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Monday, Apr. 2, 2012 | 23 Comments   

Was so surprised to see this in my mailbox when I got home from work today!

Totally unexpected birthday gift from Emm! :deco6:

It’s one of those really multifunctional iPhone cases made to look like a toy camera. :ok: Best of all I can have phone straps again!!! Not to mention it props itself up for easy viewing. Ah this is … this is just perfect! :up: I’m going on vacation soon and the fact it makes taking photos easier will really come in handy~~ :celebrate:

Emm actually sells these too if you’re interested in getting your own! Lots of colors!

Thanks Emm!!

Putting it on tonight~ I’ve had my Psych one on since February anyway lolol


Jenny posted on Monday, Apr. 2, 2012   



23 Responses to “iCam iPhone Case”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh snap! That looks really amazing! Oh my gosh, speaking of your birthday, I really want to send you a gift (after your super amazing stationery which I really appreciate and STILL use!!). I tried to make out the return address on the packages that you sent to me, but my mailman likes to just toss things around and it got scratched up.

  2. Satori says:

    That looks wonderful. I’m thinking of getting an iPhone myself one day, and this case looks lovely!

  3. Serena says:

    *sigh* if only I had a iPhone! :( but the case is pretty!

  4. felicia says:

    that’s simply adorable! i’m sure my sister would be all over that!
    too bad i don’t have an iphone ; u ;

  5. Dana says:

    That case is really cute. Though my real love in the post is Banana Boss. I’m addicted to his character goods. I have a large plushie of him, slippers, and mugs. xD He’s awesome!

  6. Tiffany says:

    Oh my goodness, such a cute phone case! Haha I’d imagine it’d be huge and impossible to stick in your pocket x)

    • jenny says:

      It’s actually not so thick that you couldn’t unless you were wearing super tight painted on skinny jeans. I almost always carry mine in my purse though. It comes with a strap and shows you can wear it on a neck strap, probably suggested for that reason :)

  7. M says:

    yay im really happy you got it in time because i used the cheaper (hehe) form of shipping! DOESNT MATTER STILL MADE IT!

  8. Ru says:

    Hello! This iphone case is really cool!

  9. Hannah♡ says:

    Aww, that’s so cute. :3

  10. Sami says:

    Such a lovely present, it’s very “you” too :D

    At first I wasn’t sure how it could help with taking pictures but I looked on her website and I understand now!
    People probably wouldnt even realise it was an iPhone
    It’s such a cool design :D

  11. Tatiana says:

    Such a lovely gift. I love all things that look kinda retro/old. And I didn’t know it was your birthday. Well happy birthday, I wish you all good things: happiness, love and good health. ♥ Tati

  12. Kate says:

    Very, very cute! (:

  13. Mischa says:

    I love this case, I’ve been eyeing it for a while. :3 I want to get a white one to match my phone! Such a nice gift~

  14. Laura says:

    oh wow this case is so cool. there are so many unique cases for iphones, i need an upgrade to one so i can start a collection :)

  15. Alisa says:

    I wish they would have so nice cases for smartphones ↓↓
    Sadly, I cannot afford an iphone…
    Well hope for the best that they will bring nice cases for smartphones! (笑)

  16. Mary says:

    This is mega cool! Sometimes I want to get an iPhone because there are so many awesome cases!

  17. Cindii says:

    What a nice surprise!!

  18. Tori says:

    It’s so you :)

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