Onna no Yokubou Tights

Friday November 04, 2011   

I ordered these from imomoko recently. More or less shape-up tights or “diet” tights. Only these two pairs are extra thick for keeping you warm in winter. :deco11: The あったか (warm) version is the extra warm tights with a brushed back interior and 150 denier (sorta like thread density) while the other pair 極厚 (extreme thick) are more serious shaping tights but better suited for winter. They’re a part of TRAIN’s new winter line.

I just got them this week so I haven’t worn them yet. It’s definitely more than cold enough for these now though. :deco11: I have a regular nude pair of their Calorie Off tights plus some knee highs from them too. Both I love. Love love love :deco10:

Today I ordered some new circle lenses. :deco13: My once massive selection is down to a select few. I tossed the others due to upcoming expiration dates or not satisfying my comfort level. :drops: I used to be less concerned about comfort for circle lenses because I loved the way they looked and they were so new to me. :P But here I am a few years later and I want my circle lenses to feel as comfortable as my daily wear lenses. :ng: Combine that with my strong prescription and light eye color and my choices narrow greatly. :drops:

But right now, and for the past half year, Neo Cosmo Glamor have been my favorite. :up: I only have them in gray and it’s hard to find them in -9.00, but I ordered some today in “brown” because I miss brown lenses. :P I hope they blend well with my greenish-hazel the way the gray does.

I was tempted to order the blue pair too but I’d rather just have this 1 favorite pair you know. Like my go-to pair. I used to love having all these options but now I just want something easy and sorta signature. Plus I’ll have the gray pair a little longer still too.

I guess it’s similar to how I treated my closet reorg lately. I want less BUT with favorites. So I’m always happy in what I choose to wear. :deco3:

I wonder if I’ll get like that with my makeup. Though I still change it day to day depending on how I’m feeling. I still love OPTIONS there! But I did have that whole “only orange cheeks” obsession this summer, hahaha! lolol

I’m just rambling~ it’s been a long, long week. :deco13:


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35 Responses to “Onna no Yokubou Tights”

  1. Ki says:

    Omg Diet tights?! That’s brilliant!! I must have a pair^^

    • jenny says:

      Haha yeah they claim, especially the Calorie Off series, they can help you burn more calories when you walk :P I dunno… but I like them either way \:D/

  2. Aw well I hope the rest of this week goes better for you, dear! It’s also been a very long week for me, I just want to go back to bed!

    I’m more concerned with comfort also, now. I’m also leaning towards natural-looking lenses now, something I would have never thought of doing a few months ago. I still like my big 15mm Candy Magic lenses to give me the ‘dolly’ effect, but I’ve switched over to some more ‘toned’ down styles.

    Those tights look comfy!

    • jenny says:

      *nods feverishly* I went through something similar. Slowly wanting more natural, maybe less enlarging and absolutely more comfy lenses. I’d try a “fun” color these past few months for sponsors but just haven’t actually been wearing them. I’ve only ever been wearing my cosmo gray’s because of comfort and look. I actually tossed my Candy Brown pair after wearing them last week because my eyes were so tired after wearing them. Blegh =_=;;

  3. Vickyy~ says:

    Let us know how the tights are! I am considering buying them as well but I would like to know what you think since I trust your opinion ^^~

  4. Panda says:

    aw! They’re out of stock of those! I wanted to buy a pair because you always talk about these types of tights/leggings. Do you know if they restock often?

    • jenny says:

      I assume they do because they were OOS last week so I ordered the “extreme thick” pair instead. A few days later the “warm” pair were back in stock while the “extreme thick” were OOS!! And now both are OOS … I was sooooooo frustrated trying to get these, you have to check often!

  5. felicia says:

    I have tights just like those (just not from the same brand) ~ They make my butt look nice. That’s very hard to do.

    • jenny says:

      Hah!! Yeah my nude tights from them make my thighs look soooo much better hahaha. I wore them nearly every day last winter, even under other tights huhuhu…

  6. For some reason, i’m not really into diet tights >_> You can always see them on magazines and stuff, but it actually don’t have much impact for me >: I find more interesting to see what they eat and drink and exercises too.

    • jenny says:

      To each his own. I love em, but then again I’m almost always wearing tights anyway plus the extra pressure makes me legs feel good even during a long day of work :3

  7. Miah says:

    OMG! You literally just about red my mind~~I had just been looking at the same exact tights yesterday and wondring if i should get them or not!
    Have your other socks/tights worked for you? Do you notice yourself more toned, thinner thighs, etc?
    Tell me how these worked out for you-I’m curious!!! ZxD

    • jenny says:

      Definitely keeps your legs from getting bloated and swollen. I dunno, for me I put them on and I’m more motivated to walk longer, stay eating healthy while out, etc, etc. They claim they really work but when I wear them I tend to “try harder” to be healthy too so for me it seems to work a little, in some fashion. I’ve never worn them out then sit for 8 hours and eat cake so I don’t know hahaha

  8. Margaret says:

    I know what you mean about the makeup. I’ve been slowly feeling more this way with my makeup lately–wanting to have less items but have them be more luxurious items that I really love and, most importantly, rely on.

    • jenny says:

      I haven’t felt exactly that way about my makeup, just wondering if I will since I feel that way about my clothes and everything else. I’m sure eventually. It’s just hard to think of not having a ton of options in my makeup.

  9. emmy says:

    “I have a regular nude pair of their Calorie Off tights plus some knee highs from them too. Both I love. Love love love…”

    Could you link to the regular nude Calorie Off pair of tights? :3 I’m having a hard time finding them online for sale, but I seriously NEED these :D

  10. Vermillion says:

    Could you please post a review on Onna no Yokubo tights? I’ll love to hear more about them. And I was wondering how tight are Calorie Off knee high stocks? I bought a pair of slimming knee high socks (can’t remember which brand) and they didn’t really do anything… My sister like I already have slim legs? lol ;o;

    And I think I’ve also become like that with my circle lenses. I love Neo too, they’re so comfy aren’t they?

    • jenny says:

      I’ll try, I just wore one pair for the first time today :)

      The Calorie Off knee high socks are TIGHT. When I first bought them I was 25 lbs heavier and could hardly get them on. Now they go on easier but are still quite fitted. They’re definitely pressure socks but not uncomfortable. I used to put them on every day a few years ago when I was dieting. Now I only wear them at home when I work out.

  11. rae says:

    hmm these tights sound quite intriguing!

  12. lissy says:

    these diet tights sound quite interesting, have a pair like them but I don’t think they are diet tights ;__;

  13. Tori says:

    That’s so funny, I just weeded out my circle lens collection too! Going to try the Hana 30 Days series now ♥

  14. Sesame says:

    I’ve been looking for a good pair of winter tights or leggings lately but it’s too bad that imomoko seems to only carry Train tights in M-L, I’m taller than the recommended 150-165cm. :(

    • jenny says:

      Unfortunately, like a lot of Japanese goods, it’s actually just a free-size. The official brand page only lists the M-L size. There’s no other size available =Y

  15. ShuShu ♥ says:

    i am a big fan of tights, hehe. i also bought some pretty warm ones for winter these days. i really like the imomoko-shop, there are a lot of handy items :3 i guess i will order sth there pretty soon :D

    ShuShu ♥

  16. sukipooki says:

    Oh these look good!!! Im going to be on a look out for these! I couldn’t believe that there were stores in Tokyo that only sold socks! LOL

  17. Courtney says:

    I can’t wait to hear how warm the tights are. :) I love how tights and leggings look for winter but they are often not superb at keeping the chill out. Recently I bought some “sweater tights”–thick knit and I’ve been wearing them almost daily! So if yours are warm I’ll probably grab some too. :)

    Yes! I know what you mean. *nod We all have clothes we want to use but don’t know what to wear them with and when you can finally part and you’re only left with your favorites it’s a nice feeling. :) When pretty much any combination is wearable it just makes life so much easier ^^b

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