Sleeveless Print Pleated Blouse

Monday June 25, 2012   

Pink semi-sheer blouse from Tokyo Fashion at Love that it’s both sleeveless and has a nice wide collar. Perfect for summer.

Finished up my laundry today. I still need to iron a few things but I’ll get to that tomorrow~~

This is what’s in my closet right now. A surprising number of knits but it’s very cold at my office so I still have to layer up or else I’ll freeze during work.

Have a stripe dress or two… or three! I need to iron the green one still.

Love Bvlgari fragrance.


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60 Responses to “Sleeveless Print Pleated Blouse”

  1. mommo says:

    Cute hair with lovely curve and lovely clothes, I love you style :)

  2. Maye says:

    Did you dyed your hair as well? It looks lighter (or maybe it was the filter) but it looks really pretty!!

    And your closet looks pretty neat! ::thumbs up::

    • jenny says:

      Actually it’s lighter because it’s my natural hair now. Usually I color it darker but all the color from last October is now cut out so it’s my natural light color again.

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness, I am in love with how much dedication you put into your laundry. It sounds like the silliest thing to say, but I rarely iron my shirts before I even think to wear it. I should probably consider doing that more often as I do find myself with little time to iron a shirt before wearing it. T_T

    • jenny says:

      Honestly I don’t /hate/ ironing but I do moan about doing it. So I try to do it all at once. Like wash all my oxfords together so I can iron them altogether too.

  4. 3lin says:

    Is that your new hair cut? Sort of a little curl . Your closet are pretty need. I can’t imagine my unsorted closet. zz

  5. Jung says:

    I’ve been wanting to ask you this for the longest time now: How do you manage to keep your cloth looking so brand new?! Is there a secret formula that you follow? :p

    • Jing says:

      Ooops…I managed to misspell my name -____-“

    • jenny says:

      It’s not really a secret, just lessons learned and a little extra care. I hate going to the dry cleaners too so this is 99.999% all done at home :)

      Basically I only wash my clothes on the gentle cycle and the hand-wash cycle for extra delicates (or you can hand wash in the sink which I used to do in college) and I ONLY ever use cold water. I use regular detergent and a little liquid fabric softener on most stuff. I usually hang dry or lie flat to dry (I have a drying rack from IKEA, very affordable.) I’ll throw some things in the dryer on air dry (like jeans) or “low-heat” (like my lounge wear) with a dryer sheet for softness.

      If it’s something very delicate or a knit (like a cardigan or sweater) I’ll use a more gentle detergent called Woolite. Always reshape and dry flat.

      Once everything is dry on the rack I’ll throw it into the dryer on “air” for 10 minutes with a dryer sheet to soften them up.

      Lastly for “dry clean only” or even just a freshen up I LOVE Dryel!!! You can buy the kit and refills easily and it works wonderfully. I swear by them!

      Hope that helps :)

  6. M says:

    i actually wouldnt mind trying to dress well for my office either except that it’s right above a fish plant so it smells bad and sometimes i have to go downstairs so no point ;_;

    • jenny says:

      Honestly I’ve read what’s often most important is dressing somewhat similarly to your immediate coworkers so … “when in Rome” as they say. *air freshener dangling from your neck lol*

  7. Mary says:

    LOVE the blouse!!! I am also in LOVE with your closet! I have a tendency to always reorganize mine, but I wish I had cute hangers like yours!

    • jenny says:

      I get really fed up with mine and do clean outs often and sometimes reorgs too! Thanks about the hangers! They’re sorta new. I finally switched to satin :D They’re great for keeping the shape but they take up a lot more room! Haha I couldn’t fit more if I wanted to because they’re the equivalent of like 5 of my old hangers in size :P

  8. Jesslyn says:

    Lovely post! I absolutely love your style and how you organize your closet! That’s so neat :)

  9. Kei says:

    I love the blouse, and your closet is so neat~!

  10. Lolo says:

    hahaha what a coincidence I JUSTTTT finished my laundry~
    Your closet looks so fresh and nice and so does your hair cut~

    • jenny says:

      Thank you Lorik *hug*
      I hate going off for a weekend (I had to last weekend) because you come back with just a mountain of extra laundry to do huhuhu. Finally finished it!

  11. L says:

    You have so many cute things in your closet :)

  12. K says:

    cute cute cute :D

    would you mind sharing what’s on your lips in this picture~? :)

    • jenny says:

      Sure! I’m pretty sure it was Candy Doll’s Cotton Candy gloss. I was wearing it all day. No lip concealer though and my lips were a bit sunburned so it’s darker looking on me here.

  13. Denny says:

    That blouse looks hella cute! :)
    Well if you ask you you’re lucky that it’s cold at your workplace because knits are the cutest thing known to man, and it’s so sad that during the summer they are practically a no-no if you don’t want to get a cooked in them…

    • jenny says:

      This is true. I was so sad to pack away many of my knits and figured they’d all need to go eventually but that wasn’t the case :)

  14. Alisa says:

    Hey Jenny,
    I saw that you got shorter hair again. Can you show it to us?? I mean I want to see your whole face :) ♥

  15. Reiko says:

    I love what’s in your closet! So cute and warm!
    Perfect for summer!

  16. shar says:

    I love your closet! It looks gorgeous~ Do you clean it out pretty often? It looks a little sparse Dx

    • jenny says:

      I only keep my current favorites up to wear. If it’s a seasonal item I pack it away in the spare closet or if I don’t like something anymore/realize I’m not ever wearing it I donate it. I don’t like holding onto items I don’t 100% love.

  17. Your wardrobe looks so organized! Mine is so small, and I’ve got so much, and everything just kind of get’s thrown in there (girl problems……..). And then I don’t know whats laundry and what’s clean. Hahaha, when I move next time I’m going to make one room a closet!

  18. Etienne says:

    All your clothes looks so nice! I really like your dress collection!
    I don’t know if it’s because where i live, but, i have the feeling that if i had a closet like this, my clothes would get so much dust! Anyway, i really love the way you organize your clothes, i feel bad for mine, they are always in a dark place lol

    • jenny says:

      Dust?! Hmmm I don’t know if that’s an environment thing either but when I think of dusty clothes I think “wow you never wear that, get rid of it!” Hahaha!

  19. That reminds me of last summer at my old job, I wore “winter clothes” the whole summer since the office was so cold :S

    • jenny says:

      It makes for quite a bipolar closet at times. Thank goodness for knits in lighter more summer friendly colors \:D/

  20. Sidney says:

    I want a big closet too T T Oh who am I kidding, I WANT TO LIVE IN A PLACE *I* PICKED OUT. Blah. hahaha I love your closet and how organized it is, it makes me drool~~

  21. Lauri says:

    Hi Jenny! Your closet looks so organized and even spacious *o*. Would you mind letting me know where I can get that pretty mustard bag?

  22. fai says:

    wow…your closet is so neat. i love your hangers, they are so cute!

  23. Emy says:

    Oh Jenny you look wonderful as always and you have such an exciting closet full of cute clothing! xx

  24. Nick says:

    I love your hair and your mouth… ♥
    Your clothes are amazing and your shoes too!
    Great images!

    Flights and Dreams

  25. Bianca says:

    GETTIN THAT SH*T IN ORANGE…i love that sweater…you find the BEST stuff on yesstyle…THE BEST!

    I really love this evolved look of yours…ugh you got it DOWN PAT

  26. Emmeline says:

    Your wardrobe looks amazingly neatly organized, I’m in awe! Love everything you’ve got there – the striped dresses and the minty skirt you recently blogged about in particular. I wish I had the time and ambition to do something about that mess I like to call my wardrobe, haha.

    I’ve been following your blog for such a long time, years even, without ever getting round to comment. Everything you post is so adorable and interesting!

    • jenny says:

      My wardrobe has definitely been the root of some past unhappiness so now I make it a priority. After all, it’s where I spend the first moments of the day! It’s nice to start out with a pleasant, calming environment when I’m rushing half awake to get dressed and run off to work :D

      And also, thank you for commenting dear, because I know you didn’t have to; I appreciate it :)

  27. z says:

    gahhh i love your closet so much!!! so simple and so you.

  28. Miya says:

    oooooh you fold your skirts! That is interesting! Beautiful closet shots!

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