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Monday January 21, 2013   

I’ve gone through quite a number of firming gels and lotions since my last update of them. I use them twice daily so it’s easy to finish off a bottle quickly :) I finished all of these one by one!

First up this one I picked up in Japan.

Hot Burning Moisture Gel

Goes from cool to ultra hot very quickly! This stuff was some of the HOTTEST I had ever used. It has a nice subtle rose scent that’s really light & energizing and it dried cleanly (no stickiness or waxy film.) I really liked this gel. It worked decently. Smoothing the skin reducing the visibility of cellulite. It was really moisturizing too. Of course it felt crazy effective because it got super hot! It was pricey though and I don’t think it was outstanding enough for the cost. Mostly just had the hot effect going for it.


Oh this has been my favorite in terms of effectiveness! For the first two weeks I saw nothing. No results. Then suddenly BAM! My thighs were way tighter and smooth! Like instant butt lift. It dries really clean too so I could slather it on in the mornings no worries and then get dressed immediately. It doesn’t really have a smell. Just sorta a generic gel scent. It was also a type that didn’t need massaging into the skin which was a bonus.

Ah I really really liked this one’s results.

Some State-side ones!

I tried the two firming products below. Picked them up at Target. They’re all over.

Aveeno Firming Body Lotion

Good moisturizing lotion, crappy results. Well not crappy but lackluster. I didn’t really see anything firming up or smoothing out. Also my lower legs hated this one (the calves.) They would feel irritated like slight razor burn. I usually really like Aveeno products but this one fell flat with me.

Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite Gel Cream

Twas OK. Some results but nothing spectacular. The gel feels a little tacky until fully absorbed. The scent is more medicinal. Like Ben-Gay meets cool cucumber but it’s not bad. I think it’s a decent gel that has some smoothing effects. I wish it would absorb more quickly though.

Nivea Skin Firming Body Lotion

I used this series last year or the year before & REALLY liked it.
However, since then their formula has changed some. The lotion doesn’t dry as quickly or cleanly as the original. The results are still good though. Helps smooth out the bumps and is still really moisturizing. Though I can’t apply it all over. It irritates areas like my shins and upper chest and neck. That was disappointing but not a big deal since most firming gels are only for “trouble-spots” anyway.

I think this is a good bet for any bathroom especially in winter. Better to use at night than morning though since the lotion leaves a light film on the skin easily. I would only use a tiny bit in the mornings because of this.

Hot and Tight

This is a little different as it’s a bath time scrub only. I’ve used a few of these types actually. It gets hot and has a rough texture too. You massage it on before you get into the water.

This one though doubles as a collagen bath! It starts off as a tree sap consistency to massage with; then when you get into the tub it becomes super soft and slick. It smells really invigorating too and gets the skin really hot in the tub. I find it’s one of the best “massage types” I’ve tried due to the gel’s extreme stickiness.


I never feel like this is something that needs to be said, but, these firming lotions are not exercise replacements. They work similarly to firming face lotions or firming/tightening face masks. No miracles shall happen :ok:


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19 Responses to “Firming Lotions and Gels”

  1. rae says:

    really intriguing. it is interesting to hear that these work too but i wonder do you really loose inches, because the only thing that will really tone anyone up is real exercise right? still i would like to try a firming lotion for my jiggly belly haha.

    xx rae

    • jenny says:

      It doesn’t tone like exercising. It just firms up skin a little with lotion. Similar to face masks that get tight as they dry. It is in no way a replacement for real exercise. I can see a difference in my skin but I also eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and work out regularly. This is similar to a firming face lotion. You have results only while using it ;)

      • rae says:

        understood. i mean i assumed as much but if it can smooth things out a bit then it definitely is still worth it :) although if it just firms a bit i think i would personally have a hard time noticing a difference to see if it worked or not.

        • jenny says:

          I’d say they work different for everyone. I like the smoothing results I get on my saddlebags & the firming results on my upperarms. Both areas are where I gain any extra weight FIRST.

  2. cardiac says:

    These look all so good, now I want to take a bath and put some cream on ;)

  3. Sakura says:

    Hello Jenny,
    I have to say i love your blog, I have come accustom to reading every post. Your blog has become an inspiration for me as i too and a blogger. I love how your blog is always so clean and professional yet still feminine. Your images always look professional and i find i can read your posts from start to finish without getting bored.

    As for this post i love firming lotions but they dont seems to sell them where i am in Australia. Do you know or can recommend any online stores that are good in price and postage?

    Thanks for your amazing work

    • jenny says:

      Thank you so much. I am surprised that my blog is seen in such an, I dunno, “organized” way :) I never really considered myself “a blogger” but I’ve had this blog for nearly 10 years now :) So I’m glad you enjoy it.

      I /think/ & ship internationally & might carry some of the Japanese brands of firming gels.

      • Sakura says:

        I really do enjoy it, I find myself reading daily
        Be it new or old posts it’s just a great read!
        Wow 10 years that’s dedication mines 6 years split
        Between 2 blogs. Please keep up your work!
        Sakura x

  4. L says:

    Nice selection of products! They sound useful but I dont know if I would have the patience to use them twice a day let alone once a day :( I’m terrible with things like this haha

  5. Xin says:

    Super interesting to read ! I like this kind of posts a lot since I couldn’t find anything similar in other blogs I read. The japanese packagings are way more cute though. Bonpresso seems very nice!

    • jenny says:

      Ditto. I have to read Japanese blogs in order to learn about a lot of products I want to buy so I try to make an effort and post about these things too just so there’s something in English out there for anyone googling. Though I know my reviews aren’t what I’d call thorough, ha!

  6. 3lin says:

    Did you use your bare hand and apply Hot Burning Moisture Gel?

  7. Vickyy says:

    I love firming gels/lotions! I picked up the Nivea “My Leg Beauty” last time I was in Japan ^_^ I also have the the Sana Esteny “Hip and Leg” one! I was just wondering, while you were in Japan, where did you pick these up from? Would I be able to find, say the Bonpresso one, from ドン キホーテ? I am returning to Japan on February 15th and need to stock up on beauty goods! Haha! :P

  8. Tori says:

    May I just say that you are tiny & cute & have no need to use these products? xP lol

    On that note though, thank you for recommending the state-side ones! I love love Nivea products so I think I may just pick up the Q10 lotion on my next Target run.

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