Rinka Meets Mint

Saturday July 21, 2012   

I know it’s been a while since I posted one of these but someone mentioned missing them. :deco13: So here’s my outfit from today. Mint blazer included. It’s actually chilly today. A break from the heat with temperatures barely reaching 70F and rainy. :deco11: :rainy:

Mint blazer, Rinka Tee, Madewell Denim, Black Flats, Community Tote.

And speaking of Rinka and mint …
Just really like this September cover from Mina


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35 Responses to “Rinka Meets Mint”

  1. Margaret says:

    When I saw this issue at the konbini yesterday I immediately thought of you!

    Adorable coord. (I’m always jealous of your closet.) It’s been cold here in Tokyo the past few days too. I totally didn’t pack for that. haha. Not going to complain though! Much easier to deal with than the heat!

  2. Magie says:

    Your hair and outfit is adorable! You’re so classy and chic, it’s lovely. I just love mint, despite how reminiscent of (mouth watering delicious) candy it makes me.

    I just adore your style and life, in general. I do wish I was less shy and closer to you in age, (I’m seventeen and while my mom wouldn’t mind, I feel a bit childish and embarrassed by my age) or I’d ask you to meet for coffee. There aren’t many bloggers in the DC Metro area – at least, not anymore.

    • jenny says:

      Oh never wish to grow up more quickly. 17 is wonderful. Not easy but wonderful! And yes. It does seem most DC bloggers are closer to my age or older. Definitely a DC thing. I wish I could comment more but I’m rather sick lately. Take care!

  3. Shmuberry says:

    I’m in love with your blazer

  4. Jenna says:

    It somehow looks like a vintage cover…like an older issue~ :O (And cute coord!)

  5. Chani says:

    I love the coordination. The blazer and the shirt look so perfect. For some reason, I know (and see) that the blazer is mint but my head keeps saying white. I really don’t know why since I see it perfectly clear, it’s mint.

  6. L says:

    I missed your outfit posts too. Your necklace is really cute ^^

  7. Sally says:

    You are so pretty. I think mint is a beautiful color. I love this cover of mina because Rinka’s style is so sweet and delightful.

  8. Lolo says:

    Yayyyyy short hair~~ Looks lovely~
    Mint is one of those colors that I can never grow tired of…it instantly makes me feel comfortable and happy~

  9. 3lin says:

    u look great ! =)

  10. fai says:

    oooo…love your blazer! mint is one of my favorite colors :)

  11. Anna says:

    I’m so happy to see an outfit post! You look great, outfit, hair, everything! It looks really summery and fresh, and elegant! Hope to see a bigger outfit post soon!

  12. Jenny says:

    Ohh the blazer is sooo pretty! I love pastel ice cream colours :) And I am also super jealous of your rug!!

  13. Vermillion says:

    Cute outfit! Love the RInka tee and mint blazer.

  14. Fanny says:

    Love your outfit ^^

  15. Jess Lice says:

    i love this t-shirt!

  16. jilliancat says:

    I’ve never own any mint colour clothes, but I like the blazer on you! Looks very sweet :D

  17. ★Momo☆ says:

    I’m loving the Mint blazer and that cute Rinka tee!

    It’s been also raining where I live….where’s the sun!? (T^T)

  18. JIM says:

    me gusta that blazer mang. YOU SO SEXY

  19. Thanh Thao says:

    Hey Jenny!! :) It’s been awhile I commented on your blog, work has been super busy! It’s good to see one of your cute coordinates again!

  20. Moon Fairy says:

    Das steht dir super. Ich liebe die Farbe Mint. ♡

  21. Jesslyn says:

    Looking great Jenny! I have trouble finding mint blazers :(

  22. Puchi says:

    lovely pics~ the mint-colored blazer is very cute❤

  23. Denny says:

    You look gorgeous in this outfit, everything looks so well put together :)

  24. sukipooki says:

    Cute mint blazer and I really like the heart pattern rug you have! Random question: Do you wear shoes inside your house? I’m always curious LOL

  25. Miya says:

    I literally was trying to think of what to wear tomorrow and decided to check your blog in case you had posted some outfit inspo! Consider me inspired!

  26. Kei says:

    What’s the necklace in this? :)

  27. Xin says:

    I love your coordinates! You are always so amazing with your outfits and taste! I love the rinka cover!!

  28. Mari says:

    Rinka is totes gorgeous,esp after giving birth to her little boy ^^ Her feminine beauty is magnetizing! xx

  29. Kate says:

    I love that mint blazer!

  30. Mija says:

    cuuuuute! I like blazers – and mint!!! Very cool!

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