All That Shimmers

Thursday July 26, 2012   

Some shimmery makeup I’ve been using quite often lately. Both I received from Yesstyle:

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color Mystic Rose

Use a single color or create your own original favorite color by mixing the shades. Moist Powder Base enhances clear color development and a long-lasting pearly sheen. A blend of highly transparent oil-mix and Clear Sliding Powder helps color to retain a dewy, glossy finish.

Part of the Spring 2012 line, I was most interested in the highlighter. I had tried it on at a Duty Free shop before purchasing. At first I was unimpressed but also the salesperson wouldn’t let me apply it to my liking. I went ahead and ordered it anyway and am so glad I did!

My first thought for this highlighter was that it’s really great for paler skintones.
It shows up marvelously!
For me it’s an all-season highlighter given how many color options you have in one palette. It goes on subtle but can be easily built up to a very glamorous glow! It’s somewhere between shimmery and glittery. So I would say it’s a twinkling highlighter. Most of the outside roses are shimmery pearl based while the main center rose has the most sparkle. The top left rose is somewhere in between the two. So you can choose the texture you want for that day. I just love them altogether though. :deco9:

And because it’s Anna Sui the palette smells of sweet roses of course.

Dolly Wink Cream Gold Eye Shadow

Cream based Dolly Wink gold shimmer shadow. I try to stay away from cream shadows because they crease on me easily even when using an eye shadow primer. However since this one was more glitter and shimmer based I wanted to give it a try. Well I love it too! It doesn’t often crease and the shimmer is so vibrant! And because it’s a cream there’s no fall out of glitter specs. :deco3:

**in the sunlight** ::9:


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13 Responses to “All That Shimmers”

  1. JIM says:

    omg girrrrrrrrl that blush is sexy

  2. Cassia says:

    I never know how to use highlighters like that. I used a pale purple one recently and it looked nice but I was so bemused as to why it didnt look like purple shadow on my cheeks! haha. I might have to try one of these tho!

  3. ★Momo☆ says:

    I love the Dolly Wink cream gold eye shadow

    • ★Momo☆ says:

      gahhh my comment got cut D: Lol I’ll just have to reply here then XD

      I love the Dolly Wink cream gold eye shadow. It makes my eyes pop (^_^)

      I’m kinda sceptical on buying a purple highlighter. I’m somewhat tan, so whenever I try on a tester I’m not for sure if it looks good or silly on me XD

  4. Reiko says:

    The Dolly Wink cream eyeshadow really looks nice!
    You should show us your pic with the eyeshadow. ^_^

    I’m gonna get myself some Dolly Wink products!!! XD

  5. Elisa says:

    whoa loving the packaging!! and the anna sui o.o looks amazing

  6. K says:

    I’m always tempted to buy the Dolly Wink cream shadows, but I’m sooo afraid they’re going to crease!!

    Have you ever tried Jill Stuart’s jelly eye shadows? They’re basically just slightly tinted shimmer/glitter, but they never ever ever crease on me, love it ♥

  7. Charlene says:

    You should try using eye primer before the cream shadows (if you haven’t already). I do that and they never crease. ;)

  8. Mikka says:

    Hi! I’m loving the Dolly Wink Cream Gold Eyeshadow! And the packaging is so cute with all the Tsubasa eye candy. :) Hehe. I would love to see how it actually looks on. :D Hope you’re doing great~ Cya!

  9. Fanny says:

    lovely stuffs :D

  10. Sia says:

    I’m not that crazy about Dolly Wink, but that cream shadow looks really good. Might buy in the future. ^ ^

    You said highlighters are suited for pale skin, is NC20 light enough. = 0=;

  11. Miamy says:

    The cheek color looks gorgeous! Wonder how it looks like on skin? the pallette looks purple-ish.. :)

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