this Halloween version would really spice up my cubicle space! :deco12: I know they make a rose scented version too. I’m going to cross my fingers and keep an eye out for that one next. :ok:



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Sunday October 30, 2011 comments   

Finished clearing out all the left over summer/fall stuff from my closet today. Reorganized a few other things in it too. nothing huge but even little changes make it feel so fresh & new to me. I used “Soft Focus” on my camera, I want to love this filter but I feel meh about it. Also I just saw a post I did on my closet in 2009… haha whoa so different! :x


…then I picked up the mess first… lolol


Sweaters, cardigans, blouses, and corduroy.

Dresses, blouses, tops are along the top.

Work-only clothing is most of what’s along the bottom except a few outerwear jackets. I keep my heavy coats in the coat closet.

Knit cardigans are on the middle shelf! I don’t like to hang them in fear they’ll lose their shape. So I fold them here. I also keep my jeans folded here. I only have 1 real pair of jeans I wear these days and 2 pairs of thick “jeggings” I sometimes wear. I really don’t wear jeans too often so why bother~ :P

Sweaters and skirts are in the IKEA drawers. I also keep my ribbon tie shorts, pleated skort and soft chinos in these. They’re soft material so I don’t want to hang them. Also in these drawers are tanks, belts, pajamas, socks, etc type clothing.

Oh yeah, in that Madewell bag by my mirror I keep all my favorite tights! I love keeping them like this because it makes it easy to put in & take out tights which is nearly a daily occurrence for me in winter. In the two IKEA boxes under the bag are extras like a whole box full of just tote bags and pouches. I’m not kidding…

So yay, that task is done. Getting dressed will be easier now in the mornings.

Feeling really sleepy so that’s it for today~


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