Madewell Denim Boyshirt

Wednesday July 11, 2012   

Received a surprise from Madewell today in the mail.
A Fall 2012 lookbook. :deco2:

I’ve gotten their catalogs before but this is new. It was personalized with written addressing and a little card saying I was a favorite customer and to call for a styling appointment. Well, I absolutely love this little touch. It’s little things like this that make me loyal to a brand. And funny I received this just after having so much Madewell on my wishlist! The universe is trying to give me big hints? :!?: I love their catalogs and booklets like this; I tend to keep them well into the season for inspiration.

In early June I had to bid adieu to my favorite summer blouse.
My UNIQLO seersucker shirt.

It was faded and looked so worn from, well, being worn! :deco13: I decided to replace it with a Madewell “denim boyshirt” instead. Better for winter. And a good summer layer that works nicely unbuttoned.

mmmm shot on “vibrant” setting :) Olympus Pen E-PL2


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13 Responses to “Madewell Denim Boyshirt”

  1. Mary says:

    Pure love! I been eyeing denim shirts for a while, but all of them have made me look to manly ~_~

  2. Kate says:

    I love the wash on that shirt!

    • jenny says:

      Mmm me too! I’ve paired it with a black pencil skirt and black heels for work already & it really transitions well from office to play \:D/

  3. JIM says:


  4. JIM says:

    MY madewell is all boarded up and abandoned wat is life

  5. Sidney says:

    YES!!!! denim button-ups ~~ i am always amazed at how versatile mine is; it’s too hot to REALLY wear it, but I always try it on anyway and it’s awesome~

  6. mommo says:

    Very lovely and stylish! but those were really red XD!

  7. Denny says:

    So very nice when your favorite brand does something like this! But you are one loyal customer! How can they not send you things :)

  8. Moni says:

    Gosh, their packaging and style design is SO nice!! I asked for a catalogue/lookbook a while ago, but it never came… they sent me J. Crew instead (which is still nice, but I would be more likely to shop at Madewell than J.Crew).

    Anyway, I like the new denim shirt! It’ll be a great layering piece for fall and winter. :D

    • jenny says:

      J Crew instead is NOT the same, I’m sorry but totally agree with you! Sometimes the shops have the catalogs but they get picked up quickly ;(

  9. Miya says:

    that is so nice that they sent you a fall lookbook with a personalized note!!!! I totally get what you mean about brand loyalty in that sense. loveeeeeee the denim boyshirt. *steals*

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