Streamer Coffee Company

Wednesday May 09, 2012   

Streamer Coffee Company in Harajuku [Jingumae more precisely.] The owner is a world champion at latte art. My friend took me here for a girl’s morning out (sans husbands.) We had lattes and shared this homemade “military” doughnut that was bigger than a typical bagel. Quiet, no-frills atmosphere with a militaristic edge (wood, metal, muted colors.) Good for sharing quiet conversation & great caffeine. :deco2:


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24 Responses to “Streamer Coffee Company”

  1. NathaliKitty says:

    *——–* LOVE coffee
    beautiful place

  2. Mai says:

    These photos are really lovely! Did you get to choose the art for your lattes?

  3. Tori says:

    I can’t decide which looks more scrumptious, the latte or the doughnut! XD Sounds like it was a lovely time~

  4. DAISY says:

    Coffee looks so nice:) sadly I don’t drink a coffee :((

  5. Thao says:

    Wow, a world champion at latte art! That’s pretty neat.

  6. Mary says:

    I always wanted a drink with latte art, but I haven’t found a single place where I live ):

  7. Jia Ni says:

    WOW. The latte art is amazing!!! *_*

  8. Michelle says:

    Ugh, I love coffee art. I finally found a place close to home that does coffee art, but so far they just do the simple leaf heart – nothing too fancy.

  9. Leslie says:

    That camo donut and wonderful latte art are to die for!

  10. ada says:

    Japanese are perfecto when it’s goin about cafes!

  11. chocoNIKKI says:

    mm~ Latte~ The doughnut looks interesting too! ^^

  12. Amelia says:

    the latte looks so pretty! I so gonna check this coffee shop out later :] thanks for the info

  13. miss wave♪ says:

    !!! I love Streamer! My only complaint is how late they open and how early they close. :( Other than that delicious coffee, great atmosphere and the best place to get work done on a Saturday afternoon.

  14. Thanh Thao says:

    What a beautiful coffee art!! So nice! You always know the best and stylish places Jenny!

  15. fai says:

    OMG….they look delish! I might give it a try this weekend :)

  16. Jackie says:

    Seeing all of your Japan posts is making me so giddy! I’m going to Japan this summer with a couple of friends and a teacher as a graduation present, and I can’t wait!

  17. vogelstar says:

    I just discovered your site and it’s nice to see someone else is Japan happy. I’m also slacking on sharing my Japan trip stories :)
    I really miss the shopping there. Love all the fashion and beauty product reviews you do.

  18. maha says:

    This place looks lovely. I’m gonna have to check it out next time I’m in Tokyo ^.^ The donut especially is really unique!

  19. Sidney says:

    YES! Finding precious coffee shops where the people making your coffee actually CARE makes it seem 200% more…something. Comfortable? Relaxing? Authentic? IDK. But your coffee and that donut looks so good!!

  20. cin says:

    Ooo camo print donut!! How cool!
    It sounds like you had a lovely girl’s date! :)

  21. rene says:

    World champ at latte art?! That is cool. I love staring and admiring those froth on the lattes sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing about this cafe!

  22. Courtney says:

    it looks so pretty~ your donut…is it wrapped in something? the colors seem strange. I can’t imagine what it tasted like o.o

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