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Monday May 07, 2012   

A little break from travel photos for a look at what filled up my suitcase.

Starting with firming creams then shampoos followed by hair care/perfumes and body lotions.

I ditched a lot of the packaging for some of this stuff to save on room & weight in my luggage. Helpful tip I guess?

I bought a new body roller. An upgrade from my previous plastic ones but not quite as nice as the original ReFa. I was going to buy the ReFa but it’s $250 and I just felt so silly trying to justify the cost. This one costs about 1/5 instead and I’m really loving it. I’ve been using it every night to counteract swelling.

This is essentially Nivea’s state-side discontinued “My Silhouette” Happy I found it.

I used 1/3 of the Angel Heart Hair Wash at the hotel. Mostly to get it weighing a little less. It re-locks for easy transport! It’s a pretty OK shampoo. Nothing special but didn’t weigh my hair down & smells very lovely!

Hair spray I used while on my trip. ケープ Free Arrange. It’s OK. No strong odor and has a less stiff, “free” hold so it’s good for down do’s. To be fair it was raining 1/2 the time so my hair wasn’t gonna look too hot either way.

Hair fragrances
I only purchased rose-scented ones and there were A LOT of various brands. Seems like every brand had one and then some. Baby Veil, Organic Rose Water Mist, Jewel Jouer in Mimi Torte.

The Loretta is a hairspray for “fluffy” hair looks. The products of this brand are decorated beautifully and have a scent of rose and lavender.

Prostyle Morning Reset Water in rose, Liese Curling Water, Liese Designing Jelly (has a stiff hold,) then some rose shower wash & powder spray.

Essence for Princess Perfect Hair
SOLD! lolol

Also the box for this is gorgeous. It’s hair essence so it adds shine and softens plus gives off a scent of rose all day.

Next to that, the SALA Hair Cologne is what I’m currently using daily. I’d say the scent lasts about 6~8 hours.

But the commercial, OMG this is me…

Next to SALA’s is Ma Cherie’s Hair Fragrance. The Sexy Girl Hair Cologne. I didn’t think Sexy Girl had a rose one at first because their pink bottle is “Candy Berry” scent and I just naturally looked to pink bottles for the rose scents. Finally I took a moment to look through all their fragrances and realized the purple can was the rose. Serves me right for thinking rose = pink 100% of the time.

Bewitch in Love hair body cologne and more stuff from Pink-G brand which I mentioned before here.

Then some Body Fantasies in Rose Petal which is a scent I had never seen in the states before. It’s a mix of rose & baby powder. Baby Powder isn’t among my favorite scents but it worked in this case. I bought it for something I could take with me on the plane (under 3oz) and was a strong scent since I would be essentially off & on planes for 24hours straight. Apparently this scent won some 2011 Yahoo Beauty Award. My friend told me I smelled good so I guess it works

Then just some Rose of Heaven stuff & Happy Bath Day body powder spray.

Liese Night Care Whip. This sounded intriguing. You blow dry it into your hair at night and it’s supposed to help you wake up with ready to go voluminous hair. I haven’t used it yet and the reviews at cosme.net have me a little doubtful but I still wanted to try it out.

I regret not buying the rose toner from this line after reading reviews that it was amazing. Either way, I did get the rosewater hair mist & this moisturizer.

That’s it for now~


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39 Responses to “Japanese Beauty Products”

  1. Sewon says:

    Oh my goodness, you did well with bringing back beauty products! I want to smell all the rose scented hair products~ I usually only bring back one or two things, and regret it later. :P

    • jenny says:

      Yeah that’s how I had felt on previous trips. I thought maybe I’d buy a lot of clothes like last time but really anything ROSE is my passion so it naturally turned into me buying much more rose items than anything else like clothing or foods etc, etc.

  2. Maye says:

    Lots of wonderful and interesting products! And so many hair products, I’m amazed.
    The hair fragances look pretty neat, hopefully people around you ::cough cough:: don’t find “invasive” the fragrance, if you get my drift.

    The CM for the Sala hair fragance it’s loltastic, but then I can see they exist for a reason. I wouldn’t have thought of this before.

    Hope you can share a review o the new products and thanks for sharing your haul!

  3. Tori says:

    So much beauty! The ‘essence for princess perfect hair’ bottle made me lol & love all at the same time, haha XD

    • jenny says:

      Yes!! I love giving into the knee-jerk reactions of seeing “princess” or “beauty” on stuff such as the beauty tea I bought. It’s fun at least on vacation to give in frivolously.

  4. chocoNIKKI says:

    Wow! What an amazing haul~~! It all looks so good – I don’t know how you’ll choose which to use! =D The hair mists seem really useful (I can relate to the CM too haha~) =O

  5. L says:

    So many products~ Its glorious! :D :D

  6. mommo says:

    you sure have a lot of product. those are too many lol
    I think I should try them out.. I probably should..

  7. Emelie says:

    Liese Night Care Whip!!! Omg! I used it always when I lived in Japan! I prefer showering at night, and to find a product that was made for sleeping on (ordinary mousses and stuff just tends to screw up my hair, giving me weird L-shaped “curls” if I sleep on it) was just amazing, and I miss it oh so much! I really recommend it!
    I have super fine, quite thin hair, and it really made a difference for me! And it smells delightfully, and it gives you just enough texture, most of the time products tend to give too much/too weird texture :/

    Uhh, random outburst but omg Night care whip!

    Japanese beauty products are the best, everything smells nice and they’ve really thought of everything.. Walking into a swedish beauty shop, you mostly just see “100% natural products, this product smells like cow dung! For that earthy-fresh feel!”, and, uh..

  8. Anna says:

    Wow! You buy a lot of products! Can’t wait to read reviews of some of them :)

  9. 3lin says:

    so many rose rose rose…! Hard to find in Malaysia. Enjoy reading this useful information.

  10. bloomzy says:

    I want them all!!
    I loved Rose before I started reading your blog (all those years ago), but I truly believe you have cemented it in my beauty regime haha

  11. Everything looks just sooo beautiful!

  12. ニッキー says:

    WOW! So much product. It would take me forever to use everything. I think most important thing is that you are happy and got what you were looking for. :)

  13. Jane says:

    Packaging looks so nice! Btw, I heard that the Nivea product was discontinued because it doesn’t have any “slimming” ingredients like it claims. It’s actually just plain old lotion with a nice scent. Lol! I have a bottle from when it was still on the shelves though… at least it is a nice moisturizer! >.

  14. Kate says:

    I love them all! I love hair products, rose scents, AND body slimming gels even though it’s likely just a gimmick.. I still love those things. My husband jokes that I’ll need two spare suitcase if/when we ever visit Japan because of the amount of beauty stuff I’d buy. I see no problem with that! Hope you love your purchases.

  15. Tilleul says:

    Wow. Who knew hair perfume was such a thing. Do please let us know if the night whip thing works.

  16. karen says:

    omg its like porn for me.


  17. Laura says:

    All the packaging looks so pretty and nice~
    I’ve recently started to like rose scented things too so I can see why you’ve got so many things that are :)

  18. rae says:

    lol that video, although i did not understand anything, was super cute :)

  19. Jenna says:

    I love this post so much! It’s very helpful knowing which products you’ve tried and liked. Whenever I’m at the store, I feel a little overwhelmed~! This was a good guide. :) Thank you!

  20. […] Japanese Beauty Product par Sushi-Cat. Un haul tout en couleur composé principalement de soins pour les corps et de parfums pour les cheveux ! Les Japonais ne sont pas friands des parfums « traditionnels » puisque leur odeur, trop forte, peuvent indisposer les autres. Ainsi les Japonaises se tournent vers les parfums pour les cheveux ! J’en avais acheté un que je n’avais finalement jamais utilisé. J’avais peur d’abîmer mes cheveux en ajoutant du parfum dessus. Sushi-Cat a sélectionné essentiellement des « hair fragance » à la rose, et j’ai appris une chose : certains « hair fragrance » donne de la brillance au cheveux  ! En fait, c’est comme un produit coiffant mais parfumé, non ? […]

  21. cin says:

    Oooohhh so much useful info~ hehehee *writes down*
    I’ve been using the Essential Nuance shampoo & conditioner and it’s really good imo~ :D I can feel my ends are more smooth! How often do you use the body roller? I only have a cheap 315 yen one though and use it every once in a while.. ^^;

  22. rene says:

    No bath salts this time round? Hehe!

  23. Courtney says:

    LOL the commercial specifically stating that it will cut through the smell of yakiniku ! I like the idea of “hair perfume” but wouldn’t it clash with / replace a regular perfume i wonder?

  24. grl.li says:

    Thanks for all of the product info! Love anything rose scented!

  25. […] Les parfums pour les cheveux. Au Japon, le parfum, au sens où on l’entend en France, n’est pas légion. On lui préfère nettement les « hair fragrance » qui sentent les fruits (jaunes ou rouges) ou les fleurs (comme la rose), histoire d’avoir des cheveux de princesse. Sushi-Cat en présente quelques uns à la fin de son haul. […]

  26. Rhi says:

    OMG u did a GREAT job packing all that back! I had my wallet on a tight leash when I hit Tokyo in April and STILL had to sit on my suitcase to get it closed! *thumbs up*

    Had my eye on the Organic Rose Perfect Gel too but got distracted by the rest of MatsuKiyo as usual… =P

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