“mt” Masking Tape and BAGGU

Monday December 03, 2012   

So happy Madewell finally brought the mt rolls in store!

Situated on their “Holiday Gifts” table were all the rolls of “mt” tape they’ve been offering on their site for months. I’m so happy to have some mt of my own :)

I know, I know, you can buy them online. Heck, I could have even purchased them with free shipping from Madewell.com or other mt sites earlier! But I’m a pretty diehard in-person shopper. I easily talk myself out of small online purchases. There’s something about that immediate gratification of buying these little treasures and getting to take them home that I can’t shake and would always prefer.

I also finally bought the BAGGU tote I’ve been fawning over for nearly a year. I really liked this mint stripe but, again, small purchase I easily talked myself out of again & again. I was going to add it to my xmas list this year but it was sold out at the time. They got this particular design back in so I picked it up. I splurged a little on myself this weekend. :deco2:


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15 Responses to ““mt” Masking Tape and BAGGU”

  1. kurn says:


  2. Leanne says:

    I’m a in-person shopper too. I’ve only bought online once and regretted it immediately because the sizing was all wrong. I prefer to try things out or see it in my hands before purchasing

  3. Miia says:

    love the masking tape :) Ive got some too. Did you buy anything else at Madewell? The bag looks big ;)

  4. Thao says:

    Ooooh masking tape! I think that might be my next purchase at Madewell the next time I’m in SF.

  5. ニッキー says:

    I like the color of your Baggu. My favorite shopping bags are by Envirosax (they too fold up). :) I had bought a bike pattern bag from them (http://www.envirosax.com/cherry-lane-bag-4.html) a few month ago or so.

  6. Sami says:

    Theres something just super lovely about cute, patterned tape!

  7. Honeydew says:

    The tapes are so cute! I love the polkadot and stripe patterns. That tote bag is also so adorable!

  8. MH. says:

    This looks really adorable. I already know those mt stuff from a friend who is really crazy about them haha :-)

  9. Michelle says:

    My work sells Baggu totes, but I didn’t realize they were totes until a month into working there, haha. They are so compact when they are just folded up!

  10. Miya says:

    I have a neon orange baggu that I am obsessed with! I literally keep it in my purse at all times so I dont have to use any plastic shopping bags!! Its so strong and holds a ton of groceries too. Plus the strap is long enough to go over your shoulder. Basically your purchase was a reallllllllllly good investment!!

  11. Xin says:

    super cute masking tapes ! I love the christmas tree background though Will you show it on your blog eventually ? I wanna see it xD

  12. Brenna says:

    I love baggu bags C: i have the original baggu in sailor stripe and it is the beeeest thing for shopping! it also helps me save money because I only buy what I can fit in the baggu.

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