Colorfleck Boyshirt

Sunday October 07, 2012   

Certain items will just draw me in immediately. I saw Madewell’s Colorfleck Boyshirt over a month ago. The pattern; perfection. It immediately reminded me of a well mixed batter of Pillsbury’s Funfetti cake mix and frosting.

In my eyes it was perfect. But with trying to be a good-little-reformed impulse buyer, I walked away from it. The texture is thick and similar to my denim shirt. So this would almost be like a repeat in a way (or so I told myself in order to walk away.)

But then this weekend there was an oxford sale! :deco3:

It was a SALE! So I bought 2 oxfords. :) The all-white True Love Oxford has been on my want list since spring. I have the same oxford in mint and wore it constantly this spring/late summer. I could never find the white one in stores or online though. Then during this sale there it was right next to the colorfleck boyshirt! And at a lowered price! I was always looking for it because, to me, this oxford is the best. The material isn’t paper thin but it’s still comfortable for warmer weather.

I went to Madewell for the extra 25% off sale items sale because I just found out that I’ll miss out on the in-store Black Friday deals. So for me this was sort of my Madewell Black Friday shopping. I know I can shop online for Black Friday deals but the in-stores deals are tremendously better.


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28 Responses to “Colorfleck Boyshirt”

  1. Veronica says:

    Oh my gosh, Funfetti – YES

    We had funfetti cupcakes at our wedding, haha

    Yeah, their email said 25%, but when I went this weekend it was 30% off in-store! Woo!

  2. JIM says:

    omg son that is so cute

  3. Sidney says:

    I WANT BOTH OF THESE. how did you know? haha

    I really love flecked greys/creams. I wish there was a Madewell in Korea T T

    • jenny says:

      I wish there were too for you. I just love this brand for items I love to wear both in & out of work. Also shopping 1 brand makes shopping easy (I’m so lazzzzzzy)

  4. Mels says:

    I was about to buy that shirt too! The store near me had a 40% off on sale items but there were to many cute things to pick from. I totally regret not buying an oxford shirt though (T-T)

    Being a college student sucks because I’m not ballin’ like someone *cough cough* but thanks to you I’ve become a major Madewell fan (they should totes give you some discounts for promoting their store so well) \(^0^)/

    • jenny says:

      Ah 40% off! That’s so good! I like (ok and sometimes hate) how Madewell sales differ store to store. Mine thankfully does extra sales fairly often while another (flagship) store near me rarely has sale items on hand.

      I’m so pleased to hear my Madewell obsession has helped you find something you love too!! I feel you on the broke college thing. I used to see a $7 necklace a splurge during my college days. But I also wish I had a more discerning eye for the things I did buy back then plus I needed to realize having more clothes didn’t automatically mean a better wardrobe.

      Anyway, cheers!

  5. Hayley says:

    Ahhh so cute! I like the contrast of the adult cut with the cute fabric :)

  6. Michelle says:

    Ahh! I need to stop being so lazy when it comes to going to the mall. I always miss out on the Madewell sales in-store since I’m constantly scoping out their online store. I absolutely love the colorfleck top. It really does look like funfetti!

    • jenny says:

      I have to admit that for my store at least the online sales are never as good. I have purchased online before though on something I was willing to pay full price in order to ensure I received it.

  7. hannah says:

    argh you have such good taste.

  8. Xin says:

    I love you wearing oxfords. I’m already looking forward to see ootd with these from you. I’m a bit sad though because someone with a slim neck can wear these more beautifully. I must do a better diet ! I enjoyed reading your “diet-posts”. Do you still do some healthy diet to keep your figure?

    • jenny says:

      Thanks. I sometimes can’t believe I love wearing oxfords now but then I remember I used to wear them constantly up until a few years ago. :D

      As for the diet, just stay focused! I really changed what I ate daily when I “dieted” a few years ago. The weight has stayed off because I made a real major change in my food choices.

      Like with the pancake syrup, everything I choose is either light, diet, or sugar-free (if the option is there.) For example I also eat light bread. Where a regular slice of white bread is 70 calories I choose the light wheat at 45 calories. Little things like that add up.

      Plus eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. I “graze” on light snacks like 50 calorie pretzel bags or 100 calorie Pris bars in between major meals. After dinner I’ll only have a light snack of grapes or toast or something. Sometimes I enjoy Swiss Miss Diet hot cocoa at only 25 calories with fat free Reddi Whip on top! Kills chocolate cravings and is so low in calories! Great for winter.

      I still splurge though! Maybe every other week I’ll enjoy pizza or desserts like a big slice of cake. I think splurging is necessary to stay happy and enjoy yourself. But splurging every day or every other day is not really a healthy routine for me. I just feel so much better since I started eating healthier foods back in ’09. I could never go back to eating non-light potato chips and ice cream like the old days :)

      • Xin says:

        Thank you ! You really motivates me. If you eat a lot of light or sogar-free food, do you eat artificial sweetener too? I’m always thinking that this is carcinogen and that thought blocked me in a way to stay focused.

        • jenny says:

          Eat whatever you’re comfortable with. If it’s organic then eat organic, if you’re ok with artificial sweeteners then eat sugar-free, diet items. I’m not saying what is best for everyone. I know the studies. Both in support of sweeteners and against. I choose to use them for a variety of personal reasons all which I am comfortable with :)

  9. Sami says:

    I adore that shirt!

  10. Amelia says:

    I hope Madewell will expand in Europe soon.

  11. Bianca says:

    oh my gosh it does look like fun fetti!!!! heee heee!




  12. Jane says:

    Nice shirts! I hate how every time I see something I really like, I end up walking away… but I end up impulse-buying something else that isn’t as great.

  13. megan says:

    So cute! I’ve really come to love Madewell thanks to you and a few other bloggers. It’s still a bit out of my comfortable price range though (if something I loved was on sale or I saved up, yeah, maybe I could do that). I wish we had a store here!

  14. ニッキー says:

    The colorfleck shirt is cute! I visited a Madewell store over the weekend here in SF. I decided not to buy anything because a lot of the product was better priced online due to web sales. :X I hate when that happens…

  15. Eliz says:

    WOW! X-small size… so jealous, Jenny!

  16. Tiana says:

    Oh, to live by a Madewell. I would imagine it to be awfully dangerous. Especially with oxfords that cute!

  17. cin says:

    The shirt looks so comfyyy
    I’m trying out a shirt + skirt combo today~~ (out of my comfort zoneee)

  18. Zoey says:

    Awh! So cute! Do you know if Madewell ship internationally?

  19. Jesslyn says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Do you have recommendations on how to layer up for the cold weather? I am heading out to the mountains next month with my family and most probably it will be snowing..Do you think wearing thermal wear underneath a thick sweater and also a puffer jacket is sufficient? I have never encountered real snowing before and it never snows here in SF as well. So I am curious on how you actually manage to keep yourself warm. Thanks! :)

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